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This presentation is to show you what self-respect is and
why is it important.

Published in: Lifestyle
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  2. 2. Self-respect is… • Firstly, you should know yourself • You should believe in yourself • You should learn your strength sides • You should learn your weakness sides • You must trust yourself • You must improve your abilities.
  3. 3. Self-respect is important… Because if a person does not believe in her/himself she/he can not be successful in her/his life. For example, when a girl starts a new job she thinks ‘’ Can I achieve it? Do people lough at me? Can I be good enough? Etc…’’ So she can not consentrate on her work and she can not be successful. People should believe in themself!
  4. 4. Ways to Respect Yourself • You should improve your expertise. • You should detect your stenghth sides. • Forget about your bad experiences. • Think about what you exactly want.