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Lets Get Real About Angel Investing Presentation for BSW16 Boulder Startup Week 2016

Seth Levine talks candidly about Angel Investing on a national and local scale for BSW16 Boulder Startup Week 2016. He shares some stories and data on Foundry Group's FG Angel Syndicate experiment and thoughts on what the Angel Ecosystem as a whole can do better.

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Lets Get Real About Angel Investing Presentation for BSW16 Boulder Startup Week 2016

  1. 1. Lets Get Real About Angel Investing Seth Levine @sether
  2. 2. Join the Conversation #BSW16 @sether
  3. 3. @sether US Angel Funding Trends
  4. 4. @sether *Estimated *
  5. 5. @sether Colorado Seed Funding Trends
  6. 6. @sether
  7. 7. @sether
  8. 8. @sether Denver vs. Boulder
  9. 9. @sether 602 Total CO deals since 2000 173 Seed X Angel Average Size of Angel + Seed + Deals: $748,145 What stage(s): Angel + seed + convertible Historical Investing in CO
  10. 10. @sether Seed Stage in CO ~
  11. 11. @sether FG Angels
  12. 12. @sether FG Angels # of Deals per Month Source: FG Angel Data
  13. 13. @sether FG Angels Review ★ Number of investments: 66 ★ Average syndicate investment: $289K ★ Largest syndicate investment: $785k ★ Total number of syndicate investors: 582 ★ Total number syndicate investments: 3,744 Source: FG Angel Data
  14. 14. @sether FG Angels Review ★ Average # of deals participated in: 16 ★ Most common # of deals participated in: 59 ★ # of investors who have participated in at least half of FG Angels deals: 25 ★ Most active syndicate member investment total: $1,097,112 in 63 deals Source: FG Angel Data
  15. 15. @sether FG Angels Review ★ Total $’s raised through FG Angels: $16.49M ★ Avg debt cap: $4.96M ★ Avg valuation $4.7M ★ % of investments with a female co-founder: ~25% Source: FG Angel Data
  16. 16. @sether FG Angels Goals: ✓ Understand AngelList and Syndicates ✓ Experiment with seed investments outside of FG themes ✓ Extend our network ✓ Generate economic returns
  17. 17. @sether ✓ Reinforced that Angel investing is a lot about gut (more than analysis) ✓ Ability to move quickly was critical ✓ Most Angels are unorganized and followers ✓ Many deals fail -> diversification is important ✓ Typical angels approach the market completely wrong FG Angels Outcome | Observations
  18. 18. @sether History of Angel Investing in Colorado
  19. 19. @sether As an ecosystem we can do better
  20. 20. @sether Too scattered Too much process Too many gate keepers We’re not putting entrepreneurs first
  21. 21. @sether More transparency Be visible Be authentic Angel’s mentoring Angel’s
  22. 22. @sether Don’t over-educate $10K is not a lot of money Dedicate capital
  23. 23. @sether Diversify Have Fun
  24. 24. @sether You are not the market
  25. 25. @sether We are especially bad at supporting women and diversity in Technology and Entrepreneurship
  26. 26. @sether
  27. 27. @sether This deck is on SlideShare and can be viewed at:
  28. 28. Questions? @sether
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