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Tips and trends for Living Longer

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Antennae Living Longer

  2. 2. CONTENTS 12 FOCUS 07 Aging Nations 24 The world’s population is rapidly aging FEATURES 11 Mature Mobiles LIVING Universal design to help people stay connected LONGER 19 Silver Surfers The internet age has literally come of age 28 29 The new Gaming Generation This issue explores the global aging Gaming for the older generation mega trend, and how the older 33 Future Health for the Elderly demographics are not only living Innovative technologies in health care longer but also living more actively. SPOTLIGHTS 23 Vintage TV 34 27 Honda U3-X No.42 3|4 ANTENNAE
  3. 3. Opportunities exist for brands that can meet the changing needs of consumers as they age, developing solutions for the largest growing segment of the population. No.42 5|6 ANTENNAE
  4. 4. AGING Left: Today’s older generations are more active than ever NATIONS THE WORLD’S POPULATION IS RAPIDLY AGING In our lifetime we will have witnessed the doubling of the world’s population from 3 billion Not only are our lifespans in 1950 to 9.2 billion by 2050. Half of babies now born in the UK will reach 100, expected to increase, but The world’s population of older people is growing but our bodies are wearing out at the same rate. However, improvements in health and lifestyle so too is our healthy life at the fastest rate ever seen and the old will soon outnumber the young for the first time. Aging is as well as medical science, are resulting in many older people leading active and healthy lives for expectancy. Infirmity in affecting every country in every part of the world. many years over the age of 50. old age is arriving later, The number of people 65 and older is set to Whilst advances in medical science contribute occupying an ever-smaller double to 1.3 billion by 2040, accounting for to the fact that people are living longer, the 14% of the total global population. The US other factor is the changes we have seen in the portion of life after age 50 Census Bureau believe that globally people attitudes and lifestyles of the over-50s. The over aged over 65 will soon outnumber children aged 50s are not just actively concerned about health under five for the first time in history. However, – they are doing something about maintaining in England the number of 65s have outweighed it. The rise in active 50+s is key to the aging the number of under-fives for some time – this population. As an illustration of this, one in year by nearly three to one. seven runners in the 2010 London Marathon was over 50. By 2040, today’s developing countries are likely to be home to more than 1 billion people aged In addition to being more active, employment 65 and over, 76% of the projected world total. rates for people in their fifties have risen in the past decade. In the UK the government is Not only are our lifespans expected to increase, planning to scrap the default retirement age from but so too is our healthy life expectancy. Infirmity next year, resulting in people working for longer. in old age is arriving later, occupying an ever- This demographic will therefore have increased smaller portion of life after age 50. buying power. No.42 7|8 ANTENNAE
  5. 5. Right: Today there are two The number of people aged over pensioners for every child under 15 years old in Japan. By 2020 there will be three 80 will increase by 233% between 2008 and 2040. By 2041 in the UK, the over-80s will make up 8.8% of the total UK population – compared with 4.5% now. (US Census Bureau) In 2008, China had the largest number of elderly. But in proportion to population, it is Japan that has the biggest senior population in the world – 22% being over the age of 65. (US Census Bureau) By 2020 1.9 million people will celebrate their 65th birthdays each month. (Saga) By 2059 there will be 300,000 centenarians in the UK – a growth of 2600% from today. (Saga) As women are having babies later, parents are The burgeoning aging consumer segment increasingly supporting their children into later presents many opportunities for brands that life. In the UK the number of babies born to can develop products and services that meet The burgeoning aging women under 25 fell from 369,000 (47%) in 1971 to 180,700 in 2008 (25%). their changing needs and help them to continue enjoying their lifestyles later in life. consumer segment presents Whilst many politicians and economists talk of many opportunities for brands the challenges that an aging population presents us with, there are many new opportunities that can develop products that are presented to meet the needs of this and services that meet their burgeoning consumer segment. The result is that the older generation has shifted from their changing needs and help previous characteristics. They are tech savvy, have a higher disposable income, live more them to continue enjoying active lifestyles, live with their children for longer, amongst many other changing social aspects. their lifestyles later in life The blurring of the various stages in our lifecycle mean that older people are as varied as any other group in our society. In fact they may be even more diverse, as older people are more individual and less tribal, economics are more complex, disposable income and lifestyles varied, and health is a critical need. No.42 9 | 10 ANTENNAE
