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Professional and Academic Portfolio:
• About Dr. Gillespie
• Professional Snapshot
• Scholarly Published Books
• Moodle: Course Content, Design and Delivery
• Core Competencies and
 Domain Expertise
• Key Accomplishments
• Digital Media Development, Design and Architecture
• Digital Media Plan, Layout and Deployment
• Finance, Raised > $3M
• Waterfall vs. Agile
• Project, Program and Portfolio Management
• Dashboard Examples
• High Level Timeline
• Visualization & Planning
• Project Plan
• Test Plan Views
• Work Breakdown
• Brainstorming Session
• Methodologies: Waterfall, Spiral and Agile
• Influence & Relationships
• Motivation vs. Demotivation
• Motion Picture Film Work
• Select Conferences in Attendance
• Specialty Training Received
• Specialty Certification: CISSP®
• Graduate-level coursework at the Masters and Doctoral level
• Letters of Recommendation
• Success in Partnership

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Professional and Academic Portfolio

  1. 1. Seth J. Gillespie, Ph.D. 
 Professional and Academic Portfolio 2016
  2. 2. Table of Contents Portfolio About Dr. Gillespie Professional Snapshot LMS: Course Content, Design and Delivery Core Competencies and
 Domain Expertise Key Accomplishments Digital Media Development, Design and Architecture Digital Media Plan, Layout and Deployment Published Infographics Waterfall vs. Agile Project, Program and Portfolio Management Dashboard Examples High Level Timeline Visualization & Planning Project Scheduling Test Plan: Mindmapping Work Breakdown Brainstorming Session Methodologies: Waterfall, Spiral and Agile Influence & Relationships Motivation vs. Demotivation Motion Picture Film Work Select Conferences in Attendance Specialty Training Received Specialty Certifications Graduate-level coursework at the Masters and Doctoral level Leadership Style Letters of Recommendation Books Published Success in Partnership
  3. 3. About Dr. Gillespie Dr. Gillespie is a popular educator, speaker, lecturer and subject matter expert in the field of IT Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Organizational Management, and large-scale Information Technology infrastructure projects, programs and portfolios, possessing over 20 years of real-world experience. In addition to speaking engagements, he has participated as a noted exam writer for numerous CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) and PMI (Project Management Institute) certifications. Gillespie earned a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Organization and Management, specializing in Information Technology Management, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Technology Management, a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and a Minor in Economics. In addition he holds PMP® (Project Management Professional), PMI-ACP® (Agile Certified Practitioner), CSM® (Certified ScrumMaster), ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and CISSP® (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) credentials. In his free time, Gillespie enjoys traveling and assisting in social-justice causes benefiting under-served groups worldwide.
  4. 4. About: Download for additional background ResumeCV
  5. 5. Professional Snapshot EXPERIENCE SUMMARY • 19+ years, Program Management (Fortune 500 Companies) • 17+ years, Data Center Management • 15+ years, Project, Portfolio and Program Management • 15+ years, Senior IT Manager (Public, Private, Non-Profit) • 10+ years, IT Staff Management • 4+ years, Systems Engineer
  6. 6. LMS: Course Content, Design and Delivery (Learning Outcomes) Source:
  7. 7. LMS: Course Content, Design and Delivery (Moodle)
  8. 8. LMS: Course Content, Design and Delivery (Asynchronous Video)
  9. 9. LMS: Course Content, Design and Delivery (Lecture/Course)
  10. 10. Core Teaching Competencies / Domain Expertise / Subject Matter Expert Human Relations Managing People Project Management Operations Management International Business Management Consulting Information Technology Managerial Communication Marketing Management Branding
  11. 11. Core Teaching Competencies / Domain Expertise / Subject Matter Expert Technology Management Entrepreneurship Communication Team Building and Collaboration Forecasting Digital Media and Content Management Digital Marketing and Strategy Social Media Finance Operations
  12. 12. Key Accomplishments: Apple and Lucasfilm LTD Responsible for new market entry for Apple Pay creating surprise and delight for millions of future customers.“Within just two days of Apple Pay finally launching in China on Feb. 18, 2016 Chinese shoppers activated 3 million payment cards within the mobile wallet.”— China Merchants Bank Responsible for on-schedule and on-budget relocation for new, purpose-built company data center and IT systems, including, from San Rafael, CA to new data center in The Presidio of San Francisco, CA; management included a risk management plan for migration, resulting in risk avoidance.
