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Training Catalog-India


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Training Catalog-India

  1. 1. THE TBM INSTITUTE for OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Achieve Competitive Advantage and Profitable Growth LeanSigma™ Training and Development Catalog – IndiaCertification | Workshops | Events | Tailored Training
  2. 2. THE TBM INSTITUTE for OPERATIONALTable of Contents EXCELLENCEAbout TBM Consulting Group 2Some of Our Global Clients 3The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 4Comprehensive Training Solutions 5Public Workshops Leveraging LeanSigma™ Approach for Growth (LLG) 6 Lean as a Strategy for Improving Operations (LSIO) 7 LeanSigma™ Overview (LSO) 8On-site Certification Lean Certification Kaizen Facilitator and Lean Certification Program Leader (LC) 9–10 LeanSigma™ Green Belt (LSGB) 11 LeanSigma™ Black Belt (LSBB) 12Client Case Studies 13–14On-site Workshops Creating a Continuous Improvement Office (CCIO) 15 Design for LeanSigma™ (DLS) 16 Kaizen Breakthrough Experience (KBE) 17 Kaizen Instructor Training – Business Process (KIT-BP) 18 Kaizen Instructor Training – Manufacturing Operations (KIT-MO) 19 LeanSigma™ for Process Industries (LSPI) 20 Lean Tool Kit (LTK) 21 Managing for Daily Improvement Training (MDI) 22 Sustaining Lean Results (SLR) 23 Lean as a Strategy for Improving Operations – Garment Industry (LSIOG) 24Client Case Studies 25–26TBM Training Team 27–28Registration Information 29 The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 1+91.124.437.5995 |
  3. 3. About TBM Consulting GroupHeadquartered in the United States, with an office, consultants and trainers in India, TBMConsulting Group is a global leader in lean operations management and business performanceimprovement. In business for over 20 years, we operate on five continents, in multiple languagesand serve a broad array of industries: consumer products, food and beverage, garments, industrialproducts, medical products, packaging, pharmaceuticals, railways, retail, semiconductormanufacturing and more. The hallmark of our work israpid implementation andgenerating sustainable results. Ourproprietary LeanSigma™ approachleverages lean and Six Sigmatools and processes to createorganizational transformationsthat drive flexibility, control andresponsiveness. Our process helpsyou break down your barriersto attain new levels of efficiencyand productivity, and exploitnew competitive advantages. Wetypically produce 3-10X returnon investment in the form of costsavings, working capital reductionor revenue growth.Unlike other consulting firms, TBM takes a holistic approach to every engagement. We workwith you to improve business performance by leveraging your investments, creatively engaginghuman resources and focusing on the areas that deliver valuable business benefit. Furthermore,we work side-by-side with your leadership team to develop a clear roadmap for improvementthat links to quantifiable business objectives. The results? An organization that is well positionedfor today’s markets, with market share gains, minimal capital investments and a competitiveadvantage that is difficult to replicate. The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 2+91.124.437.5995 |
  4. 4. Insert of Our Global ClientsSome TitleSubtitleManufacturing Industries Served Consumer Industrial Med Pharma Food & Beverage Transportation GarmentManufacturing Industries ServedService Industries Served Retail Insurance Healthcare Financial Serv. Government The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 3+91.124.437.5995 |
  5. 5. The TBM Institute for Operational ExcellenceCertification • Workshops • Events • Tailored TrainingThe TBM Institute for Operational Excellence is the training arm of TBM Consulting Group, Inc., the leaderin operations management and business process improvement. We are thought leaders with deep experienceusing the LeanSigma™ approach to achieve competitive advantage and profitable growth. Our mission is toprovide you with the education, framework and structure to execute your critical business objectives. We helpyou to build awareness, commitment, skills and enthusiasm for your business transformation across all levelsof the organization.We offer a broad range of hands-on, experiential training and certification courses that will give your businessteams a thorough understanding of LeanSigma™ tools and we provide the coaching to launch or reinvigorate yourcontinuous improvement program. The more we understand your specific business challenges, the better we cansuggest, develop or deliver a training program that meets the needs of leadership, management, supervisors, andassociates throughout the organization—in both manufacturing and supporting office functions.We offer the following comprehensive suite of training solutions: • A complete curriculum of lean workshops delivered at your facility on the shop floor or in administrative functional areas such as product development, accounting, sales and marketing or customer service • Train-the-trainer, mentoring, and certification programs • Tailored lean training program development and delivery • Cultural assessment and leadership development • Content development and material licensingWhat’s different about The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence? • Alignment of training delivery with business results • All trainers experienced with hands-on lean implementations • Trainers are from India and other worldwide locations • Deep lean knowledge rooted in the fundamentals of the Toyota Production System • Flexible approach and content for your lean training program • Comprehensive programs for train-the-trainer and program managementWe can help you create the right training program for lean practitioners, mid-level managers, or executivesincluding awareness training, leadership and culture training, skill development, or certification. The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 4+91.124.437.5995 |
