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  1. 1. Austria entered The European Unionin 1995.Austria uses the euro as its currency.
  2. 2. Vienna is locatedat the north westof Austria.Vienna is thecapital city. Austria is located in the centre south of Europe.
  3. 3. This is the flag of Austria. The flaghas two red straight lines and a white straight line in the middle.
  4. 4. The population of Austria is 8,4million people and the area is 83,855 squared kilometers.
  5. 5. In Austria, the euro wasintroduced as an accountingcurrency on 1 January 1999, andeuro coins and banknotesentered circulation on 1 January2002. As a preparation for thisdate, the minting of the neweuro coins started as early as1999, however all Austrian eurocoins introduced in 2002 havethis year on it; unlike othercountries of the Eurozone wheremint year is minted in the coin
  6. 6. German is Austria´s official language and isspoken nativily by 88.6 % of the population, Turkish by (2.3%),Serbian by (2.2%),Croatian by (1.6%), Hungarian by (0.5%),Bosnian by (0.4%) and Slovenian by (0.3%)
  7. 7. Mozart was born in Austria.COSTUMES for men: a shirt with shorttrousers, long socks, shoes, tie, hatand a vest.For woman: a shirt with a dress, longsocks and shoes and a apron.
  8. 8. Apple strudel is a kind of sweet or savoury layered pastry with an apple filling inside,Millirahmstrudel:milk - cream strudel (a drink ).Eierschwammerl also know as Pfifferling are native yellow, tan mushrooms.
  9. 9. Wolfang Amadeus Mozart(27 January1756 – 5 December 1791) , was aprolific and influential composer ofthe Classic era. He composed 600works, many acknowledged aspinnades of symphonic, concertante,chamber, operatic and choral music. Mozart showed prodigious abilityfrom his earlist childhood inSalzburg.Already competent onkeyboard and violin, he composedfrom the age of five and preformedbefore European royality.At 17, he wasengaged as a court musican inSalzburg. During his final years inVienna, he composed many of his best–know syphonic concertos.