  13. 13. Lucasfilm Developer and De-Bug Kit setups LEC Developer Kit (fewer of): XBox PC (with emulator card) cable Special Console port Standard Ethernet port Cat6 Cat6 LEC De-Bug Kit (more of): Xbox Playstation Special Console port Cat6 TV (optional) TV (standard) Digital Media — Development, Design and Architecture Xbox® PlayStation® Interconnect Matrix Patch Panel From “Switch” to Server” (within LDAC Server Room) Switch Services Loop Server Within Cabnet Interconnect Design Seth J. Gillespie Seth J. Gillespie
  14. 14. Digital Media — Plan, Layout and Deployment: San Francisco Seth oversaw and managed Lucasfilm’s Digital Media migration project from San Rafael to the Presidio in San Fransisco.
  15. 15. Key Accomplishments: Park Ave District Plan and Pixar Seth collaborated with Pixar and other businesses while taking input from the public within his role as Chairman of the Park Avenue District Advisory Committee for the City of Emeryville, California. The resulting plan was funded and successfully implemented a multi-million dollar capital improvement program delighting and benefiting thousands.
  16. 16. Published Infographics
  17. 17. Project, Program and Portfolio Management Consider Triple Constraint
  18. 18. Dashboard Examples (Executive)(Calendar)
  19. 19. Waterfall vs. Agile AgileWaterfall Agile
  20. 20. High Level Timeline (Multi-phase)
  21. 21. Visualization & Planning (Isometric)(Flat)
  22. 22. Project Scheduling: Critical Chain vs. Critical Path (Critical Path Analysis)
  23. 23. Test Plan: Mindmapping (Collapsed) (Exploded)
  24. 24. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  25. 25. Brainstorming Session (Collaborative White Board)
  26. 26. Methodology: Waterfall • Phases – A project is composed of a series of distinct phases • Milestones – Each phase concludes with a milestone • Deliverables – Milestones usually represent the delivery of something physical (a document, a program, etc) • Unidirectionality– Once each phase is finished and its milestone achieved, it is normally not repeated
  27. 27. Methodology: Spiral • Prototypes – rapid development of partial nonfunctional sample systems that can easily be refined • Client Feedback – prototypes are shown to clients early and often for review and refinement • Rapid Cycles – time intervals between client feedback and integration is short • Flexibility – this approach is designed to be highly responsive to changes
  28. 28. Methodology: Agile • Customer satisfied by rapid, continuous delivery of useful software • Working software is delivered frequently (weeks rather than months) • Working software is the principal measure of progress • Even late changes in requirements are welcomed • Close, daily cooperation between business people and developers • Face-to-face conversation is the best form of communication • Projects are built around motivated individuals, who are selected for being trustworthy • Continuous attention to technical excellence and incremental improvements • Simplicity, self-organizing teams, regular adaptation to changing circumstances
  29. 29. Influence and Relationships Models (Influence) (Relationships)
  30. 30. Motivation vs. Demotivation Factors Motivation Factors • Select wisely • Manage meaning • Communicate significance • Engender interdependence • Control resource availability • Have a clear start and end Demotivation Factors • Exclusion from decision making • Inconsistency • Excessive monitoring • Focus on tasks, not goals • Unqualified evaluation • Misaligned external motivators • Artificial deadlines • Organizational disinterest • Team without skills
  31. 31. Motion Picture Film Work Seth is an accomplished Digital Media consultant, having worked on numerous Hollywood films and partnered one-on-one with Academy Award winning Director Oliver Stone, including work on-set including Nixon and U-Turn. In those films he met with Anthony Hopkins, Joan Allen, Nick Nolte and Jennifer Lopez among others in the craft. In addition, Seth was a special guest on the set of Swordfish,  met with John Travolta, the creator of The Matrix “rotoscope effect” and met with Hugh Jackman between scenes and consulting work. In recent years, Seth was an Executive Producer on two films, Blue Like Jazz and Life Is Better released in 2016.