  6. 6. Comprehensive Training SolutionsThe TBM Institute for Operational Excellence offers a broad range of training options to advancecritical knowledge required to support and sustain results of your lean transformation efforts.Public WorkshopsToday, we are pleased to offer three awareness workshops, that are open to anyone who wishes tobe introduced to the concepts of LeanSigma™. This training is designed to help associates at variouslevels understand the purpose of embarking on a lean journey and explain their role in supportingthe effort; provide insight into the changes that lie ahead; and show how this supports a strategy fordriving profitable growth.On-Site CertificationDevelop skill mastery through our experiential, hands-on courses for Lean Certification – KaizenFacilitator or Program Leader, LeanSigma™ Green Belt or LeanSigma™ Black Belt. These courses areappropriate for organizations who wish to create in-house experts capable of supporting and drivingoperational excellence program objectives. All certification courses are available for on-site delivery atyour facility.On-Site WorkshopsChoose from a broad range of training workshops to advance critical knowledge required to supportyour lean transformation efforts. All workshops are available for on-site delivery at your facility.If you require a more tailored workshop specific to the needs of your organization, please contactus to discuss in more detail.Conferences and EventsEvery year, the Institute hosts various conferences and events that encourage benchmarking,networking and sharing of experiential learning. Please visit more information.Tailored TrainingCustomers rely on The TBM Institute for a tailoredlean training program that meets their requirementsfor developing resources capable of deliveringgrowth, profitability, flexibility and responsiveness.Organizations with heavy Six Sigma focus oftenseek our assistance integrating a lean perspective andtransitioning continuous improvement activitiestoward customer-facing enhancements that driveresponsiveness and flexibility and, most importantly,support growth initiatives. The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 5+91.124.437.5995 |
  7. 7. Leveraging LeanSigma™ Approach for GrowthThe Executive’s Guide for Enterprise-Wide Business Transformation PUBLIC WORKSHOP 1-DAY WORKSHOP FOR SENIOR EXECUTIVESAn interactive one-day workshop for senior executiveswho wish to create a clear, concise and compellingvision, and a leadership roadmap for business Agendatransformation. This workshop focuses on usingthe powerful and proven tools of the LeanSigma™ Morningapproach, the Kaizen Breakthrough methodology, › ean business system overview L with case studiesand Value Innovation to create unique competitive › How to build a foundation for successadvantages and a high-performance culture for › Creating a compelling visionexceptional growth in sales and earnings. › Leadership roles and responsibilities › Strategy/Policy DeploymentIdeal Attendees › High-performance culture • Chief Executive Officers Afternoon • Chief Financial Officers › ethodology and process for M • Chief Operating Officers driving rapid change • Presidents › Lean production system overview • Vice Presidents › ow to leverage LeanSigma™ approach H • Directors as a strategy for long-term growth • Division Heads and sustainable improvement › reating a customer-facing approach CKey Learning supported by innovation and rapid product development • Overview of lean business system evolution, its history, › How to get started success stories, mission, and infrastructure for success. • Key principles, methodologies and drivers of a long-term LeanSigma™ business transformation for growth with case studies, simulations and discussions. “ BM’s expertise and support in the T • A process for creating change based on a proven methodology implementation and sustainment of the for strategy deployment, metrics alignment, visibility lean journey are unparalleled in the and accountability. industry. They can transform any business • Insights into the role of senior management in leading a into a profitable enterprise adding value successful transformation. to the stakeholders and society.”Pricing Vivek Hinduja, Chief Operating Officer • Individual: INR: 15,000 Gokaldas Exports • Group: Contact us to discuss on-site training for groups. The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 6+91.124.437.5995 | Leveraging LeanSigma™ for Growth Public Workshop LLG
  8. 8. Lean as a Strategy for Improving OperationsLearn What It Takes to Launch Lean in Your Company PUBLIC PUBLIC SEMINAR WORKSHOP 2-day workshop for general senior managersAn exploration of LeanSigma™ dynamics for effectingchange. Discover what’s required to lead your owntransformation for gaining and sustaining marketleadership. Agenda Day OneIdeal Attendees › Introduction and expectations • General Managers › Evolution of LeanSigma™ approach • Vice Presidents › imulation 1: Traditional Manufacturing S › Discussion: • Senior Managers of Operations, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, Material/Supply Chain, and Human Resources • omponents of traditional C manufacturingKey Learning • rinciples of LeanSigma™ approach/ P Kaizen breakthrough • How to start a lean initiative and sustain momentum. › imulation 2: Application of LeanSigma™ S • How the powerful combination of lean and Six Sigma can be principles used to remove guesswork. • How lean methods quickly eliminate non-value-added activities Day Two and processes. › oundations of success: Leadership strategies F • Understand your company’s improvement potential – and how › Simulation 3: Value chain synchronization you stack up versus your industry and the ideal lean company. › Leveraging LeanSigma™ approach for growth • How to rally the organization around improvement objectives. › Getting started • How to sequence for your improvement activities. • How to leverage lean as a strategy for innovation, differentiation, and growth.Pricing • Individual: INR: 25,000 • Group: Contact us to discuss on-site training for groups. “ ontinual improvement is a journey. Every organization, C however successful it may be, has grey areas which must be tackled for further improvement. TBM provides tools, guidance and takes us on the path of lean management, which helps us realize hidden profits and reduce visible losses.” Bhattacharya, Director of Operations WIKA India The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 7+91.124.437.5995 | Lean as a Strategy for Improving Operations Public Workshop LSIO
  9. 9. LeanSigma™ Overview Insert TitleLeanSigma™ Overview Learn how LeanSigma™ tools can benefit your business How LeanSigma™ Tools Can Benefit Your Business SubtitleLearn how LeanSigma™ tools can benefit your business PUBLIC WORKSHOP PUBLIC WORKSHOP 3-day workshop for mid-level managers During this three-day workshop, mid-level managers learn how powerful lean tools, Design for LeanSigma™, and the Sigma Kaizen methodology can be integrated into a high- impact business strategy to achieve operational excellence. Agenda Ideal Attendees Day One › 7 wastes • Mid-Level Managers › Takt, flow, pull • Operations Managers › Jidoka • Line Managers › Production smoothing • Team Leaders › Simulation 1: The block game • Continuous Improvement Leaders › Progressive 5S • Engineers › Kaizen Breakthrough Methodology • Supervisors › Standard work and process balancing • Engineering graduates or students currently › Assembly line principles enrolled in engineering coursework Key Learning Day Two › Setup reduction • Overview of the lean transformation roadmap. › Total Productive Maintenance • How to apply lean methodologies to