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Personal project report


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Personal project report

  1. 1. Seung Hee Shin, 10R What Skills Are Needed to Train A Dog BISS, Beijing International School of Singapore April, 2012 Supervisor : Ms.Rankin Word count : 2694SeungHeeShin 1
  2. 2. The Table of Contents:The Goal 3Selection of Sources 4Application of Information 5Achieving the Goal 5Reflection on Learning 6Use of Process Journal 7Bibliography 9SeungHeeShin 2
  3. 3. The GoalWhen I started Personal Project last year, I did not know what to do and even have a clearidea of Area of Interaction in terms of the Personal Project. However, after Mrs.Lindsy tellus that aim and goal can be anything if I feel enjoy doing it, I decided to do PersonalProject with my puppy Kong. Last year on July 4th, my birthday, my father allowed me tohave a dog, so my mother and I bought a little cute puppy, Kong. Firstly, I did not knowhow to relate Kong with my Personal Project, but Mrs.Shrimpton told us that PersonalProject will be more memorable and valuable. Therefore, as I want to be a teacher, Iplanned to teach Kong at least five skills for my Personal Project, and I felt that PersonalProject is a great opportunity for me to show other people my teaching and timemanagement skill.At the beginning, I had planned to choose Human Ingenuity as an Area of Interaction ofmy Personal Project, because I wanted to choose the change of mind and behaviorstowards animals and even humans as a goal. However, I felt that the product would be tooabstract and hard to show to other people for evidence. Therefore, I finally decided tochoose Approaches to Learning as my Area of Interaction. The main reason why I chosethis is that the product will be a concrete and actual written product. Furthermore, as I wantto be a teacher in the future, I want to get something precious and valuable from thisPersonal Project which is reflecting and improving skill so that I know how to treat studentsjust like Kong. Lastly, since I have tremendous interests in a dog, I already knew manythings about training a dog and duties. Therefore, I could hand out the product little biteasier than other kinds of result.Honestly, it was unachievable to change the behavior and minds toward humans just bytraining a puppy, which was my first goal. What is more, it is not clear enough. However,learning skills that are needed to train a dog, my final goal, is very clear, achievable andchallenging enough for me. Comparing to study, getting knowledge is always possible withdevoting many efforts. Likewise, I could also get skills and essential behaviors when Iteach a puppy through this Personal Project. Therefore, this goal is achievable.Furthermore, regardless of already having knowledge about training a dog, teaching a dogwas my first time ever and I had to record all the improvements and results as theevidence. As a result, this goal is challenging to me.SeungHeeShin 3
  4. 4. Selection of SourcesI think I did pretty well at selecting various sources to achieve the goal. First, as using theinternet is the most basic and easy way to research in these days, I researched writteninformation and also a video about how to train a dog on the internet. One can see what Ihave got through the research on the process journal of 2011.11.28. One example ofinternet researches is this website; I read how tostop my puppy from biting me and barking at me. Second, I went to school library,searched the most suitable book for my Personal Project, which is How to Train Oner Dogwritten by Palmer Joan, and read it. I summed the information from the internet and a bookand wrote them on the process journal. Lastly, I met a few people such as my friends andteachers to know some basic and essential points about teaching a dog. Ah Oneng is theone who gave me the most useful tip to me among my friends. She especially helped me alot when I was choosing the Area of Interaction. As aforementioned point, I interviewedMrs.Wilkins to know more knowledge from the experience.The researches that I found were helpful to me.! Firstly, the reason why I researched about stopping puppy biting problems is thatKong often bites our family members. I know that he barks us and bites lightly because hewants to play with us, but my father kicks him and tells me to lock him in his room. Afterthis short research, I told my father to stop kicking him and treating him violently because Ifound that treating violently makes puppy bite and bark more. As a result, both my fatherand Kong become less violent than before.! Secondly, the video was the best information for me when I researched because itshows me directly how I have to do. Sometimes, I do not understand what the author istrying to tell me because of language problem. However, since the video shows me whatto do, I could easily follow how to train a dog. It taught me how to make a dog sit and stopmoving.! Lastly, from the personal interview, Mrs.Wilkins taught me many tips of treating adog. She also has a pet, and she raised it for about four years. She hasnt trained her petformally, but informally;training very basic skills at home. She told me that I have to treat adog carefully like a baby. In addition, praising should be the first, not scolding. I also haveto give snack to dog when it performed well. This is because the dogs become welladapted to repetitive behaviors or routes. I think I did well so far based on the advice fromMrs.Wilkins. I showed Kong same routes again and again so that he can adapt andSeungHeeShin 4
  5. 5. understand what I am trying to teach. Furthermore, I gave him snack every time he didwell. All things that Mrs.Wilkins told me were very easy to me because I have seen theinformation on internet. I think that researching was a very important thing before I startteaching skills to puppy.However, I think I had to do more various types of research sources such as readingmagazine or visiting a dog expert. This is because what I have done so far as research isso old-fashioned and stale. I want to have a new and fresh source. Therefore, I do not likehow I researched and sources that I chose. If I can do research part again, I will interviewmore people, find more books than only one, and articles about a great dog trainer. This isbecause, in the article, there will be something about how to train and treat a dog, and alsoother useful tips when raising a dog.Application of InformationThere were a lot of situations that I had to make my own decisions. For example, when Iplanned to teach roll skill, I really