  6. 6. MATURE Left: In Japan phones designed for the senior market have a number of functions MOBILES Below: BT’s Home Hub is a prime example of inclusive design in the mainstream UNIVERSAL DESIGN TO HELP PEOPLE STAY CONNECTED Designing for people who find a regular mobile phone difficult to use making it easier for them to get in contact with friends and family, is potentially very lucrative With mobile phones getting smaller, buttons more fiddly and technology more baffling the elder population are becoming Ever since its debut in Japan in 2001, Fujitsu’s according to surrounding noise level. Enhanced increasingly isolated. Raku-Raku Phone series has been extremely ‘Read Aloud’ audibly announces the name of the popular, selling over 17.8 million units. It has caller or e-mail sender and provides audio readouts While the industry has been looking to younger helped develop a market where 85.9% of 60 of i-mode pages, while ‘Simple Mail Generation’ consumers with areas such as social networking, year olds now have a mobile phone, and 56.2% offers preset messages for quick replies to e-mails. dating and music, it has missed the generation of those are in their seventies (GF Net). Of these which has used communication to keep in touch consumers over half use mobile email, and one in Placing the Raku-Raku Phone 7 in its holder with friends, family and services for years. ten use mobile internet. activates the news window, which automatically A generation that is older, wealthier and does displays a slideshow of photos stored on the not expect all services to be free. Raku-Raku, meaning easy-to-use, is designed to mobile phone, acting as a digital photo frame. make communication and media more accessible Designing for people who find a regular mobile to senior citizens. In July Fujitsu released the new Another phone designed for the rapidly aging phone difficult to use making it easier for them version, introducing a one-touch access button Japanese market is the ZTE Softbank 840Z which to get in contact with friends and family, is to the i-mode mobile internet system. Users also was launched this month, and it has many of the potentially very lucrative. Approximately one third have access to a special website with carefully usual features found in a phone, but it also has a of over-65s currently don’t have a mobile phone selected information tailored to the needs of number of features designed for senior citizens. (Emporia), so there is a large opportunity to grow senior citizens, concerning information such Among the elderly friendly features are an SOS the size of the market. travel and gastronomic affairs. button that can be activated in an emergency, sending messages to a predefined list of contacts. Last month the Senior Mobile Market 2010 Special features include ‘Slow Voice’, which Swedish company Doro have also developed a Conference presented some of the solutions that improves comprehensibility through embedded mobile phone that has a built-in security system are on the market to the elderly population, and software that slows the other person’s voice for emergencies. One of the major selling points of they pointed to Japan where the senior mobile speed, and ‘Clear Voice’ noise-detection, which Emporia’s LifePlus phone is a big red button on the market is over ten years old. automatically adjusts voice and ringtone volume back with a heart on it – an emergency button that No.42 11 | 12 ANTENNAE
  7. 7. Below: Doro’s mobile phone with built-in security alarm on the reverse “Design for the young and you exclude the old; design for the old and you include the young.” Bernard Isaacs, founding Director of the Birmingham Centre for Applied Gerontology sounds an alarm and simultaneously dials an emergency number – which can be an elected friend or the emergency services. Emporia has been very successful with this phone, which might seem expensive for a monochrome phone with limited functionality compared to today’s smartphones, but to the older user the ability to see and use the phone is significantly more important than having features they don’t want. British company Geemarc is also working to appeal to Baby Boomers with the release of the Geemarc Clearsound CL8200. In addition to large buttons and a large screen with large fonts that enhance readability, the phone has an extra loud ringtone. Whereas a regular phone has a volume of 8 – 10 decibels this phone can be turned up as high as 25 decibels. A spokesman for Geemarc is quoted as saying “There is a real need for a phone that doesn’t look like a disability phone, but which is really simple to use” as modern phones can be very difficult to use if you are hard of hearing or are shortsighted, and tend to be too complicated. In addition the phone is compatible with hearing aids, making it an attractive proposition to the nine million who are deaf or hard of hearing in Britain (RNID). No.42 13 | 14 ANTENNAE