reduce development › Sustaining results costs, drive customer-centric innovation, and improve speed to market. › Value stream mapping • How to combine lean and Six Sigma into a single, › Sigma Kaizen coordinated initiative to realize results in less time. • DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) Day Three structured problem solving model. › Design for LeanSigma™ • Simulation and exercises are used to demonstrate and › Voice of Customer reinforce key learning. › House of Quality › Managed creativity Tools Learned › Design for Manufacturing and Assembly • A detailed overview, for operations managers and continuous › Production Preparation improvement professionals, who wish to understand more › Strategy Deployment about critical lean tools and how and when they should be applied to improve safety, quality, delivery and costs. For › High performance culture details about all the tools covered, visit: › Getting started Pricing • Individual: INR 37,500 • Group: Contact us to discuss on-site training for groups. The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 8 +91.124.437.5995 | LeanSigma™ Overview Public Workshop LSO
  10. 10. TBM TitleInsertLean CertificationLead theSubtitle Way ON-SITE CERTIFICATION Two Lean Certification Programs Comprehensive certification training for companies that wish to develop in-house capabilities to accelerate their lean deployment.TBM has created two lean certification programs for companiesthat wish to develop in-house capabilities to accelerate theirlean deployment. All coursework is delivered through a blendof online learning, on-site training, skills demonstration, andinteractive mentoring. Registration Details TBM Lean Certification CoursesLean Certification – Kaizen Facilitator Kaizen Facilitator:Learn to Support Effective Kaizen Events Pricing available upon request.Understand essential lean tools and how they are used to drive Program Leader: Pricing available upon request.results. Includes self-paced online learning and three weeks ofhands-on training. Candidates will be mentored by a TBM Lean › tudents must have access to the SMaster and will graduate with hands-on experience and knowledge Internet and Microsoft® applicationsin the following critical areas: including Visio®, PowerPoint® and• nowledge of lean strategies, tools, and methods which include K Excel®. We recommend students the fundamentals of the Toyota Production System have access to a laptop computer to allow them to work on certification• kills required to support effective kaizen events and conduct S objectives during on-site events. basic training for kaizen teams › TBM clients who have completed • articipation in a kaizen event on the shop floor – or in a business P portions of the curriculum may qualify• evelopment of a current and future value stream map for a facility D for learning credits at the discretion of or product family the program director. › Please contact us if you would like Lean Certification – Program Leader to modify the course and create a tailored Lean Certification curriculumLearn to Lead a Lean Deployment for your company.Candidates complete all coursework from the Kaizen Facilitatorcourse in addition to learning how to create and manage aneffective lean office and how to audit, report, and sustain results ofa lean program. Includes self-paced online learning and five weeksof hands-on training. Candidates will be mentored by a TBM LeanMaster and will graduate with hands-on experienceand knowledge in the following additional critical areas:• ow to create, manage, communicate, and promote an effective H continuous improvement office• ow to write a project charter, develop scope, and create objectives H for a kaizen event• ow to align operations metrics with financial performance H• ow to audit, report, and sustain results from your lean H deployment The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 9+91.124.437.5995 Kaizen Facilitator - LC Lean Certification Program Leader - Certification
  11. 11. TBM Lean Certification (continued) Lead the Way TBM LEAN CERTIFICATION PROGRAM CURRICULUM Time Kaizen Program Learning Description Commitment Facilitator Leader Modules include: Introduction to lean; Waste elimination; Just-in-time principles of takt, flow and pull Essential Lean systems; Quality and productivity improvements through Learning– Self-paced Jidoka; Production Smoothing, Standard Work, Standard Online Training and Exam* online learning Operations; 5S and the visual workplace; Value Chain Mapping, LeanSigma™ Implementation; and Roles in 3 3 a lean deployment. Candidates must pass a final exam upon completion of all modules. Learn how lean tools are applied to transform your Lean Tool Kit organization to deliver improved operational results. Workshop* 5 Days Through the use of a factory simulation, students will be able to apply what they have learned. 3 3 Kaizen Hands-on participation on a kaizen team at a TBM client site. Participants are divided into teams that are Breakthrough Experience 5 Days led by a TBM Lean Master. Team members are assigned roles; the event is planned, executed and evaluated. 3 3 Train-the-trainer workshop designed to teach participants Kaizen how to deliver TBM’s one-day lean training, an essential component of facilitating kaizen events. Participants Instructor Training 4 Days hone public speaking skills and learn how to address the tough questions from individuals who will participate in 3 3 or be impacted by a kaizen event. Learn the strategies, tools and skills required to set up and administer an effective continuous improvement office. Creating a Topics include: how to communicate and promote a Continuous lean program, write charter statements, align operational Improvement Office 4 Days metrics with financial objectives, assess your lean progression, form and manage a lean steering committee, 3 and share best practices across the organization. (We recommend that Program Leader candidates complete this course before taking Kaizen Instructor Training.) Participants learn to audit, report, and sustain kaizen Sustaining results. Concepts covered include: personality assessment Lean Results 5 Days and how to work with different types of people, cultural change and how to deal with resistance, performance 3 measurement, layered audits, and problem solving tools. Mentor, Homework, Each participant is assigned a TBM Lean Mentor Quizzes, to guide them through the certification process. Kaizen Event Report-out and Ongoing Homework, quizzes, a kaizen report-out, and a final exam are all part of the certification program. 3 3 Final Exam* Candidates MUST complete the online training, Lean Tool Kit course and exam before progressing to other modules of Lean Certification. “ y becoming proficient and certified in lean, we increased the speed, understanding, and transition B of lean concepts within our company. Intensive coaching and mentoring are imperative to change the mindset through the entire organization. I rely on our TBM mentor to help make quantum leaps in the experience. He challenges our thinking while offering perspectives on what could be better.” Michael Gerster, President WIKA Instrument Corporation The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 10 +91.124.437.5995 Kaizen Facilitator - LC Lean Certification Program Leader - Certification
