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Data Capture Market of 2014 - Navigating Competitive Landscape


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This session provides a deeper understanding of 2014 Data Capture market and makes it easy for you to navigate the world of competing vendors, products and prices. We will also take a deeper look and understand the strengths and competitive advantages of Oracle Capture and Oracle Forms Recognition

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Data Capture Market of 2014 - Navigating Competitive Landscape

  1. 1. REMINDER Check in on the COLLABORATE mobile app DATA CAPTURE MARKET OF 2014 Dmitri Khanine Sr. Architect ECM Solutions Navigating competitive landscape
  2. 2. Welcome to Session 609! ■ Data Capture Market – Leaders and Major Trends ■ Data Capture Vendor Selection Patterns ■ Understanding components of a Data Capture Solution ▪ Scanning, Extraction, Manipulation, Managing ■ Other common traps ■ Oracle Data Capture Tools
  3. 3. Data Capture Market of 2014 ■ Data Capture Market to grow by 12.3% from 2012 to 2016 (According to MRI)
  4. 4. Market Leaders – Image Processing ■ Kofax ■ EMC Captiva ■ IBM Datacap ■ Knowledge Lake
  5. 5. Market Leaders - ECM ▪ Microsoft ▪ Hyland Software ▪ Open Text ▪ Lexmark Perceptive Software
  6. 6. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for ECM
  7. 7. Vendor Selection Patterns ■ Go with the leader ▪ ―Nobody was fired for hiring IBM‖ vs. ■ Look for a good match ▪ Dig deeper and find a good match overall vs. ■ Save money ▪ ―Penny wise...‖ trap
  8. 8. Finding a perfect match
  9. 9. How to find a perfect Data Capture Solution? ■ Ignore: ▪ "Fastest" ▪ "Rich in features" ▪ "World leading― ▪ "Multi-function" ■ Instead: ▪ Understand the internals of a Document Capture Solution
  10. 10. Understanding Document Capture ■ Begin with your content life cycle ▪ Scanning ▪ Extraction ▪ Image Management
  11. 11. Volume Considerations ■ 50 scanned documents per week vs. 100,000 documents per week require different solutions! ■ Peak or irregular workloads ■ With low volumes almost any scanner would do ▪ MFP ▪ Desktop scanners ■ High volumes require different scanners
  12. 12. Image Enhancements ■ Important when smart phones and other devices are used to capture image ■ Various image enhancements available: ▪ De-skew, De-speckle, Shadow removal ... ■ Many products offer them: ▪ Kofax Vrtual ReScan, Oracle Capture ... ■ Need to be careful using them with legal documents
  13. 13. Other factors ■ Paper separation and double feed detection ■ Possible paper jams detection ■ Detection of paper clips and staples ■ Your operating conditions ▪ High humidity may cause a lot more double feeds...
  14. 14. Other Intake Mechanisms ■ Import feature in the software will let you bring them into your extraction stage without having to print and re-scan them ■ Applies to documents coming from: ▪ Email attachments ▪ Shared Drives ▪ Fax
  15. 15. Data Extraction ■ Critical question: "What information do you wish to extract?― ▪ Full page ▪ Just a small area: i.e. invoice number ▪ A number of data fields ▪ Text or graphical information – i.e. engineering drawings ■ Complexity of your extraction requirements will define the capabilities of your extraction software ■ Volumes
  16. 16. Types of documents ■ What types of documents will you handle? ▪ One type ▪ Small number of types ▪ Diverse types of documents ▪ A mixed bag of different document types in one batch
  17. 17. Extraction intelligence ■ Do you require custom business logic applied at extraction time? ▪ Database lookups ▪ Validate against lists of values ▪ Custom processing logic ■ Some tools like Oracle Capture and Oracle Forms Recognition offer full set of API for custom extraction time logic...
  18. 18. Image Management ■ What happens once image is captured and information extracted? ▪ Version control ▪ Indexing ▪ Content Management ▪ Distribution ▪ Cleansing ▪ Publishing ▪ Search ▪ Retention
  19. 19. Image Annotations ■ Do you require watermarking and image augmentation as part of your workflow? ▪ WebCenter Imaging is of the tools that provides these features ▪ Watermarks must not be applied to the original image
  20. 20. Record and Retention Management ■ Flag outdated content for deletion or archiving ■ Manage physical and electronic records ■ Ensure regulatory compliance ■ Implement complex processing rules ■ Consider Oracle WebCenter Records!
  21. 21. Licensing Considerations ■ Be sure to consider: ▪ Per document charges — Kofax is known to charge per document for it’s scanning and capture solutions — Solution gets progressively expensive as volumes grow! ▪ Reseller pricing — Sometimes it is more cost effective to deal with reseller then company themselves
  22. 22. Other common traps ■ Switching vendors without due analysis ▪ Do your homework on why are you switching: — Lack of features? — Delivery issue? — Other reasons?
  23. 23. Business Requirements ■ Tighten your requirements ▪ Apply 80/20 rule ▪ Capture solutions can get expensive ▪ Consider scaling up gradually ■ “One BA with a pen outsmarts 20 developers with latest computers"
  24. 24. Oracle Data Capture Tools
  25. 25. Oracle Capture ■ Excels at: ▪ Image Enhancements, ▪ Flexible import tools, ▪ Manually assisted indexing ▪ Generation of searchable PDF/A ■ Documents can be fed into WebCenter Content or WebCenter Imaging for: ▪ Image manipulations ▪ image-centric workflows ▪ Full document management capabilities
  26. 26. Image Enhancements in Oracle Capture
  27. 27. Manual Assisted Indexing
  28. 28. Oracle Capture – Real Life Stories ■ Dramatic productivity improvements with adding OCR and mapped fields as opposed to manual check in ▪ About 3 min per document down to 33 seconds for one client ▪ 1.5 min to 22 seconds for another ■ See whitepaper for full client stories
  29. 29. Oracle Forms Recognition ■ Excels at: ▪ Automatically recognizing and extracting large number of document types — Header information and line items — Applying custom validation ▪ Large volume unattended processing ▪ Integration with EBS, PeopleSoft and Oracle WebCenter
  30. 30. Forms Recognition ■ Verifier – Exception Processing Screen:
  31. 31. OFR e-Business Suite integration ▪ Extracted information sent to EBS ▪ The document available from within the EBS as attachment:
  32. 32. Oracle End To End Capture Solutions ■ Seamless integration: ▪ Scanning and Import ▪ Image Enhancements ▪ Data Extraction ▪ Content management
  33. 33. Conclusion
  34. 34. Conclusion ■ Data Capture market is growing and so is number of choices ■ Be smart when designing your data capture solution: ▪ Don’t let complexity and hype influence your decisions ▪ Consider using this slide deck as your check list ▪ If you have Oracle products – consider staying with Oracle first!
  35. 35. About Us ■ ECM Solutions does ▪ Oracle WebCenter Implementation, Support and Training ■ We also ▪ Help you ―Awe Your Business Users‖ with Dynamic User Interfaces ■ Check for real life user stories
  36. 36. Please complete the session evaluation on the mobile app We appreciate your feedback and insight This box will have simplified instructions about how to complete the session evaluation online
  37. 37. THANK YOU!