  8. 8. Far left: Emporia’s Elegance stylish mobile phone Left: Bea-fon S20 with SOS buton Approximately one third of over-65s currently don’t Below: have a mobile phone. Doro’s simple and functional phone with (Emporia) one-touch dialling Fujitsu’s Raku-Raku Phone series has been extremely popular, selling over 17.8 million units. In Japan 85.9% of 60 year olds now have a mobile phone, and 56.2% of those are in their seventies. (GF Net) Products for the elderly do not have to be It is important to get the design right – make it unfashionable, and in fact the elderly of today stylish and fashionable, as one thing is for certain are more interested in fashion than the is that we will all be in this target market one day. generations before them – they relate to The This section of the population are tech savvy Rolling Stones and Sterling Moss. As its name and trendy, and don’t wish to lose this once their suggests the Emporia Elegance is one of the senses begin to fade. In fact your sight is most most neat and stylish phones aimed at this acute at the age of 12, with a sharp drop in the market. Neither the design or the branding call ability to pull focus at 40. Since most people live attention to the ‘special needs’ of the target to twice that the aging population is not a small group, instead attracting a wider audience with niche, and developing solutions that are easy their inclusive design. to use and functional is a much wider audience than just the over 50s. As an illustration of successful inclusive design, BT have constantly strived to produce products Moreover, it is this section of the population that that respond to the demand for better, more have the most disposable income to spend on user-friendly communications products. The well designed premium products and services. latest example of this is their Home Hub, The Japanese market proves this with phones which is intuitive and simple for all consumers that offer elder users access to many functions disregarding their age. and services in an easy to use way. Although targeting elderly consumers may appear to be a niche segment, inclusive and universal design can make a product attractive to a wider audience. Many of the features such as crisp sound quality would be popular among a younger audience. No.42 15 | 16 ANTENNAE
  9. 9. Our perceptions of the elderly must change - they are more active, stylish, and tech savvy than many of us would believe. Focusing new products and services on this segment, rather than the young, could be extremely lucrative. No.42 17 | 18 ANTENNAE
  10. 10. SILVER SURFERS Left: 35% of bloggers are now over-45 (Technoratis) THE INTERNET AGE HAS LITERALLY COME OF AGE The older generations are more tech savvy than many younger generations would believe them to be. 18% of over- 60s regularly download music onto their MP3 players, and 16% of iPhone owners are over 50, making up part of the 74% of iPhone users are over the age of 25 (comScore). The internet is getting older – the medium itself is maturing the internet to do the grocery shopping, and 26% regularly other than children and grandchildren, 62% are connected but the audience is shifting towards an older age group. buy clothing. 47% of those surveyed said they prefer to their children and one-third to grandchildren. Social Although there is a shopping online to going to the stores. networking is becoming a part of everyday life for Although there is a perception that the net is youth-centric, Americans 50+, and Baby Boomers in particular. perception that the net this is clearly not the case. Nearly two million more Britons have come online during the last year, over half of which The internet offers many benefits to the older generations who may find it easier to find and purchase things without With the rapid growth amongst older users, more than a is youth-centric, this is are over 50. Over 50s now account for 31% of the UK net audience (UK Online Measurement Company), and about having to exert the energy and effort required to physically shop for such items. British retailer John Lewis have quarter of Facebook’s users are over 50, an increase of 20% in its relative share over the last year. Specifically the fastest clearly not the case 38% of over-65s are now online (Focus). understood this growth market, and have developed their growing demographic on Facebook is women over 55. ‘bricks and clicks’ business model to allow their consumers As a result Facebook is no longer the sole domain of the The fact that one in four Britons who use the internet today (who are typically older) to browse easily online before young, and in fact 61% of Facebook’s users are aged 35 are 50 to 64 years old proves that it is no longer the sole visiting the store to make their final purchasing decision. or older. This shift will cause Facebook and other social preserve of the young. networking sites to reconsider how they are structured and The internet is not only making it easy for the older presented, as well as force them to access their ability to Almost 11 million over-60s log on to the internet every day, generation to shop, but it is also assisting their social lives retain their appeal to this burgeoning audience. and according to a survey by networking website alljoinon. – and it is perhaps becoming more central to their lives than com, they surf the web for at least 2 hours per day. In fact, of Generation Y. New research from AARP finds that social The internet is now part of everyday life for most people, silver surfers spend the equivalent of 31 days a year online; networking is more important than ever to older Americans, and net services