  12. 12. Insert Title ™ Green Belt CertificationLeanSigmaGreen BeltSubtitle Certification with a Lean Emphasis ON-SITE CERTIFICATION Hands-on, experiential training for operations professionals who need to combine lean and Six Sigma tools to rapidly implement high- impact business improvements. Provides candidates with LeanSigma™ principles, kaizen methodology and Six Sigma statistical problem- solving tools to create a faster approach to identifying and correcting problems. Three Non-ConsecutiveIdeal Attendees Week AgendaManagement and operations team members who wish to learnand use lean and Six Sigma tools to solve business problems Week Oneusing all the tools of LeanSigma™ • On-site training: Define/Measure/Analyze phaseKey Learning Week Two • Three weeks of training and skill transfer • Sigma Kaizen event: Measure/Analyze on-site • LeanSigma™, the proven methodology which combines lean and Six Sigma into a single, coordinated initiative Week Three • DMAIC structured problem solving model • On-site training: Analyze/Improve/Control phase • Six Sigma statistical and analytical tools Please visit • Sigma Kaizen methodology and how to use it to reduce to review the detailed daily agendas. project time from six months or more – to six weeks or less • Leadership training on how to lead project teams within your area of responsibility to rapidly implement high- “ is program has made a huge Th difference in the speed and capabilities impact business improvement of our new Green Belts.” Tom Barrett,Tools Learned Director of Continuous Improvement Landscape Structures, Inc. • Sigma Kaizen Methodology • DMAIC TBM Green Belt Training StrategyPricing Define Analyze/Improve Measure/Analyze Control • Pricing available upon request (one week classroom) (one week classroom)LeanSigma™ Green Belt certificationis not a prerequisite for attendingLeanSigma™ Black Belt. Sigma Kaizen Measure/Analyze Event (one week led by Master Black Belt) The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 11 +91.124.437.5995 | LeanSigma™ Green Belt Certification Certification LSGB
  13. 13. Insert Title ™ Black Belt CertificationLeanSigmaBlack BeltSubtitle Certification with a Lean Emphasis ON-SITE CERTIFICATION Multi-week, experiential training for full-time, continuous improvement and quality team members. Teaches candidates how to lead Sigma Kaizen events and how to use kaizen to complete black belt projects in six weeks versus a typical six months. The curriculum includes value-stream analysis and Six Sigma problem- solving tools. Four Non-Consecutive Week AgendaIdeal AttendeesFull-time Continuous Improvement and Quality team members Week One • On-site training:Key Learning Define/Measure/Analyze phase • Four weeks of training and skill transfer Week Two • Sigma Kaizen event: • LeanSigma™, the proven methodology which combines lean Measure/Analyze on-site and Six Sigma into a single, coordinated initiative • Tools and techniques to accurately assess Voice of the Customer Week Three • The rationale and process for project identification and • On-site training: Analyze/Improve/Control phase selection • Key lean manufacturing principles, including kaizen and value Week Four stream analysis • On-site training: • Advanced Six Sigma statistical problem-solving tools including Advanced LeanSigma™ skills hypothesis testing and design of experiments Please visit • Sigma Kaizen methodology and how to use it to reduce Black to review the detailed daily agendas. Belt project time from six months or more – to six weeks or less • Leadership training on how to lead project teams to rapidly implement high-impact business improvement “ ‘turbocharged’ Black Belt program,with A • Methods to engage executive management and to ensure more tools to achieve maximum improvement effective governance of your LeanSigma™ initiative and quality levels in far less time.” Frank Bailey,Tools Learned Director, Global Continuous Improvement Entegris, Inc. • Voice of Customer analysis • Value chain analysis TBM Black Belt Training Strategy • Sigma Kaizen Methodology • Design of Experiments Three-week Interim Sigma Kaizen Define Measure/Analyze • DMAIC Measure/Analyze Event (one week classroom) (one week led by Master Black Belt)Pricing Four-week Interim • Pricing available upon request Three-week Interim Advanced Analyze/ImproveLeanSigma™ Green Belt certification LeanSigma™ Skills Control (one week classroom)is not a prerequisite for attending (one week classroom)LeanSigma™ Black Belt. The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 12+91.124.437.5995 | LeanSigma™ Black Belt Certification Certification LSBB
  14. 14. Client Case StudiesImproving Productivity and ProfitabilityThrough a LeanSigma™ TransformationClientGokaldas Exports Ltd. (GEX) is India’s largest apparel exporter. It is a “one-stop shop” for the world’s mostpreferred apparel brands, including major casual and sports clothing lines. In 2008, GEX had US $250million in sales and employed 45,000 people working in 45 factories. The company has the capacity toproduce 2.5 million garments a month. The Blackstone Group recently became a partner in GEX, whichhad been an entirely family-owned business since its founding in 1970.ChallengeGEX had to improve worker productivity without addingresources to grow profits and remain competitive in thehigh-volume, low-margin global garment industry. Nike, a “ ean implementation is very Lmajor client, strongly suggested that the company implement important to GEX and will belean process improvements, but GEX’s longtime leadership a key enabler for their futurewas skeptical that lean production would work in the continued success in profitability,garment industry. growing their top-line sales revenue and being a world-classSolutions quality global garment supplier.”Reassured by TBM Consulting Group’s guarantee ofsatisfaction, Executive Director Dinesh Hinduja invited Jeff Overly,TBM into the company for an assessment and subsequent Executive Directorproductivity improvement action plan based on the LeanSigma™ of The Blackstone Groupmethodology. This included the training of three COOs – (U.S.A.-based private equity firm withAshwin Hinduja, Vivek Hinduja and Gaurav D. Hinduja all a majority investment stake in GEX)of whom have undergone four weeks of lean training and havereceived lean certification.ResultsLean has become a key enabler for GEX and its future continued success in driving revenue, quality, andprofitability. While the retail-clothing sector was devastated by a global recession, GEX made significantstrides in on-time delivery, firstpass yield, and productivity—even growing sales by two percent in spiteof a dreadful economic downturn. Key improvements are helping to significantly improve its competitiveposition within the industry: lead time, employee absenteeism and attrition. The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 13+91.124.437.5995 | CASE STUDY
