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SetLogik Express for Eloqua provides the tools you need to tranform your data for precision targeted marketing. Through continuous Data Quality Management, customer insights, and predictive analytics your marketing campaigns and sales activities will attribute more to revenue.

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Eloqua appcloud listing_slides_final-2

  1. 1. SetLogik Express for Eloqua Multi-domain Data Integration Continuous Data Quality Management (cDQM) Data Hub for Global Sales & Marketing Predictive Analytics for Sales and Marketing 100% SaaS – 100% Enterprise Cloud. No Agents To Download, Configure or Install.1 Copyright ©2012 SetLogik
  2. 2. Complex and Expensive Challenges SetLogik’s solution addresses four challenges faced by most B2B organizations today. Disparate Poor Data Data Sources Quality Complex Tool Data Decay2 Copyright ©2012 SetLogik
  3. 3. The SetLogik Solution One Integrated 100% SaaS Solution for Data Integration, Data Cleansing, Data Hub and Predictive Analytics. Identify Enhance Insights SFA Built-in Integration Partner Multi-Domain cDQM Segmentation CRM Best-of-Breed Global List Management Records ERP Support 3rd Party 360l Marketing Multi-Byte Files Data Predictive Data Sources Global Sales & Marketing Database Single Simple To Highly Cost Integrated Implement & Effective Platform Use3 Copyright ©2012 SetLogik
  4. 4. How SetLogik Express Works4 Copyright ©2012 SetLogik
  5. 5. Continuous Data Quality Management (cDQM) Dirty Leads in Eloqua : Before SetLogik Leads Enhanced in Eloqua : After SetLogik5 Copyright ©2012 SetLogik
  6. 6. Customer Marketing Powerful yet easy to use Segmentation for micro-targeting of customers and prospects.6 Copyright ©2012 SetLogik
  7. 7. Enterprise Grade Infrastructure  Hosted at OpSource Hybrid Cloud with SAS 70 type II certification  State of the art data center; meets and/or exceeds Tier III standards as defined by the Uptime Institute  Best in class physical and network security  Excellent redundancy and highly scalable, highly available7 7 Copyright ©2012 SetLogik
  8. 8. Editions SL Express Identify & Enhance Modules - Full Salesforce & Eloqua integration - Any SFDC or Eloqua object SL Professional Express plus Insights Module - Segmentation & List Management - 360º Customer View in SFDC SL Enterprise Professional plus Predictive Analytics - Predictive Lead Ranking - Predictive Account Ranking8 Copyright ©2012 SetLogik
  9. 9. GET STARTED TODAY! Call: (408) 774-4288 Email: sales@setlogik.com9 Copyright ©2012 SetLogik