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  1. 1. Web 2.0 Tools The 4 C’s for 21st Century skills Marcia Bernard The Bement School April 12, 2013
  2. 2. The 4 C’sCreativityCritical thinkingcommunicationcollaboration Partnership for 21st Century Skills
  3. 3. Fast, fun, Free*(mostly) Multiple uses? Appealing to a range of ages? Easily Shareable? Ability to learn in 30 minutes or less? Educational accounts? Ad Free?
  4. 4. Where to find them?Freetech4teachers.com (Richard Byrne)edutopiatwitterlarry ferlazzo --English Language learnershttp://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org
  5. 5. Web 2.0 Tools
  6. 6. animoto.comCreate polished music videosupload photos or picturesadd textchoose musicShare
  7. 7. skype.comConnect to authorsExpertsstudents around the worlddo authentic research
  8. 8. bitly.com and Ow.lyTurn this:http://www.amazon.com/Apple-MD528LL-MD528E- Wi-Fi-Black/dp/B00746W3HG/ref=sr_1_1? ie=UTF8&qid=1365292782&sr=8- 1&keywords=ipad+miniinto this:http://amzn.to/12vAP8u
  9. 9. diigo.comBookmark websites on any computertags make it searchableorganize by classAdd highlighting and sticky notes
  10. 10. wordle.net Word cloud creator Biographies Analyze text or historical documents identify key concepts
  11. 11. bighugelabs.comFun things to do with photostrading cardspostersmosaicjigsaw puzzles and more
  12. 12. padlet.comInteractive bulletin boardadd text, links, photosorganize, Collaborate http://padlet.com/wall/imp0pkms5h
  13. 13. www.edcanvas.comVery Nifty lesson planning toolhttp://edcvs.co/16ETyAS
  14. 14. storybird.comA new literacy tool for a new generationhttp://storybird.com/books/short-stories-from-the-imaginati
  15. 15. prezi.comDynamic presentaiton toolalternative to powerpointhttp://prezi.com/ufnrer-swszq/typography/
  16. 16. popplet.com Collect text, images and movies Share and Collaborate in real time http://popplet.com/app/#/928087
  17. 17. My story Makerhttp://www.carnegielibrary.org/kids/storymaker/embed.cfm Digital storytelling for young children
  18. 18. Evernote.com
  19. 19. piclits.comInspired picture writingdrag and drop or freestyle Writing
  20. 20. fotobabble.com Add voice to your photos http://bit.ly/10TnVA1
  21. 21. slideshare.net share your powerpoint presentations online vast library of presentations on all kinds of topics
  22. 22. piktochart.cominfogr.aminfographics creatorsDisplay research findings visually
  23. 23. Printwhatyoulike.com Need to print a webpage? Clean it up! print only the parts you want
  24. 24. voicethread.comCollaborative, interactive, multimedia slide showCan display images, videos, documentsComment through voice or texthttps://voicethread.com/? - u572924.b2314833.i1226755
  25. 25. docsteach.orgA must see for Social Studies and History Teachersfrom the National archivesInteractive lessons using primary documentscreate your own activities
  26. 26. Wikispaces/pbworksEasy to use wiki softwareUse as a website, organizer or student spacehttps://bementinfolit.pbworks.com/w/page/58194747/FrontPagehttps://bementlibrary.wikispaces.com/home
  27. 27. Watchknowlearn.orgLibrary of Educational videosorganized by subject
  28. 28. Wolfram AlphaA different type of search enginePerform calculations
  29. 29. zooburst.comcreate an interactive 3-d popup bookhttp://www.zooburst.com/book/zb03_5161f6ce18c2e
  30. 30. Zamzar.comFile conversion toolconverts documents, video, audio filesFast and easy
  31. 31. Stellar websites Best of the best lesson plans resource libraries
  32. 32. Chemeddl.orgall things chemistry
  33. 33. Iluminations.nctm.org Resources for teaching math k-12 Lesson plans, games, interactives Dynamic Paper
  34. 34. Free.ed.govA rich library of resources from federal agenciesAcross all subject areasanimations, primary documents, photos, video andmore
  35. 35. smithsonianeducation.org resources for educators, students and families art, science, nature, math, history, culture, people and places and more
  36. 36. fossweb.comscience resources and activitiesgrades K-8
  37. 37. amnh.org/explore/ology The Museum’s science website for kids fun games and interactives
  38. 38. Thinkfinity.org• Searchable lessons across the curriculum• Interactives• K-12
  39. 39. A Few more....
  40. 40. Type to Learn 4engaging touch typing programk-12Installed in the lab with a home download available
  41. 41. Comic Life 2 installed on the Macs Comic creation software integrates with iPhoto Applications for all ages and subjects
  42. 42. Noodletools.com (School subscription to this online tool)Academic research support toolsBibliographyNotetakingoutlining
  43. 43. You made it to the end!Thank you!Explore and have fun