are increasingly targeting the older shopping, buying and selling on auction sites, and chatting with over 25% of people over 50s using a social network generation, and many companies have set up specialist to friends. Half of them are more likely to surf the internet service. According to the report, more than a quarter (27%) sites targeted at users over 50, in the hope of profiting from than watch the TV in an evening. The poll also revealed that of Americans age 50+ use social media websites, with this lucrative market segment - this group tend to have the older generation conduct a large percentage of their Facebook being the most popular, followed by MySpace, more disposable income than younger age segments. shopping online – spending an average of £48.78 a month LinkedIn and Twitter. Among adults 50+ who use social or £585.36 a year. Fifteen percent of over-60s choose to use media websites, three-quarters are connected to relatives No.42 19 | 20 ANTENNAE
  11. 11. Left: How the UK internet has the largest audience is composed (UKOM / Nielson) share of users being aged 65 or more – 78% are 35 or older. (UKOM) The average Facebook user is 38 years old. 64% of Twitter’s users are aged 35 or older. The average Twitter user is 39 years old. The average social network user is 37 years old. LinkedIn, with its business focus, has a predictably high average user age; 44. 24% of bloggers are over 50. (Technoratis) One of the most popular sites amongst the over 50s is Computer companies have also recognized the unique UK retail chain Comet has pledged to ‘Pass IT on’ to 50,000 health website RealAge which has an over-50s market share needs of older consumers, creating a range of products digitally disadvantaged older first time web users through of 89%. Their aim is to encourage consumers to maximize that cater for their requirements. in-store training. Google have also developed ‘The Simple their health and wellness by making their ‘RealAge’ younger. Guide to the Internet’ which will be distributed through The site features the patented RealAge Test, which has Businesses like Discount Age have tapped into growing libraries, charities and other public bodies to give novices been taken by more than 27 million people since 1999. The interest from older users, creating stripped down computers all the information they need to utilize the internet. In test measures the ‘real age’ of the user’s body based on a that are easier to use. There is also training available from addition Google are developing a complementary website. questionnaire pertaining to how well he or she maintains a number of sources, helping to educate people who may their physical health. The RealAge ‘Tip of the Day’ is otherwise have never ventured online. All these initiatives At the current growth rate it will not be long before everyone subscribed to by over 4.2 million people in North America. are pushing more and more people onto the internet. has access to the internet, and as time progresses the older generations are proving themselves adept at learning Other sites that are growing as the internet matures, include Discount Age’s SimplicITy computer is aimed at many how to use the technology, finding services that support community site Saga which has a 78% share of over-50s, of those 10 million who have never used a computer. It their lifestyles. It is already clear that the internet poses serving over two million people in the UK. Video site Flixxy, is a simplified machine with only a few programs, such an attractive opportunity for brands to connect with older which had 180,000 unique users in May (Nielsen), is also as internet and email, to avoid putting off elderly users. consumers. The average age of web users is aging at a heavily reliant on older users, with 80% of its traffic coming The computer has just six buttons allowing users to interact faster trajectory than the aging of the population, and it is from those over-50. Fashion website Fifty Plus has grown with the internet without having to navigate around this consumer segment that may have the most to gain to become the most successful direct home shopping cluttered desktops. The screens are clear and simple from the internet as physical interactions become harder. company in the UK today, with over 2 million customers. to use. SimplicITy project manager Wayne Cooper Moreover, older consumers have more free time to browse is quoted as saying, “Everyone has been focusing the internet, and have a higher proportion of wealth. However, despite these growing numbers amongst the elder on the cutting edge and trendy things and the older demographic there are still ten million people in the UK who generation have been left behind. There is a huge market have never been online, including about four million elderly and a huge need that have not been addressed. The people (Price Waterhouse Cooper). Age Concern believe it computer is as basic as you can get. You just take it to be even higher – estimating that 6.4 million people over out of the box, plug it in and it all loads for you”. 65 have never used the internet. No.42 21 | 22 ANTENNAE
