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Positioning of DMS and SharePoint

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  • Key Notes:SharePoint today is a PLATFORM for collaboration. It is focussed on the wider set of people who are NOT users of discrete systems“Shared Diaries / Wiki/ blogs / Folders”Dashboard views on functional systems – accounting, CRM, Manuf. – whateverGreat for occasional sharing of specific views on systems out to a wider audienceSharePoint does have some rudimentary DM featuresCheck in - check outVersionsMetadata (one type per library)However – SharePoint is NOT a focused business application or DMSSlow (esp. for docs)No support for scanning/imagesPoor search experience SharePoint is currently used as a “user interface” layer on business systems and data. All systems have aspects that are intended for a wide and collaborating audience and other aspects that are for a specific teamE.g Payroll – done by finance team, but payslips and records may be viewable by all employees Payroll application creates that payslip (TRANSACTIONAL SYSTEM) documents are captured into a DMS (CONTENT/RECORD SYSTEM) employees log in to their corporate portal and can see their payslips (PORTAL)
  • A schematic view of a business using sharepoint: SP is UI layer for “portal users” – dashboard and occasional use (untrained) how do I find.... What is status on... Who is involved in... Underlying systems still very much alive: expert systems trained users high productivity Interestingly a DM solution underpins many or all of those systems with: auto-capture Scanning support archive publishing (e.g. To SharePoint)
  • Document Management is not just about storing documents!!!What SP does not provide is:Scanning/extractionOCR/BarcodeIntraysRetentionEffecient client (c.f. outlook or webmail for serious work – you choose!) - a real solution for the real world.
  • Invu works with SharePoint in a “back-office” - “front office” partnership Productivity staff work with Invu to efficiently and with compliance store and retrieve information office scanning Process and Management staff use workflow to drive processes Routing Approval Data entry Wider audience interacts via portals on SharePoint Submission of forms or documents (e.g. Expense claim) View published documents Blogs/forums/wiki interactions
  • Over 80% of Business information is unstructured3 broad categories: Communications and ad-hoc (email etc) Project / Work items (sharepoint – wide reach, lower security – collab focus) Business records: contracts/invoices/employee records etc. – serious business information with compliance or continuity aspect
  • SharePoint is for loose and wide collaboration Invu is for your business records and retention
  • Simple animated story of an expense claimUser uploads and XLS to SP portalDoc is pulled into Invu and...WF is triggered (routed on size of claim to FD)FD approves expense claimResulting claim metadata is uploaded back to SP (employee) portalEmployee can see all expense claims
  • SharePoint & DMS

    1. 1. SharePoint Positioning<br />Stuart Evans<br />Oct’ 2009<br />Confidential: Internal Document<br />
    2. 2. What is SharePoint?<br />A Platform in 2 Products:<br />WSS (windows SharePoint services) free on Windows Servers (Invu target customer)<br />MOSS (MS Office SP) Mostly bought as part of ELPs (site license) – large enterprise. MOSS is document and records management and more built on top of WSS<br />Also ESS (enterprise Search server) provides infrastructure for federated search<br />SharePoint requires significant web and software development to be realized as a business solution<br />Month(s) of web dev (templates, info-architecture, assets)<br />.NET development for workflow and integration<br />
    3. 3. SharePoint is Collaboration<br />A platform for developing integrated portals to your business<br />
    4. 4. SharePoint - A user interface layer on business systems<br />Portal User<br />(intranet or extranet)<br />Workflow<br />SharePoint Portal + Outlook email<br />Accounting<br />Billing<br />CRM<br />Marketing<br />Office &<br />Tools<br />App<br />User<br />Document Management<br />Capture<br />Search<br />Retention<br />Office <br />Admin<br />
    5. 5. Invu is doc management<br />A suite of configurable products to take control of your business information<br />
    6. 6. Invu works with SharePoint<br />Collaborate<br />Search / Get<br />Publish<br />Task<br />SharePoint<br />Self Service<br />“Back office”<br />Workflow & content rigour<br />Front office sharing and integrating<br />Invu<br />Capture<br />Make “Record”<br />Archive<br />Approve<br />Create<br />Scan<br />
    7. 7. Business Information<br />Business Records & <br />Compliance Documents<br />Control<br />Invu<br />Business Content & Project data<br />Share<br />SharePoint<br />Create<br />Business communication<br />& activity<br />Outlook, local hard disk<br />USB Pens...home PC<br />
    8. 8. Secure and Controlled<br />Private Network<br />Internet / Extranet <br />SharePoint<br />Invu<br />Secure store for business records<br />Controlled – physical boundary<br /><ul><li>Efficient and easy to use (rich client)
    9. 9. Policy based
    10. 10. Strong control</li></ul>Shared Workspaces accessible <br />over the internet<br /><ul><li> Long reach, very accessible
    11. 11. Tolerant but slow
    12. 12. works best with less control</li></li></ul><li>Back office Workflow<br />Portal user submits a document or form (e.g. Expense claim)<br /><br />WF triggered<br />Users tasked<br />Automation driven<br /><br /><br />FD Approval<br />Required<br />Client<br />SharePoint<br />Invu<br /><br />Invu pulls doc and metadata into secure store<br /><br />Metadata updated<br />Statement posted to SP portal<br />
    13. 13. Capture Record<br />
    14. 14. Invu SharePoint Kit*<br />*Some of this is on roadmap not in product today<br />
    15. 15. Out takes<br />And scratch<br />
    16. 16. In trays and Automation<br />Group & User <br />In-trays<br />Post room, Email &<br />ERP Integration<br />