considered deeply whether to teach roll skill or not. Thisis because I felt many failures when I was teaching get the ball skill. I was very afraid offailures that I will get while teaching roll skill. However, I decided to teach it, and I trainedhim very carefully by following all the skills that I learned so far. Furthermore, I also foundout about myself during the project. Sometimes, even though Kong misunderstood me, Igave him a snack. Although he did a mistake such as lying back on the ground when I saysit, I smiled at him because he was so cute. However, it was wrong that I smiled at him,and I found that I do the same thing on me. I am not strict enough to control myself and mypuppy.Achieving the GoalIn my case, the outcome of my Personal Project is actually a trained puppy and the skillsthat I learned from last about six months. One can watch my final product from thissite(, and specifications that I establishedon the process journal of 2011.11.23. I think I did well at constructing final product basedon the specifications. At the beginning of Personal Project, I decided to get the product invideo format because I can only show trained puppy through the video. If I show it aspictures, some people will doubt on them that they are taken luckily. Furthermore, I wantedto show how to train a dog properly by recording a video. I used my wikispaces, but oneSeungHeeShin 5
  6. 6. thing that I did not follow is that I did not upload several videos. I only got one video whichhas several videos in it. I also used some pictures of Kong. Therefore, I think that I got aproduct well based on my own specifications that I planned at the beginning.If one look around my wikispaces, one can see some comments and communicationsbetween Ms.Rankin and I. They can be evidence of collaborating with the supervisor. Inaddition, I mentioned about my supervisor often in the process journal. Sometimes, Iasked Ms.Rankin what I should do in this case when I was in a big trouble that I do noteven know how to solve it. Furthermore, I commented about every meetings withMs.Rankin on process journal. Lastly, I wrote the process journal like I am talking to her.Therefore, I think I showed enough collaboration with the supervisor on the processjournal.Reflection on LearningI believe my project has extended knowledge and understanding of topic and the focusArea of Interaction which is Approaches to Learning. As I went through the project, I keptreflecting on my process and improving it. As one can find in my process journal, whenteaching skills become slow and no advance, I wrote it in my process journal and thoughtabout what I did wrong and what I need to improve at this stage. For example, there was atime when Kong does not understand when I say eat to him. I wrote that I am so sad anddisappointed to Kong that he does not understand, and I should add more hand gesturesas well. I tried to continue to focus on Area of Interaction. There are always at least threeparagraphs for each process journal. In this case, I kept focusing on AOI in the lastparagraph for every process journal. As a result, I learned many skills and tips from myown experience and also research. This is the list of skills that I learned from my ownexperience :1. Praise is always the first, not scold.2. Train a pet repetitively with the same route so that a dog can adapt to it.3. Always give a dog a snack when it performs well.4. Makes a dog feel comfortable and fun with training, not be scared or get stressed.5. An owner’s facial expression is important;show a big smile if it performs well.6. Do not use any violence toward a dog.SeungHeeShin 6
  7. 7. In my Personal Project, the development greatly stands out because I cannot even controlor make fake development with Kong. Kong is just an animal that cannot think. WhenKong could not get get the ball skill, I just kept training it regularly like what my researchresult told me. As a result of teaching regularly with praising a lot, he showed me a lot ofimprovement, which is one of many developments that I achieved during Personal Project.Therefore, I think that developments were clear and challenging to me which makes melearn how to be a good learner by completing the project.Use of Process JournalI think I organized my Personal Project very well through time and self management.When re-reading my process journal(, I realized that I wrote journal editions regularly. The positive elementwas that they had a lot of detail. In addition, from watching all the videos, one can see thedifferences of my puppys appearance such as cloth, getting hair cuts and being dirty orclean. Furthermore, logically, it is impossible for me to train Kong in only a few daystherefore the training occurred progressively and well before the due date of the PersonalProject. Kong is a dog and he needs lots of time to accept what I am trying to say to him.He was born in June, so he was only 4-month-old puppy. There was not enough time toteach all the skills before I start the project and finish the evidence, well trained Kong,before the due date. Therefore, I honestly and sincerely went through my Personal Projectjust like my process journal. I recorded all the videos when I saw the improvement.Likewise, I believe I successfully finished Personal Project with a good time and selfmanagement.I met my supervisor Ms.Rankin for several times to discuss almost all the things about myPersonal Project such as Area of Interaction, research and the goal. My wiki journaldemonstrated there are some feedbacks and communications that Ms.Rankin commentedon my present work and meeting. ( Iused those comments on Wikispaces and information that Ms.Rankin told me in themeetings to inform my process. As an evidence, once Ms.Rankin told me that I need tointerview a teacher who has a dog and an experience of training it, I went to Mrs.Wilkinsand interviewed her. One can see the interview in the process journal of 2012.01.18.SeungHeeShin 7
  8. 8. As I kept training Kong, I had a lot of troubles and also successes, and I wrote them downon my process journal. I think that I had the biggest trouble I have ever had while trainingKong on January 24th. At that time, I was teaching get the ball skill to Kong, but he nevergave the ball to me. I was seriously disappointed to Kong and wrote my feelings down onprocess journal, but I also wrote what I need to improve to succeed the skill. I recordedsome videos of Kong failing in getting the ball to me as an evidence. One can see all thesethings in the process journal of 2012.01.24.SeungHeeShin 8
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