1 yourlifeisnotagame


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1 yourlifeisnotagame

  1. 1. Remember ....
  3. 3. Hello myname is Gigiand I´m from Italy!In this comic I play ahusband frommore than one wife.
  4. 4. Hi my name isMiriana and I’m from Italy! In this comic I play a sisterfrom Gigi’s first wife.
  5. 5. Hello my name isJoselyne andI come from Spain!In this comic I play a secretary
  6. 6. Hello my name isPamela andI come from Spain! In thiscomic I play the secondwife of Gigi
  7. 7. Hello my name isJessica and I come from Germany.In this comic I play wife number 1!
  8. 8. Hello my name is Leda and I come from Spain.In this comic I play a sportsgirl
  9. 9. Hello my nameis Yvonne and I come from Germany! In this comic I play a serious lawyer.
  10. 10. I am studying my finals exams.I’m a good student
  11. 11. I’m so happyBecause I’veGot myDIPLOMA.
  12. 12. Oh myGod!!
  13. 13. I can’t believe it!
  14. 14. Of courseWill you my love marry me?
  15. 15. You are the perfectYou are man the oneand only
  16. 16. But I’ma player..a playboy
  17. 17. What will youdo tomorrow? My father is in the hospital
  18. 18. If you know that’s a lie... Ooh! I’mSorry...
  19. 19. ...But I metanother girl!!!
  20. 20. I have to Do you work want to come with
  21. 21. The EndSee You in Germany In 3 months’time