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Ch13 overview

  1. 1. CHAPTER THIRTEEN: The Future of CorrectionsLearning Objectives1. Understand how the philosophy of the U.S. correctional system has changed over the years and what this has meant for the correctional system.2. Know the major dilemmas facing the correctional system and how they might be resolved.3. Identify four substantial forces that face corrections and describe their importance.4. Understand what “good leadership” means in the context of the current correctional system of the United States and know what it will take for these leaders to more widely implement “what works” in corrections.5. Describe the aspirations for the U.S. correctional system and how those aspirations might be achieved.Brief Chapter OutlineI. Five Dilemmas Facing Corrections a. Mission b. Methods c. Structure d. Personnel e. CostsII. Four Trends in the Correctional System a. Evidence-Based Practices b. Techno-Corrections c. Falling Crime Rates d. ProfessionalizationIII. Three Challenges for the Future of Corrections a. Challenge 1: Reinvigorate a New Correctional Leadership b. Challenge 2: Refocus Our Investments in What Works c. Challenge 3: Reclaim the Moral and Ethical High RoadIV. Changing Corrections: A Final View
  2. 2. Media Tools article discusses the future of corrections by looking at the past 30 years of correctionalpractices. The article discusses the practical application of many of the concepts learned in thisentire text. PDF article discusses the concept of techno-corrections and in particular the benefits anddisadvantages of modern technology as it is applied to correctional system.
  3. 3. website links students to an article about correctional excellence and in particular about theconcept of accreditation with the American Correctional Association. It reviews the proceduresthat an institution would need to go through to get accredited and how accreditation processimproves professionalism in this growing workforce.What If…You have just been appointed to the head the Department of Corrections in your state. Thegovernor gives you the list of challenges that need to be addressed. These challenges are:Challenge 1: Reinvigorate a New Correctional LeadershipChallenge 2: Refocus Our Investments in What WorksChallenge 3: Reclaim the Moral and Ethical High RoadDevise a strategic plan that you will present to the governor that attempts to address thesechallenges. What specific initiatives will you take to implement your plan? Please be sure toaddress each challenge.