  15. 15. Client Case StudiesJump Starting a Lean JourneyClientSeveral TBM clients from discrete and continuousprocess manufacturing companies who are looking for “ t opened up my mind. Now Ia way to develop internal expertise to drive their lean I can give answers basedtransformation. on experience rather than just from a book.” Gilman believes that going throughChallenge lean certification training isThese companies realized that they had neither one way for a company to getthe internal expertise nor the time to design, train, people more energized in a leanimplement, and sustain a lean program on their own.They needed in-house expertise to advocate for lean, transformation, specifically thedrive culture change, and sustain the results of their cultural change.lean transformation. Aditi Gilman, formerly of Appleton PapersSolution in Roaring Spring, PA, U.S.A.Create an internal consulting team by sending keyindividuals through lean certification training. Usethose human assets to facilitate lean efforts and drivechange throughout the organization. Lean certification “ eing able to participate, talk Btraining includes a mix of intense classroom learning to the consultants and the otherand hands-on field experience shadowing a TBM participants, and seeing lean inconsultant in the field for two weeks. action really distinguishes this course from those that involve strictResults classroom training like a collegeCertified lean practitioners effectively become the course,” Kearns says. “The factrecognized go-to people for lean inside their respective that the class included people fromcompanies. Graduates facilitate events, train others, different industries allowed me tojump start initiatives, and save the company money. stretch [my knowledge and skills].”Organizations get up to speed more quickly andrealize accelerated benefits in exchange for the training Todd Kearns,investment. Lean certification helps companies gain Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.the most benefit for their training dollars, drives and in Dolton, IL, U.S.A.sustains change, and translates the results into realcompetitive advantage. The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 14+91.124.437.5995 | CASE STUDY
  16. 16. Insert TitleCreating a Continuous Improvement OfficeSubtitle Continuous Improvement Office the Right WayRun Your ON-SITE WORKSHOP SEMINAR 4-day workshop for managersProvides the strategies, tools and skills required to quicklyestablish a highly effective continuous improvement office,confidently chart your path of lean improvement, maintain andbuild momentum and achieve dramatic, sustainable results. AgendaIdeal Attendees Day One • Operations management professionals • Introductions • General managers • Continuous improvement office organization, • Plant managers roles and activities • Communication and promotion • Lean or kaizen promotion office managers and team members Day TwoKey Learning • Writing charter statements • Build current and future state value chain maps • Continuous improvement benefits • Define lean performance measures, targets and and calculating ROI tracking strategies Day Three • Build and maintain momentum and enthusiasm • Steering committee • Drive cultural change within your organization • Event planning and preparation • Learn a system for targeting, planning and executing kaizen events Day Four • Define the standard work for leaders and managers • Lean progression rating • Sharing best practicesTools Learned • Review of the week • Value chain mapping • Continuous improvement office organization • Cultural transformation techniques • Performance measurement • Lean progression ratingPricing • Pricing available upon request “ is workshop was exactly what I needed Th to help me be an effective continuous improvement manager.” Les Webb, Kaizen Promotion Office/Inside Sales, Securitron The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 15+91.124.437.5995 | Creating a Continuous Improvement Office On-site Workshop CCIO
  17. 17. Design for LeanSigma™Lean Product Development and Launch ON-SITE WORKSHOP 5-day SEMINAR for mid-level managersExperience this effective approach to new productdevelopment, production process design and implementationwithin a lean framework. Learn how to consistently launchinnovative products significantly faster than your competition. AgendaIdeal Attendees Day One • Introductions and expectations • Design engineers • LeanSigma™ transformation • Manufacturing engineers • Design for LeanSigma™ (DLS) overview • Product and marketing managers • DLS (Phase-Gate) process and kaizen interventions • Operations managers • Quality managers Day Two • Continuous improvement managers • Voice of Customer (VOC) • Others in the design and production process • House of Quality (HOQ) • Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)Key Learning Day Three • How to use Voice of Customer (VOC) to understand true • Concept development and managed creativity customer needs and translate them into critical product • Design for Six Sigma quality tools requirements • Maximize quality and production flexibility to easily adapt Day Four to variations in customer demand • Lean production system • Dramatically reduce your development costs and be consistently • Production preparation principles first to market with innovative, high-appeal products • Production preparation process • Participate in a hands-on simulation and learn how to apply lean growth tools to streamline the product development process Day Five • Production preparation process (con’t)Tools Learned • Exercise: “Taking it Home” • Voice of Customer (VOC) • Conclusion and closing discussions • House of Quality • Managed Creativity for Concept Development “ e first product we developed with this Th process was in the market in one-third of • Design for Manufacture and Assembly our normal time. The design is unlike any • Production Preparation Process (Seven Alternatives, other comparable product with benefits Simulation, and Process-at-a-Glance) our customers really wanted. Our biggest competitor in that market already wants toPricing license it from us.” Timothy H. Powers, • Pricing available upon request Chairman and CEO Hubbell Incorporated The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 16+91.124.437.5995 | Design for LeanSigma™ On-site Workshop DLS