  12. 12. Vintage TV Next month the new channel Vintage TV launches in the UK – it is a channel aimed at the over-50s. It’s focus will be on culture and music covering material between 1940 and 1980. David Pick, the founder and head of Vintage TV, said his target demographic constitutes 42% of the population and is growing rapidly. He said he wants the output to reflect the longer and more active lives enjoyed by millions of older people. The over-sixties view the greatest number of hours of television each week and are likely to enjoy double the length of retirement they did fifty years ago. The identity for the channel features a range of iconic items from each of the decades, which have been used to spell the world ‘vintage’. Items include Campbell’s soup cans, Pacman, and cassette discs creating a fun and interactive logo that emphasizes the fact that over-50s are fashion-conscious and don’t want to be patronized, as well as being a diverse demographic in age. The station offers an alternative to mainstream programming that cater mainly to the young. Paul Gambaccini, the face of Vintage, believes the channel will stand out among the plethora of music offerings. “While television and commercial radio is searching for the younger listener and viewer it’s the over-50s who have the money and are spending. Vintage suggests something of quality.” It is hoped that this channel will be as revolutionary as MTV was thirty years ago. No.42 23 | 24 ANTENNAE
  13. 13. Consumers are looking to live more active lives later in life. There is a large opportunity to develop solutions that help them continue ‘living’ their lives. No.42 25 | 26 ANTENNAE
  14. 14. Honda U3-X At the end of last year personal mobility was a large theme at the Tokyo Motor Show. As a company that values mobility, Honda began research into robotics in 1986 and walking devices in 1999. As a Japanese brand in one of the most rapidly aging societies in the world it is no surprise that they are concerned with helping the elderly get around. As part of Honda’s ongoing development and exploration in this field they have designed the U3-X. It is a compact, experimental device that fits comfortably between the rider’s legs, to provide free movement in all directions just as in human walking. An integral part of this innovation is the development of the world’s first wheel structure which enables movement in all directions. The U3-X is designed to be small, safe and unobtrusive enough to mingle with pedestrians or use indoors, placing them on roughly the same eye level as other people or pedestrians. In addition, the device adopts a light-weight monocoque body in which the foldable seat, footrests and body cover that also function as the frame are stored in the body of the device, achieving highly portable convenience that can be carried with ease. “Honda engineers are always thinking about people’s dreams and wishes about mobility. We will continue to work hard to be a leader in that area,” Takanobu Ito, CEO of Honda. No.42 27 | 28 ANTENNAE
  15. 15. THE NEW GAMING GENERATION GAMING FOR THE OLDER GENERATION MEANS MORE THAN JUST LEISURE Earlier this year, Gloucestershire County Council in the UK introduced Nintendo Wii’s to elderly residents as part of a social services program. It mind, Apple has been particularly keen to use is the first product from the brand that doesn’t Above: iPads have become the new iPad release as a way of accessing the require a computer parent in order to be updated was believed that getting elderly market. Eiji Mori, an analyst at research firm etc. This lifts a major barrier to purchase for popular among the older generation due residents to play various fitness and BCN Inc. in Tokyo, believes that since many elderly consumers, and we could see the Apple to the interface and gaming apps ‘brain-training’ games could help elderly consumers are unfamiliar with technology, iPad becoming an integral part of their lives. they tend to be drawn to Apple. But it is the maintain or improve their mental availability of various gaming apps to users of the The regular use of “exergames” – video games and social abilities. iPad that makes it particularly appealing to the that involve physical activity – is also something elderly population of Japan – there is a growing that’s found considerable traction among elderly This is part of a growing global trend for the consumer belief that playing small, mind exercise consumers. The belief that these games help elderly population to use technology, and gaming games will help keep dementia at bay, and maintain a healthy mind were further reinforced in particular, to keep themselves mentally agile. maintain users mental capacity. by a recent study by the San Diego School of This has been recognized by various consumer Medicine, University of California which found brands, who are now hoping to leverage this A majority of the games that are available from that playing “exergames” can help in reducing trend to access the lucrative, and growing, the Apple Appstore are ‘quick and casual’, and depression in elderly people. A third of the consumer demographic of the elderly. require problem solving or have a social aspect participants in the 63-94 old age range had a to them, and it is these that are finding the most 50% or greater reduction in depressive symptoms The Apple iPad has found considerable traction traction among elderly consumers. While younger (Telegraph). Almost all of the major console in Japan, particularly among the 65+ demographs are