The Rock Cycle


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The Rock Cycle

  1. 1. s.fuller 3rd block10-21-2009
  2. 2. Difference Between rocks AnDMinerAls• A mineral is a natural • A rock is an aggregate occurring inorganic of one or more such as crystalline solid with a granite mineral specific chemical particles formed composition and a through either characteristic internal crystallization of regular geometric molten magma arrangement of atoms, (igneous rocks), sometimes expressed settling of particles as natural crystal (sedimentary rocks), or faces. reheating and pressure applied to pre-existing rocks (metamorphic rocks), with no set chemical composition or atomic structure
  3. 3. 3 tYPes of rocks• Sedimentary rock • Metamorphic rock • Igneous rock
  4. 4. How Are tHeY forMeD • Sedimentary rock is one • Metamorphic rock is an that is formed by the that has either been accumulation of small to squeezed by incredible large sediment particles pressures deep derived from all three underground and/or has types of rock and in some been exposed to very cases organic material, high temperatures, and undergoes altering its structure,• A igneous rock is mineral alignment, or simply a rock that has chemical composition. solidified from magma Metamorphic rocks are or lava upon cooling. classified as contact Igneous rocks can be intrusive
  5. 5. How Do You iDentifY MinerAls• Color• Streak• Hardness• Cleavage• Luster• Fracture• Chemical composition
  6. 6. wHAt Are tHe tHree Most coMMoneleMents in MinerAls• Aluminum• Silicon• oxygen
  7. 7. RockCycle
  8. 8. sPecific exAMPle of An igneous rockBecoMing A seDiMentArY rock• It breaks down through weathering and erosion to become a sedimentary rock• Quartz which is an igneous rock can become Sandstone which is a sedimentary rock.
  9. 9. sPecific exAMPle of igneous rockBecoMing MetAMorPHic rock• Igneous rocks, such as granite, when subject to extreme pressure and temperature will change to a metamorphic rock• Granite which is an igneous rock will become Gneiss if exposed to enough heat and pressure.
  10. 10. sPecific exAMPle of seDiMentArY rockBecoMing A MetAMorPHic rock• Sedimentary rock becomes metamorphic rock through the addition of heat and/or pressure. Contact metamorphic rocks are those primarily transformed by close proximity to an intrusion of magma, where a recrystallization or elemental transfer can take place.• A good example is limestone becoming marble.
  11. 11. conclusion• Rocks are all around us• We use rocks everyday• Rocks Rock!
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