  18. 18. Kaizen Breakthrough ExperienceInsert TitleParticipate in a Live Kaizen EventSubtitle ON-SITE WORKSHOP 5-day SEMINAR for EXECUTIVES AND STAFFExperience the dramatic bottom-line improvement andefficiency you can quickly achieve and sustain as your Kaizenteam implements lean tools on the factory floor or in a businessprocess support function. AgendaIdeal Attendees Day One • Chief Executive Officers/Presidents, Chief Operating Officers, • Overview of the lean production system Vice Presidents, Directors • Standard operations, elements, • General Managers, Department Managers, Plant Managers and tools • Operations and continuous improvement staff • More advanced tools depending on • Team members from various departments including: Kaizen project chosen Promotion Office, Quality, Materials, Human Resources, • Host company welcome presentation Engineering • Team leaders’ briefing • Administrative staff from various departments including: Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service Day Two • Host company plant tourKey Learning • Kaizen team activities • Experience the key concepts, tools, and techniques used –– Time studies during a kaizen week –– Workplace improvement discussions • Participate on a dedicated kaizen team and drive immediate improvement –– Hands-on workplace improvement • Learn to identify waste and eliminate non-value-added activities Day Three • Achieve typical kaizen event results: • Kaizen team activities ––Shopfloor Operations: Inventory reductions of 90%+, –– Continue hands-on workplace improvements productivity increases of 25-50%, product lead times –– Test workplace improvements reduced from weeks to hours, elimination of safety hazards, improved 5S scores –– Re-time cycle times ––Business Process: Backlog reductions of 90%+, cycle-times Day Four reduced from weeks to days, productivity increases 25-50%, customer service levels increased to 99%+ • Kaizen team activities • Get excited about kaizen and leave energized to apply what –– Refine improvements you have learned –– Establish and document standard work –– Run improvementsTools Learned –– Re-time and establish new cycle times • Kaizen methodology • Visual workplace management –– Prepare presentation • Lean production system • Assembly line design • Standard operations • Setup reduction Day Five • Progressive 5S • Other advanced techniques • Team presentations and report-outPricing • Pricing available upon request The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 17+91.124.437.5995 | Kaizen Breakthrough Experience On-site Workshop KBE
  19. 19. Insert TitleKaizen Instructor Training – Business ProcessComprehensive Train the Trainer ProgramSubtitle ON-SITE WORKSHOP 4-day workshop for managersCritical kaizen instructor training that sets the foundationfor dramatic improvement and successful culture changeat the start of each business process kaizen event. Learn toconduct day-one training of lean concepts and build teamawareness and support at the beginning of each kaizen event. AgendaIdeal Attendees Day One • Kaizen promotion office managers • Introductions and overview • Continuous improvement managers • How to be an effective trainer and facilitator • Engineers • Exercise 1: Team building • Administrative office managers • Lean fundamentals, concepts and principles • Five-minute presentationsKey Learning Day Two • Lean and kaizen training content required to build team awareness and support at the start of each business process • Business process characteristics kaizen event • Waste identification and elimination • Advanced instructor presentation, training, and teaching • Exercise 2: Team building skills – for maximum impact • 5S in the office • Preparation techniques for business process kaizen events to • Round one presentations ensure peak results • In-depth familiarity with all training materials Day Three • Interactive simulation exercises and anecdotes to reinforce • Standard operations review key concepts • Kaizen breakthrough methodology review • Responses and role plays for questions your instructors will • Simulation 1: Business process commonly receive • Round two presentations • Business process improvement tools reviewTools Learned • Exercise 3: Team building • “Train-the-trainer” techniques Day FourPricing • Presentation videotaping • Pricing available upon request • Business process cost savings • Use of memory aidsPrerequisites • Case studiesThe minimum experience level required is four business • Key learningsprocess kaizen events. In order to maintain a consistent levelof experience among course attendees, we will conduct a briefinterview to determine your level of lean experience beforeadmittance is approved. “ onderful training! All the W concepts are coming together and I’m connecting the dots.” Stephanie Volmar, USI The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 18 KITBP Kaizen Instructor Training –+91.124.437.5995 | Business Process
  20. 20. Insert TitleKaizen Instructor Training – Manufacturing OperationsComprehensive Train the Trainer ProgramSubtitle ON-SITE WORKSHOP 4-day workshop for managersCritical kaizen instructor training that sets the foundation fordramatic improvement and successful culture change at thestart of each shop floor kaizen event. Learn to conduct day-onetraining of lean concepts to build team awareness and supportat the beginning of each kaizen event. AgendaIdeal Attendees Day One • Kaizen promotion office managers • Introductions and review • Continuous improvement managers • LeanSigma™ overview • Engineers • How to be a trainer • Five-minute introduction presentationsKey Learning Day Two • Lean and kaizen training content required to build team • Lean production system review awareness and support at the start of each kaizen event • Simulation 1: Flow production • Advanced instructor presentation, training and teaching • Standard operations review skills – for maximum impact • Exercise 1: Time observation • Preparation techniques for kaizen events to ensure peak results • Round one presentations • In-depth familiarity with all training materials • Interactive simulation exercises and anecdotes to reinforce Day Three key concepts • 5S workplace organization • Responses and role plays for questions your instructors will • Assembly review commonly receive • Setup reduction review • Round two presentationsTools Learned • Exercise 2: Standard operations • “Train-the-trainer” techniques Day FourPricing • Presentations videotaping • Total productive maintenance review • Pricing available upon request • Routing standardization reviewPrerequisites • Kaizen breakthrough methodology review • Key learnings There will be an additional charge for access to licensed training materials for those attendees without a signed material licensing agreement. The minimum experience level required is four manufacturing kaizen events. In order to maintain a consistent level of experience among course attendees, we will conduct a brief interview to determine your level of lean experience before admittance is approved. The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 19 KITMO Kaizen Instructor Training -+91.124.437.5995 | Manufacturing Operations On-site Workshop
