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18.S To S


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Significance of saffron color.

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18.S To S

  1. 1. From SUIT to SAFFRON One of my very close friends who would meet me occasionally recently asked me why I shifted from Suit to Saffron colored attire. Because we had intimacy he took liberty to ask me and I replied thus. I lived my full and enjoyed all materialistic pains and pleasures and as a part of it I would use suit on certain occasions. Now after my vol. retirement, which is purely voluntary, now I have freedom to do what I really want to do. Because I like saffron color, just like any other color, I started using that colored robes slowly. Wearing saffron color dress should not mean, I took to ‘Sanyas’. In fact, as my knowledge goes, Sanyasis have not patented that colored dress, nor we need to pay any Royalty for wearing saffron color dress. It is just your liking. That is all. Many of us do not know why certain persons use saffron color dress. It has special power of repelling NEGETIVE ENERGY. Saffron color has special quality of keeping your AURA cleansed every moment of all negative energy around you. You may even try this. If not saffron colored pancha (lungi) and jubba, you may even use saffron colored T- shirts, and keep observing how the day was for you. It is of utmost important that we should not judge a person by his mere looks. Well dressed people are less often well mannered. Not all those wear good dress, show good manners and dignity. Nowadays even criminals / terrorists use flights, use cars and wear suit. You might have read in newspapers that in five star hotels security were beefed up after Mumbai firing. Means what? One pathetic condition in India is that Saffron color is ‘Politicized’. All those who criticize Saffron color have forgotten that Saffron color is part our National flag. Criticizing Saffron color amount to criticizing our National flag, and I wonder why in India criticizing saffron is an offence. On that account, should it mean all those who wear green color dress belong to one particular sect? Colors should be viewed as colors only. Let us understand character of each colors and avail the benefits if any. Karanam’s Iifinity®