Siemens PPT (97 2003)


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Siemens PPT (Oct'2012)- Sethuraman Arvind Iyer

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Siemens PPT (97 2003)

  1. 1. Timeline……. Beginnings and Initial Expansion1847- Triumph of heavy current engineering and1865- internationalization Growth through consolidation and1890- partnership Return to the world market and unity1918- within ‘House of Siemens’
  2. 2. The Nationalist Socialist economy1933- and the war years Reconstruction and emergence as a1945- global player1966- New Markets and areas of business1989- Age of globalizationpresent
  3. 3. Values, Vision & Strategy VALUE Responsible, excellent & innovative VISION STRATEGY Siemens - The Pioneer Achieving sustainable, profitable growth
  4. 4. Management Structure Peter Löscher (CEO) Roland Brigitte Klaus Joe Barbara Hermann Siegfried Peter Y. Michael Busch Ederer Helmrich Kaeser Kux Requardt Russwurm Solmssen Suess CEO Head of Chief Head of Head of Supply CEO CEO Head of CEOInfrastructure Corporate HR Technology Corporate Chain Healthcare Industry Corporate Energy & and Officer Finance and Management Sector Sector Legal Sector Cities Sector Labor Director Controlling and Compliance
  5. 5. Worldwide Presence
  6. 6. Our Businesses EnergyHealthcare Industry Infrastructure & Cities
  7. 7. Energy
  8. 8. Major Products PLM . Fire Alarms Communication Systems Medical TechnologyPower generation technology Products & Home Appliances Solutions Water Treatment Industrial and Systems Buildings Automation Lighting Railway Vehicles
  9. 9. Financial Performance Performance in 2012 Revenue : $ 113348.9 million Profits : $ 8,561.9 million$ Millions Financial Year
  10. 10. Recent Joint Ventures
  11. 11. Interesting Facts!Ranking : 47