  21. 21. Insert Title ™ for Process IndustriesLeanSigmaLean Immersion Workshop for Continuous Process CompaniesSubtitle ON-SITE WORKSHOP 2-day workshop for SENIOR managersA senior-level overview for continuous process companiesof a proven business strategy for rapidly achieving dramaticperformance improvement with LeanSigma™ – in a fraction ofthe time of traditional Six Sigma. AgendaIdeal Attendees Day One • Senior management including: Chief Executive Officers, Presidents, Chief Financial Officers, and Chief Operating • Introductions Officers • LeanSigma™ overview • Operations management including: General Managers, • Simulation 1 Vice Presidents or Directors of Operations, Engineering, • Creating flexibility Continuous Improvement, Quality, Materials, Supply Chain, • Initial implementation steps and Human Resources –– Vision –– 5SKey Learning –– Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) • Your company’s improvement potential – and a proven business strategy to quickly drive substantial improvement and –– Process capability efficiency across your entire value stream –– Kaizen • Seamlessly integrate lean and Six Sigma into a cohesive, enterprise-wide improvement initiative Day Two • Rapidly improve process yield with Sigma Kaizen events • Final implementation steps • Dramatically improve process capability and equipment • Simulation 2 effectiveness without significant capital investment • Business process kaizen • Rapidly reduce changeover and clean-out times by 75-90% • Product development • Achieve major productivity improvement by increasing • Culture change throughput • Continuous improvement office • Improve process flexibility to deliver to actual customer demandPricing • Pricing available upon request“ e’ve been using lean to achieve major, ongoing improvement. W I knew it wasn’t the answer to some of our process variation problems, but how could I promote lean speed and action together with slow and methodical Six Sigma? TBM has figured out how to successfully combine the two, with lean speed and maximum impact. This workshop put it all together for me – it was the same type of ‘ah ha’ experience I had when first introduced to lean.” Rob Tracy, Chief Operating Officer Intek Plastics, Inc. The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 20 +91.124.437.5995 | LeanSigma™ for Process Industries On-site Workshop LSPI
  22. 22. Lean Tool Kit WorkshopContinuous Improvement Essentials ON-SITE WORKSHOP 5-day WORKSHOP for EXECUTIVES AND managersA five-day workshop covering lean tools and how they canbe integrated as business strategies to achieve improvedoperational results. AgendaIdeal Attendees • Executives Day One • Managers • Lean overview • Supervisors • Importance of KPI’s and • Continuous improvement leaders countermeasure system • Engineers • How policy deployment aligns vision, strategy, and resources • Shop floor personnel Day TwoKey Learning • Factory simulation 1 • Participants are provided an overview of the lean roadmap and the Kaizen Breakthrough Methodology • Value chain mapping • Waste elimination • How policy deployment drives the lean implementation process Day Three • Lean tools covered include: value chain mapping, waste • Lean production system identification, takt time and process balancing, pull systems and kanban, jidoka, setup reduction, total productive • Progressive 5S maintenance, quality, Sigma Kaizen, and 5S • Standard operations • Extending lean into the value chain • Time observation example • Factory simulations and workshop exercises • Setup reduction • Total productive maintenanceTools Learned • Quality and Six Sigma • Value chain mapping • Kanban • Waste elimination • Progressive 5S Day Four • Setup reduction • Factory simulation 2 • Total productive maintenance • Design for LeanSigma™ • Kanban • Energy kaizen • Lean value chainPricing • Pricing available upon request Day Five • Business process kaizen • Kaizen breakthrough methodology • Review of the week The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 21+91.124.437.5995 | Lean Tool Kit On-site Workshop LTK
  23. 23. Managing for Daily Improvement TrainingLearn How to Sustain Improvements Resulting from Your Lean Operations ON-SITE WORKSHOP 5-day workshop for LEADERS AND managersA five-day workshop, taught on the shop floor of aleading lean company, that will provide you withthe opportunity to learn the tools and techniquesyou need to implement and sustain daily continuous Agendaimprovement initiatives in your work area. Day OneIdeal Attendees • Introductions and overview • Lean progression and barriers to success • Front-line supervisors, team leaders, and line facilitators • Delta site review • Production, process, and support group managers and their key staff members Day Two • Continuous improvement or kaizen promotion • Visual workplace managers • SQDC management • Plant, division, and department managers Day ThreeKey Learning • Waste elimination • Critical supervisor training • Standard operations • Leverage lean tools to identify problems and highlight • Point kaizen resources needed • Respond immediately to abnormalities Day Four • Learn to apply point kaizen strategies • Solving quality problems • Create critical performance metrics • Abnormality management • Kaizen planning modelTools Learned Day Five • Progressive 5S • Final review • Visual workplace techniques • Presentation preparation • SQDC management • Presentation to management • Waste elimination • Standard operations • Point kaizen • Abnormality management “ anaging for Daily Improvement is M one of the most important aspects of a • Kaizen planning LeanSigma™ transformation.”Pricing Mike Hofmann, Executive Vice President of • Pricing available upon request Operations for North America, Sealy, Inc. The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 22+91.124.437.5995 | Managing for Daily Improvement Training On-site Workshop MDI
