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What's your excuse


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Published in: Career
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What's your excuse

  1. 1. LOGOWHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE? Olusesan Oshat Principal Consultant Palm’s Worth Consult No man is ever Worthless
  2. 2. EXCUSE DEFINEDI will try to examine excuses under the following;Excuses is trying to remove blame from oneself or certain actions taken.It is also to condone
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION TO EXCUSESOne of the most common reasons people fail to achieve their set goals and objectives is EXCUSES. You and I know that if we want to achieve anything in life we must take full responsibility and not make excuses for none performance. Napoleon Hill once said; There are no limitations except those you acknowledge. Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.
  4. 4. WHY DO WE MAKE EXCUSES 1. Cover Non-Performance 2. To Avoid Responsibility 3. To Aid Laziness 4. Cover Up Lies 5. Fear of Failing
  5. 5. Excuses and FailureFAILURE CHANGES PEOPLE: Failure will Sub title never leave you the same, it either leaves you flat on the ground or becomes your stepping stone to greatness.FAILURE IS AN EVENT: Event are past or present occurrence caused by man directly or indirectly. Man have power to influence how event happen and form of its occurrence
  6. 6. Excuses and Failure Cntd.FAILURE IS AN EXPERIENCE: It is often said that experience is the best tutor, failure should help man learn from his/her actions.FAILURE IS Success in Disguise: The spring board to man’s success is Failure. Isaiah 9: 10FAILURE IS Never Final: Failing should never be your Full stop to life but your full start in life. ‘Successful people are Ex-losers who got tired of losing and simply shifted ground’ Micah 7:8
  7. 7. LOGO Thank you all! No man is ever Worthless