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An introduction to SEO, how it can help your website, and tools that you can use to improve it.

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  • SEO Presentation

    1. 1. March 26th 2012 Gurpreet Singh Joshua Konowe
    2. 2.  What is SEO Pros / Cons On-page Off-page SEO Tools Don’ts Next Steps 2
    3. 3.  SEO - process of making your website more visible and prominent in web search organic results 3
    4. 4. PROS CONS Gets Traffic!  Not Guaranteed  Increases sales/brand visibility Pay ≠ Performance Long term costs low  High Upfront Cost Good ROI Potential  Long lead time Audience trusts SEO (min 3-6 months) results, and you by  Maintenance is required association  Website Remodeling 70% Search Traffic Organic  Good SEO isn’t cheap  Great SEO isn’t easy 4
    5. 5. - THE PROCESS OF OPTIMIZING THE CONTENT ON YOUR OWNWEBSITE INCLUDING TEXT, IMAGES, LINKS, HTML, ETC. Use high-quality, original content Word title tags carefully, use keywords & variations Use H1 tags, include keyword or variations Place keyword in the first 50 words of main content Have a keyword density of 1-4% Include keywords in anchor text Use keywords for internal linking of pages Don’t focus on too many distinct keywords on a single page VIDEO IS HUGE, any sort of multimedia is good Enable & Encourage sharing content as much as possible 5
    6. 6. - THE PROCESS OF OPTIMIZING THE CONTENT ON YOUR OWNWEBSITE INCLUDING TEXT, IMAGES, LINKS, HTML, ETC. Article Writing Multimedia Guest blogging Press Coverage Contributing on forums Submit to directories Engaging Social Network (FB, TW, LI) Social Bookmarking (Stumble Upon, Digg) 6
    7. 7. A few of the many tools that can be used for SEO Google Webmasters Google Analytics SEO moz 7
    8. 8. -Get data about crawling, indexing, and search traffic. Cost: FREE Receive notifications about problems on your site.Features Add Sitemaps See whats Indexed Control Crawler Access See popular Search Queries See Inbound Links Crawl Stats, Errors, & Speed 8
    9. 9. - Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that gives you insights Cost: Free into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. **Focus On Organic Search Traffic ** -> Traffic Sources ->Sources -> Search -> Organic Search Engine Optimization -> Traffic Sources ->Search Engine Optimization Visitors, Engagement, & Conversions 9
    10. 10. - SEOmoz combines SEO management, social media Cost: $99/month monitoring, and actionable recommendations.Features Weekly Site Crawls Organic Rank Tracking Specific Recommendations Competitor Analysis Open Site Explorer Keyword Analysis 10
    11. 11.  Wait Spike growth Link carelessly Buy “tons of links” Stop media coverage Ignore the blacklist items Use other domains you already own Back link on the same hosting solution Let your blog or social updates get stale 11
    12. 12. 1. Establish Baseline- rank/traffic track tool2. Experiment- with on-page/off-page optimization, DIY or Hire3. Evaluate- rank/traffic/conversion changes 12