  32. 32. Select Conferences in Attendance Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (Siggraph) Los Angles, CA Edward Tufte: Presenting Data and Information Santa Clara, CA Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) Los Angeles, CA Computer Dealers Exhibition (COMDEX) Chicago, IL Star Wars X-Wing® reproduction at SIGGRAPH
  33. 33. Specialty Training Received: Apple University Categories of Impact Interviewing and Hiring the Best Company Culture Effective Communication Writing and Editing for Action
  34. 34. Specialty Certifications: PMP®, PMI-ACP®, CSM®, ITIL®, CISSP® Certified Information Systems Security Professional Seth Gillespie Wim Remes - Chairperson Jennifer Minella - Secretary Printed on: 8/27/2016Verify Member is in good standing at: 573231 Certification Number 7/31/2019 Expiration Date Certified Since: 2016 SETH GILLESPIE ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management 19 Jul 2012 GR750030946SG 9980054656299575 Printed on 28 May 2016 N/A THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT Seth J Gillespie H A S B E E N F O R M A L LY E VA L U AT E D F O R D E M O N S T R AT E D E X P E R I E N C E , K N O W L E D G E A N D P E R F O R M A N C E I N A C H I E V I N G A N O R G A N I Z AT I O N A L O B J E C T I V E T H R O U G H D E F I N I N G A N D O V E R S E E I N G P R O J E C T S A N D RESOURCES AND IS HEREBY BESTOWED THE GLOBAL CREDENTIAL Project Management Professional IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, WE HAVE SUBSCRIBED OUR SIGNATURES UNDER THE SEAL OF THE INSTITUTE JSLO I/- !%^fc<■AA^r M/Vu^JLa m 3w« seal &mi <4a& 1969 ^'S^ Steven V. DelGrosso • Chair, Board of Directors Mark A. Langley • President and Chief KecutivVofficer PMP* Number 215557 PMP®Original Grant Dale 11 February 2005 PMP -Expiration Date 10 February 2021 # ; MUMinniiUJy f t MKmm
  35. 35. Graduate-level coursework at the Masters and Doctoral level
  36. 36. Leadership Style (Holistic) (Strategic)
  37. 37. Letters of Recommendation (additional letters on request) June 29, 2016 RE: Recommendation for Seth Gillespie Although my exposure to Seth has been limited to academic activities, PhD residency meetings, and as the mentor for his dissertation study, I found him to be a very focused and dedicated individual. His work was always timely, well focused, and met or exceeded all academic requirements and residency assessments. His writing ability is above average. Seth also established a wonderful rapport with his colleagues, engaging them in scholarly discussions resulting in excellent and thought provoking outcomes that enabled more effective solutions to vexing problems encountered during their dissertation research effort. Seth is an excellent leader and collaborator and would undoubtedly become an outstanding educator. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Seth for a faculty position – I am certain that he will perform in an exemplary manner. Sincerely, PhD, CCP, PMP Lead Core Faculty – Project Management/IT Residency Lead Capella University 225 South Sixth Street Minneapolis, MN 55402 612-977-6118               June 27, 2016    To whom it may concern,     It would be my pleasure to recommend Seth J. Gillespie, Ph.D. as an                          adjunct instructor at your institution. I have worked with Seth in a professional                          setting, starting in 2016, including educational book publishing and other                    academic projects.     In particular, I am impressed by his humanitarian work and experience in                        dealing with multicultural audiences which makes him a great fit for adult                        education. Seth’s impressive and extensive background make him a good fit for                        adult learnings in particular. If you have any questions about Seth or his abilities,                            please feel free to reach me by e­mail below.    Sincerely,        Dawn D. Boyer, Ph.D.    CEO, Consultant, Author  D. Boyer Consulting   757­404­8300 
  38. 38. Scholarly Books Published
  39. 39. Success in Partnership + = Your Organization