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Bcac compensation plan high lights


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Bcac compensation plan high lights

  3. 3. Seun Banjo TrueLeverage SKIP PAGE 3Welcome MessageDear prospective BCAC Participant,I’m truly glad you are here, and it is my sincerest hope that your participation in the BCACexceeds all of your expectations, but before you dive in, I must warn you……Some say this BCAC methodology is evolutionary. Others say it’s revolutionary. I’m not sure ifit is either, but I DO KNOW that your outlook and approach towards creating awareness willnever be the same two hours from now.There is a very good chance you will question and doubt most, if not all, of your current/pasteducation and approach to Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign after you have been exposedto these ideas.I know I did.The law of variety as it applies to ideas says that your success will be determined by thequality and quantity of ideas that you can generate to improve your current circumstances.Ideas are the keys to the future, ideas are the primary source of value, ideas are the cream ofknowledge rising to the top.The one idea that does work is when it is combined and recombined with a variety of otherideas and resources to achieve some worthy ends.In fact I found this idea so compelling, I took an 8 month exodus from my business once theseconcepts were discovered. I simply couldn’t stand the thought of using the status quomethods one day longer.Get Paid 2 Support BCAC was born at the end of those 8 months, and over the past few years, ithas literally transformed an industry, creating two types of people... Those who choose to reapthe rewards that it offers, and those who must try and compete against it. I would not want tobe in the latter half.Grab a highlighter and make this thing glow in the dark. I can say with some confidence thatyou will find at least one idea or piece of knowledge on every page that can transform yourcareer in this industry.I would also ask that you read the pages in order, as each one builds upon the previous.Best wishes,Banjo Seun TrueLeverageIGNORANCE KILLS…WE BELIEVE IF YOU CAN SAVE A WOMAN, THEN YOU HAVE SAVED A GENERATION!!!
  4. 4. Seun Banjo TrueLeverage HealthTalkBiz@gmail.comIntroductionYou are welcome to the 2nd stage of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign!Before now you must have received and read a 51 page BCAC Brochure, containing detailedvaluable information on what you need to know in order to reduce your chances of having BreastCancer or risk of having a recurrence of Breast Cancer. If you have not, follow this link to applyfor yours. that reason we have decided to show you how to strategically share this information and GetPaid. Unlike most Awareness Campaign you might have participated in, we have thought it fit tosynchronize an earning platform with our Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign for one importantreason: So that we no longer need to rely solely on Governments or a particular organization to provide Health Care facilities or funds for those presently suffering from Breast Cancer or any other dreaded disease.Therefore we implore YOU to join us as an active BCAC Participant to Fight Breast Cancer andperhaps Financial Cancer through the promotion of healthy living. Working tools shall beprovided to enable each BCAC Participant regardless of geographical location have the capacityto enthusiastically help spread the life saving message on a global scale.This training material is therefore designed to educate, train and motivate YOU based on yourdecision to partner with us as Independent BCAC participants promoting at the front end this“safe alternative”.Working together (teamwork), we believe we will achieve more, than if we were all beworking alone! For this reason, we operate through organized Teams (or “networks”) ofindependent representatives, each earning from both personal and overall networks volumes.“True Leverage” implies WEALTHY and HEALTHY lives! It is our hope and prayer that thistraining will equip you with enough knowledge and marketing skills to effectively market andmeet sales targets that will improve your income while helping to promote good health!Welcome to a new world of Opportunities!Banjo SeunManaging Partner1st January 2011IGNORANCE KILLS…WE BELIEVE IF YOU CAN SAVE A WOMAN, THEN YOU HAVE SAVED A GENERATION!!!
  5. 5. Seun Banjo TrueLeverage HealthTalkBiz@gmail.comA Familiar Crisis A FAMILIAR CRISIS1. POVERTY Bathing with the urine of animal due to lack of waterIGNORANCE KILLS…WE BELIEVE IF YOU CAN SAVE A WOMAN, THEN YOU HAVE SAVED A GENERATION!!!
  6. 6. Seun Banjo TrueLeverage HealthTalkBiz@gmail.com2. Malnutrition …Searching the anus of a cow for foodIGNORANCE KILLS…WE BELIEVE IF YOU CAN SAVE A WOMAN, THEN YOU HAVE SAVED A GENERATION!!!
