New Year 2009


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New Year 2009 powerpoint slides

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New Year 2009

  1. 1. H a pp y N e w Y e a r 20 0 9 Antartica
  2. 2. Climate is what we expect, Weather is what we get, Hence expect nothing, Live 2009 and beyond........ purely on surprise Antartica: Its geography, climate and biological conditions provide a unique enviroment.
  3. 3. We came into this world because of others actions and we will have to live this life with what we are having moving forward by doing those that needs to be done.
  4. 4. We see worldly things as we are and not as they are
  5. 5. Spend some time alone every day to analyse what we did that day as part of the learning process – there is nothing right or wrong in what we did!
  6. 6. Antarctica has the lowest temperatures in our planet reaching 70° Celsius below zero with winds of 300 km. Per hour. Containing 90% of the planet’s ice it’s the major reserve of fresh water on Earth, hence preserve it.
  7. 7. Don’t be afraid to be different
  8. 8. We do not know how deep it is down there – what we know is just a fraction
  9. 9. EGO – E arliest you g et this o ut, you will be eternally joyous
  10. 10. If you want to become unfriendly attempt to change others – so if we wish to do so, we should start with ourselves as first and last
  11. 11. Be grateful to those who pointed out our mistakes otherwise we would not have known about the mistakes and to have prevented it from happening again, hence be thankful to them
  12. 12. About 99% of Antarctica is covered with ice at an average thicknes of 2,500 meters, reaching in some places as deep as 4,776 meters. If the ice layer would melt all the Earth’s Oceans would rise 70 meters above the actual level. Hence leave this world a better place than what we started off with
  13. 13. No one has a finer command of language than a person who has mastered silence and patience.
  14. 14. If we wish to learn we need to learn the art of unlearning first
  15. 15. The Sun and Moon continue doing their duty without expecting anything in return, the clouds ( like the ignorance within us) is the one that makes it to appear or disappear
  16. 16. Everybody has a role to play in this world of drama we need to endeavour to play the roles as perfectly as possible merely as a actor
  17. 17. The Antarctic Continent functions as one of Earth’s “refrigerators” regulating the oceanic currents and the world’s climate. Any significant enviromental impact would alter the global patterns of weather with disastrous consecuences. Cherish, Nourish, Preserve and Guard it.
  18. 18. Living together is an art and it needs to be learnt through experience
  19. 19. First serve and you will then de serve to receive to the extent that you have unselfishly serve d
  20. 20. In this world we have to change to survive, develop to thrive; and the very act of change increases the risk that we won't survive, yet with courage we need to persist and continue with the associated R i sk
  21. 21. No man can climb up beyond the limitations of his own character
  22. 22. In spite of the severe weather Antarctica has rich animal life amazingly well adapted to the harsh conditions. CHANGE :
  23. 23. To make changes to life, it requires far less information and more Action. Less explanation and more inspiration
  24. 24. You cannot change others as you wish them to be, do not get angry for it , as we cannot make ourselves as we wish to be.. F ormula of S uccess is knowing how to get along with P eople
  25. 25. The sufficiency of our merit is to know that the merit we have is not sufficient
  26. 26. Happier will be the ones who have sought and found how to serve
  27. 27. The arrival of the first tourists in the 50’s at Antartica was a main cause of enviromental concern – so atleast let us improve the situation The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them
  28. 28. C ourage is to speak in front of a empty auditorium R emaining faithful and honest when nobody's looking, E nduring pain when nobody is there to console and S tanding alone when you're misunderstood A ccepting others mistake as a result of their ignorance in spite of their intelligence, learn to forgive them. L ead a simple life
  29. 29. One cannot teach a man anything, one can only enable him to learn from within himself
  30. 30. We are having a life from what we are receiving and we make a life from what we are giving
  31. 31. You will be strong if you could take praise with humility and criticism with magnanimity
  32. 32. What Caterpillar calls it the end of the life, the Master creates a new world called butterfly from it. Tripping and falling down is not an issue as long as you continue to keep moving in spite of difficulties
  33. 33. In Antartica during the January summer months there is daylight almost 24 hours a day while in winter the days remain on a prolonging half light during most of the 24 hours. When we make mistakes really think whether do we need Divine’s help to forgive others mistake? though Divine is always there.
  34. 34. Test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority and the test of courage comes when we are in the minority
  35. 35. Life is like a floating cloud which appears. Death is like a floating cloud which disappears. It is all about a transformation as there is no birth or death in reality
  36. 36. Life is a journey and it is not about winning or losing or who was more richer, healthier, better, smarter, greater or achiever etc …….. it is about a maturing process of the becoming of the Being on its way towards its Master.
  37. 37. The more you chase a goal the more it will elude and if you achieve in getting it , you will end up chasing another goal. Hence the person who renders selfless service , will be the most successful person in the year 2009 and beyond……….. as definitely he will be blessed with all he needs by his Master
  38. 38. Images : Hans Rieteco Thomas Kunz Veronique Soulier Thorsten Bübelbergusex Christa and Berd Zeitl J. Ens J Lowrence Han Wilhem Prech Uwe Möokelmann
  39. 39. Music: Royal Philharmonic Aria di amore ( Tosca ) Conducted and arranged by Luis de Cobos from Spain. Created by: Manuel, Mérida, Yucatán, México. English Version: P@blosonic, Las Vegas NV, USA