  24. 24. Sustaining Lean ResultsAudit, Report and Sustain Kaizen Results ON-SITE WORKSHOP 5-day workshop for managersA five-day workshop that gives you strategies, tools, andskills required to preserve the returns of your continuousimprovement program.Ideal Attendees Agenda • Operations management • General managers Day One • Plant managers • Cultural transformation tools • Lean or kaizen promotion office managers, continuous improvement leaders, and team members Day Two • Driving cultural transformationKey Learning • Personalysis • Learn how to use performance measures, targets, and tracking strategies, including how to manage and sustain Day Three SQDC management and hour-by-hour charts • Establishing performance measures • Learn how to audit and report the results of each kaizen • How to sustain results project to help sustain those results • Auditing and reporting kaizen results • Tools and techniques for creating a business control center to keep your lean transformation organized and on track Day Four • Creating a business control center • Understand how to use Layered Audits, an organized group of questions designed to examine a device or process, to • Conducting layered audits ensure that standard work is being followed at all levels of • Understanding the A3 methodology the organization • Problem-solving tools and methodologies • Learn how to use the A3 Methodology to create information flow of knowledge, ideas and experience, Day Five which will help you to eliminate waste and solve problems • Problem-solving tools and methodologies through a visual, easily understood process • Understand and learn how to solve problems using the 8D methodology. You’ll learn several tools to identify the root cause and implement countermeasures using Poka-Yoke • Cultural transformation tools to help establish credibility for your improvement initiative, instill enthusiasm at all levels of your organization, and provide essential continuity and staying power • Personalysis training will help you understand your personality style and the team’s in order to take advantage of opportunities, rather than being blocked by interpersonal conflictPricing • Pricing available upon request The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 23+91.124.437.5995 | Sustaining Lean Results On-site Workshop SLR
  25. 25. Lean as a Strategy for Improving Operations – Garment IndustryLeveraging Lean for Competitive Advantage in the Garment Industry ON-SITE WORKSHOP 2-day WORKSHOP for SENIOR managersA two-day workshop using discussion and interactivesimulations that demonstrate how the LeanSigma™methodology provides a platform for effective change.Tailored specifically for senior-level managers in the Agendagarment industry looking to understand what it takesto drive a lean transformation. Day One • Introduction of lean transformationIdeal Attendees • Case studies of successful lean companies • General Managers and Vice Presidents or Senior Managers • Simulation 1: Traditional manufacturing of Operations, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, • Introduction to lean concept: Materials, Supply Chain, and Human Resources –– Value chain mapping –– The seven wastesKey Learning –– Valued-added versus • How to start a lean initiative and sustain momentum non-value-added activities • How the powerful combination of lean and Six Sigma –– 5S can be used to remove guesswork –– Lean production system • How lean methods quickly eliminate non-value-added • Simulation 2: One-piece flow, pull production, activities and processes integrating lean, and Six Sigma • Understand your company’s improvement potential – and how you stack up versus your industry and the ideal Day Two lean company • Lean production system • How to rally the organization around improvement objectives –– Change over reduction methods • How to sequence for your improvement activities –– Production smoothing and mixed-model production • How to leverage lean as a strategy for innovation, differentiation, and growth –– Material management by using pull, LeanSigma™ value chainPricing • Simulation 3: Pull system, mixed models • Pricing available upon request • Developing a culture to sustain your gains • Business process kaizen • LeanSigma™ product development • Review of expectations • Getting started and recommendations for next steps The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 24 LSIOG Lean as a Strategy for+91.124.437.5995 | Improving Operations – Garment On-site Workshop
  26. 26. Client Case StudiesElectricity Management Product ManufacturingClientGenus Power Infrastructures Ltd. manufactures electronic “ ose first projects really helped Thenergy meters, electricity infrastructure products, hybrid everyone understand what ourmicrocircuits, inverters, batteries, and uninterruptible customer requirements actuallypower supplies. are. Understanding the takt time, rate of production requiredChallenge to meet customer demand, helped us allocate people basedGenus Power’s rapid sales growth was outpacing thecompany’s production capacity, which undermined its on a need basis. That conceptmarket position and caused it to lose some orders. Also, triggered some tremendousits product development processes were too slow to keep changes.”up with market innovation demands. R. S. Rathore, General Manager ofSolution Research and Development, GenusGenus started working with TBM Consulting Group, implement LeanSigma™ tools and practices. Starting withseveral highly focused kaizen events, the methodology hastouched every area of the company and transformedthe culture.ResultsAverage product costs have been reduced 15-20%, outputdoubled in the same floorspace, new products are beinglaunched in half the time, and revenues have grown five-fold, capturing an estimated 22% of the Indian market forits products. The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 25+91.124.437.5995 | CASE STUDY
  27. 27. Client Case StudiesAccellent Creates a Culture of Continuous ImprovementClientAccellent is a provider of integrated outsourced manufacturing and “ e were able to show the Wengineering services to the medical device industry. The companyprovides design and engineering services, precision component customer the difference onfabrication, finished-device assembly and supply chain management. the plant floor right away. After they saw how we wereChallenge doing lean, they became a big believer, and weAccellent benefited from the Six Sigma blackbelt training it started started getting new productin 2006, but company leaders suspected that the potential for greaterperformance lay dormant in its hardworking teams at 17 facilities. So proposals coming our way.”they began to search for a more holistic approach to training, one that Joe Panebianco,would create a lasting culture of continuous improvement throughout Director –the enterprise. The TBM Institute for Operational ExcellenceSolutionPartner with TBM’s Institute for Operational Excellence, planning aseries of eight-week on-site training modules to help build a culture ofcontinuous improvement. The Institute’s team works on: • leadership development • value stream mapping • kaizen training and implementation • certification training • visual systems creation • daily metrics monitoring plansResultsAccellent achieved over $1.7 million in cost savings during the first fivemonths of continuous improvement training. The TBM Institute for Operational Excellence 26+91.124.437.5995 | CASE STUDY