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Weather vocabulary


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Some vocabulary and expressions to ask and talk about the weather

Published in: Education
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Weather vocabulary

  1. 1. Weather is a great conversation for Trains or lifts ● “ Good morning, nice day isn't it?” ^-^ ● “ Good morning, lovely day isn't it?” ^-^ ● “ Ow God! it's raining cats and dogs!”
  2. 2. WATCH OUT FOR THE ADJECTIVES!!!!!!! RAIN It is rainy SUN It is sunny WIND It is windy CLOUD It is coudy FOG It is foggy SNOW It is snowy Icons: Copyright (c) 2008-2015 Enthropia Inc All graphics are released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.
  3. 3. -10-10 -5-5 00 +5+5 +10+10 +15+15 +20+20 +25+25 +30+30 It’sIt’s freezingfreezing ! It’sIt’s veryvery coldcold ! It’s coldIt’s cold. It’s chilly !It’s chilly ! It’s warm.It’s warm. It’sIt’s veryvery warmwarm ! It’s hot !It’s hot ! It’sIt’s boilingboiling !