  8. 8. Seun Banjo TrueLeverage + DEATH CAUSED BY BREAST CANCER =??? ..THE GREATEST CRISIS!!! But…“A crisis is an opportunity riding the dangerous wind” Chinese Proverbs You will also agree with John F. Kennedy that “the Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word crisis. One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, beware of the danger-but recognize the opportunity.” "Enter every activity without giving mental recognition to the possibility of defeat. Concentrate on your strengths, instead of your weaknesses ... on your powers, Instead of your problems." - Paul J. Meyer What will you do? Run away from the crisis and meet it in the future OR Face it NOW and get the reward???The pessimist sees difficulty in everyopportunity. The optimist seesopportunity in every difficulty."- Winston Churchill IGNORANCE KILLS…WE BELIEVE IF YOU CAN SAVE A WOMAN, THEN YOU HAVE SAVED A GENERATION!!!
  9. 9. Seun Banjo TrueLeverage “Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity." - Joseph Sugarman There is a little poem that says “two men looks down a prison bar, one saw the mud and the other saw the stars… What can YOU as a BCAC Participant see? Effective people are not problem-minded; theyre opportunity-minded. They feed Opportunities and starve problems Successful people see the glass half full rather than half empty."Deliver more than you are getting paid to do. The victory of success will be halfwon when you learn the secret of putting out more than is expected in all that youdo. Make yourself so valuable in your work that eventually you will becomeindispensable. Exercise your privilege to go the extra mile, and enjoy all therewards you receive."~ Og MandinoWe have done the calculations on your potential earning in this Campaign and we are glad tofind out that there is no limit to your earnings; you have the capacity to earn extraordinaryincome if you are determined to achieve it.But for those that choose to be “selfish” by not inviting others to join them in the Fight againstBreast Cancer, their earning potential is typically N82, 538.00 ≈ $543 perhaps a reward forkicking Breast Cancer out of their family.IGNORANCE KILLS…WE BELIEVE IF YOU CAN SAVE A WOMAN, THEN YOU HAVE SAVED A GENERATION!!!
  10. 10. Seun Banjo TrueLeverage However for those that are passionate and zealous about kicking breast cancer out of Africaas a continent, or out of the world by inviting active BCAC Participants, their financial rewardwill definitely be well over N1, 398,561.00 ≈$9201 provided you follow the simple step bystep plan found below. "You can do it if you believe you can." - Napoleon HillWhat is most important as a BCAC Participant is how we deliver our own self to supportthe breast cancer awareness campaign. If we give our best capability, the successful resultwe want will come to us ultimately. This is the law of Universal Abundance that I havelearned throughout the years. "Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, Whats in it for me?" - Brian TracyIGNORANCE KILLS…WE BELIEVE IF YOU CAN SAVE A WOMAN, THEN YOU HAVE SAVED A GENERATION!!!
  11. 11. Seun Banjo TrueLeverage SKIP PAGE 13- 29 Your flexibility affects your successA cow by default is not born to swim, but after diligently learning the skills of swimming, attendingtrainings conducted by sharks with enthusiasm for professional swimming, this cow can confidentlyteach the lazy and pessimistic sharks with no spunk for swimming how to SWIM and scuba dive!This tells you that no one man on earth is born a genius! The genius in you comes to lime light themoment you start thinking positive and approach your dreams with an open mind. The moment yousubmit yourself to the learning process of getting rich, not waiting for accidental wealth!This might be a reason NOT to waste time and precious life spending years to build your BossDREAMS save your BREATH and learn how to build YOURS!Forget about your profession or your certifications that may beautify why you need to continueslaving for your fellow man for instant gratification. The richest according to Forbes Magazine are notEMPLOYEES; they are Business Owners, Many who are not as functionally literate as you are!Learn the right skills and enjoy financial Freedom!With your Leadership skills you would surely earn more than Month 2 in Month 3. IGNORANCE KILLS…WE BELIEVE IF YOU CAN SAVE A WOMAN, THEN YOU HAVE SAVED A GENERATION!!!
  12. 12. Seun Banjo TrueLeverage How Your Audacity Dictate Your RealityDON’T WAIT FOR OTHERS TO SUCCEED FIRST OR CROSS THE BRIGEBefore you take action, if you can catch the big picture go straight ahead and run with it!If there is a bridge that can lead you to your destination of good health & financial freedom, take the leadand watch others follow you!Never judge your reality based on the presumptuousness of negative people. Presumption they say is thebeginning of failure. Those who Think they know when they don’t know are nursing a disease that if notcure in time might go terminal in few months. IGNORANCE KILLS…WE BELIEVE IF YOU CAN SAVE A WOMAN, THEN YOU HAVE SAVED A GENERATION!!!
