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  1. 1. “ZAKAT”Kelompok 2by:Aldi dwi ariyanto (9)Bagus panuntun (16)Bayu setyawan (18)Faizal nugroho (27)
  2. 2. Every Muslim obliged to give alms of sustenance which God. history This obligation is written in the Koran. At first, the Qurandefinition only ordered to give alms (giving a free nature, not mandatory). However, later on, the Muslims were ordered to type pay zakat. Zakat becomes obligatory since the year 662 AD Prophet Muhammad instituted zakat command by setting Zakat maal tax rise for the rich to lighten the burden of their poor lives.Zakat fitrah Since then, the charity adopted in Islamic countries. This shows Law that in the future there is a setting such charitable giving, Relation particularly regarding the number of such charity. At the time of the caliph, zakat was collected by civilmanagement servants and distributed to certain groups of people. The group is the poor, widows, slaves to buy their freedom, those who were in debt and unable to pay. Shariah set with more details about the charity and how zakat is to be paid.
  3. 3. history  DEFINITIONS ZAKAT:  According to the language, zakat is:- definition Nama-(fertility, a big plus),-Thaharah- type (sanctification),--Barakah (blessings), and- Tazkiyah-(sanctification). Zakat maal  According to the terms, zakat is: Giving aZakat fitrah sekupulan must be given of certain assets, in particular the nature and size of certain Law groups who deserve it. Relationmanagement
  4. 4. history Zakat is a joint basic teachings of Islam,definition then pay zakat law fardhuain for every Muslim. type Zakat maal Zakat is divided into two:Zakat fitrah 1. Zakat Mal (treasure) 2. Zakat fitrah (soul) Law Relationmanagement
  5. 5. history Zakat charity than the mall is a treasuredefinition that weve gained from our work so sacred treasure. type Zakat mal is not determined by Nas Zakat maal (zakat contemporary).Zakat fitrah Such as horticulture, animal husbandry profession, fishing, salary wages, and Law industry. Relationmanagement
  6. 6. history  Zakat fitrah is obligatory for alldefinition Muslims.  Tithes usually wear staples / staple type food in the country. Zakat maal  Tithes have a size of 2.5 kg/3kg. Zakat fitrah Law Relationmanagement INGA.. INGA TING!!! 
  7. 7. historydefinition a. Zakat Law Estate Results type  In the rain watered plants (zakat) is 10%, and the plants were watered with using a watering Zakat maal it (zakat) 5%.Zakat fitrah Law For Fuqaha who hold Relation the public interest. There are 2 There are 2 They require zakat on allmanagement opinions .. opinions .. plants. For fuqaha are holding For fuqaha are holding qiyas. They only require qiyas. They only require zakat on plants that are zakat on plants that are staples. staples.
  8. 8. history b. Zakat law Livestock and Fisheries.definition type  The fuqaha agree obligatory zakat on some Zakat maal kinds of animals, namely: the camel, buffalo, cattle, goats, and sheep.Zakat fitrah  Moderate Abu Hanifah said "if there is a breed Law horses and horse grazing, it is composed of zakat if the stallion. Relation  In essence, that all kinds of income are subject to the rules of zakat of 2.5%. But Obligation, ififtheir income exceeds the basic Obligation, their income exceeds the basic needs of his life and his family. And free from needs of his life and his family. And free from debt. Then the remaining income is still reach debt. Then the remaining income is still reach nisabnya, ie 93.6 grams of gold and is fulfilled nisabnya, ie 93.6 grams of gold and is fulfilled for a year. for a year.
  9. 9. history c. Shares Zakat Law,definition Industry, and others, all. type  According Masjfuq Zuhdi, that all shares of the Zakat maal company / corporation, either pure plunge in trade and in the field of industry, etc., shallZakat fitrah dizakati according to the exchange rate at the time issued zakat, which is 2.5% a year. Law  According to Abdurrahman Isa, that all shares Relation shall dizakati. When related to the industry / company and directly related to trade themanagement shares shall dizakati all. But if it is not directly related tidang dizakati mandatory. And benefits of mandatory dizakati shares by shareholders.
  10. 10. history Relationship Between Zakat, Infaq,definition and shodaqoh. type  Zakat, infaq, and shodaqoh have similarities Zakat maal and differences .Zakat fitrah **EQUATION: EQUATION: **DIFFERENCE: DIFFERENCE: Law -God gives to all men of -God gives to all men of -Zakat is something that -Zakat is something that property therefore we as human property therefore we as human must be issued by any Muslim must be issued by any Muslim Relation beings should realize themselves beings should realize themselves -Infaq and shodaqoh is -Infaq and shodaqoh is to worthy causes, and to worthy causes, and recommended and there is no recommended and there is nomanagement bershodaqoh berinfaq to prove bershodaqoh berinfaq to prove requirement / /rukunnya the requirement rukunnya the that we show our gratitude to God that we show our gratitude to God charity. charity. .. ..
  11. 11. history Management of Zakat By BAZIS.definition type  BAZIS Agency (Amil, Zakat, Infaq, and shodaqoh).Zakat maal  The agency set up by the government toZakat fitrah collect and distribute zakat, infaq, shodaqoh. Law  Which deals with the status of Amil BAZISRelation az-Zakat. management IF SO L IF SO LATER AT HAD AG ER HAD A G EAT R MANAG REAT MANAG EMENT BAZIS, EMENT BAZIS,H HONES ONEST ! T! !  