  13. 13. Seun Banjo TrueLeverage THREE Critical Steps That Guarantees Your SuccessIf U KEEP your eyes on the PRICE by remaining FOCUSED, YOU would never miss YOUR DREAM!!!Don’t focus on the theory .think ONLY about the practicality of the BCAC which is as simple as ABC! 1. Get registered with your BCAC Coordinator as an active BCAC Participant via the recommended earning platform 2. As a Professional Manager, Use your BCAC Advert Flyers to invite minimum of 15 Breast Cancer Awareness Participants to enthusiastically duplicate your skills, effort and earnings. 3. With the BCAC Flyer, share the life saving information to reduce breast cancer on daily basis 4. Promote YOURSELF as a Professional Wellness Consultant using the right tools reserved for the experts only NOT PROMOTING YOUR PRY BIZ OPPORTUNITY like AMMATEURS DO. Watch yourself become the “Hunted” instead of the “Hunter” IGNORANCE KILLS…WE BELIEVE IF YOU CAN SAVE A WOMAN, THEN YOU HAVE SAVED A GENERATION!!!
  14. 14. Seun Banjo TrueLeverage SKIP PAGE 32-35Listen…When your children and great grand children ask you about the great Prosperity of the early 2000’s, whatwill you tell them?Will you be explaining how you positioned yourself and benefited from the opportunity …Or will you be justifying how you missed it? The statistics are real… The trends are real… The TIMING is Real... How many more opportunity is going to fall into your laps? Whatever you do... DONT MISS THIS ONE! IGNORANCE KILLS…WE BELIEVE IF YOU CAN SAVE A WOMAN, THEN YOU HAVE SAVED A GENERATION!!!
  15. 15. Seun Banjo TrueLeverage HealthTalkBiz@gmail.comAfter confirmation of your registration by your BCAC Coordinator, you will receive the downloadlinks to your training tools: REQUIRED TOOLS  BCAC Brochure (Part 1 & Part 2)  BCAC Compensation Plan  BCAC ADVERT  BCAC Flyers  How to host your Customised BCAC tools online for FREE  Dominating BCAC with Facebook (A must for ALL)  Motivational Quotes for Breast Cancer Awareness COURSES ON PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT  You Are Born Rich - Bob Proctor  How to turn your annual income into a monthly income - Bob proctor  Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill  How to overcome Failure and achieve success - Napoleon Hill  Why we want you to be rich - Robert kiyosaki  The rich builds networks - Robert kiyosaki  A guide for Creative Thinking – Brian Tracy  21 Laws of Money - Brian Tracy  Accept your abundance - Randy Gage  Become a better Thinker - Howard Scott, CC  Laws for positive leadership - Victor Parachin  Mind your own business - Millennium marketing  The hottest recruiting script in MLM – eric moore  Selling to anyone over the phone - Renee P. Walkup with Sandra McKee …And much more!!! IGNORANCE KILLS…WE BELIEVE IF YOU CAN SAVE A WOMAN, THEN YOU HAVE SAVED A GENERATION!!!
  16. 16. Seun Banjo TrueLeverage SKIP PAGE 38-40 WHAT CAN YOU SEE? You should see an old man looking unkempt reflecting on his past with regrets in his eyes OR You see a woman wearing a hat sitting on the grass gazing at an old tree You should see a man and a woman in their old age facing each other Or You can see a young woman carrying a pot enjoying the music played by her handsome husband with a guitar Remember, the two sides of each image exist but the one you focus on becomes YOUR REALITY. What Can YOU As A Prospective BCAC Participant See? THE BIG PROBLEM OR THE BIG OPPORTUNITY? Of HighlightIGNORANCE KILLS…WE BELIEVE IF YOU CAN SAVE A WOMAN, THEN YOU HAVE SAVED A GENERATION!!!
  17. 17. Seun Banjo TrueLeverage TO RECEIVE YOUR 45 PAGES COMPENSATION PLAN BROCHURE, SEND YOUR BIODATA FORM TO YOUR BCAC CO-ORDINATOR NOW!!!! P.S:Procrastination was once a Thief of Time. But Today Procrastination Is a Grave Where ExtraordinaryOpportunities Are Buried and a Platform That Admits “P.O.O.R” Friends… P.O.O.R Passing Over Opportunities RepeatedlyMeet You On Pay Day!!!!Seun banjo TrueLeverageIGNORANCE KILLS…WE BELIEVE IF YOU CAN SAVE A WOMAN, THEN YOU HAVE SAVED A GENERATION!!!