keen on first person shooters brands now have products within their portfolios demographic, which accounts for over 22% and more contemporary titles, older consumers that provide consumers with the ability to use of the total population. The elderly market in are looking to games that are easy to pick up “exergames”, with Nintendo leading the way with Japan is seen as a highly lucrative market, with and put down, and aren’t time intensive. the Wii, and Sony and Microsoft catching up with consumers over 65 spending 15.4% of their the Playstation Move and Kinect respectively. household expenditure on entertainment and Although Apples previous product releases like There are three aspects that gaming can help cultural activities, compared to the national the iPhone and iPod Touch had an interface and in the elderly – attentional demand, novelty average of 13.5% (Bloomberg). With this in apps that resonated with older users, the iPad and social interaction. It is believed that using No.42 29 | 30 ANTENNAE
  16. 16. Right and below: ‘Exergaming’ has become popular among the older generation because of its physical and mental benefits The elderly market in Japan is seen as a highly lucrative market, with consumers over 65 spending 15.4% of their household expenditure on entertainment and cultural activities, compared to the national average of 13.5% (Bloomberg) mind-exercise games and “exergames” can We should expect a number of brands to look improve these cognitive functions and that this at the growing success of gaming for the elderly can be transferred into real-world outcomes, as the consumer segment continues to increase such as better hand to eye co-ordination, less in size across the world. Future product and accidents and remembering medication. The marketing strategies could now be focused on social aspect of many of these games has not only capturing young consumers, but also also been realized, with seniors across the in fulfilling the needs of an older generation. globe getting together to play Wii games in friendly tournaments. Brands like Nintendo have realized not only the health and social benefits of their products, but also how to market these benefits in order to access a lucrative section of the consumer market. By creating products that cut across multiple generations, Nintendo has managed to gain traction in a demographic that is both lucrative and growing. These innovative products have also been backed by marketing campaigns that have focused on the needs of separate demographs, from kids to commuters to grandparents. No.42 31 | 32 ANTENNAE
  17. 17. FUTURE HEALTH Left: The Blood Pressure Cuff from Intel Health Guide FOR THE ELDERLY USING TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION TO RELIEVE THE GROWING FINANCIAL BURDEN OF HEALTH CARE With the continued growth in the size of aging populations across the globe, a radical rethink of medical services is needed. Health services will need to move away from the reactive model of operation, The development of mHealth is more likely to happen in of intelligent mobile platforms like smartphones has opened developing markets first because of regulatory issues and up an opportunity for health care brands and professionals to a more predictive and preventative legacy infrastructure – and this is no more evident than in to access consumers. Consumers are also increasingly data one. This requires health services and Japan. Japan represents a possible future for a majority of hungry, wanting to know the state of various aspects of their consumers to access more information the developed economies, with a huge imbalance in the health instantly. age of the population and its wealth generation. By the end than they currently are – and this is where of the decade, Japan will have three pensioners for every This need has resulted in various apps being developed for technology could play a part. child under 15 years old, with over half of the country’s smartphones, as well as more dedicated platforms, such wealth controlled by the elderly. This has created a new ‘old’ as the H’andy Sana, a touch-screen phone that includes an The effect that an aging population has on the national economy, which is dominated by pharmaceutical, nursing application called Heart Suite. This allows users to measure, health care system is already becoming a key social and care and medical equipment brands, addressing the key record and send vital Electrocardiograms (ECGs), via built in political issue in a variety of developed economies. Canada need for the elderly consumer segment – health care. This contact strips on the side of the phone. These can then be is among those nations who are already thinking of that has in turn warped the government spending of Japan, to sent to a doctor for advice, reducing the need for hospital future, with 73% of Canadians believing that changes to the extent that 40% of all expenditure goes on health care. visits and expensive equipment, as well as giving both the their health care system need to be made so that it can medical professional a broader picture of the patients health. provide today’s level of care to the Baby Boomer generation The need to control this spiralling government spending (DailyGleaner). Many economies are looking at using has prompted the rise of various forms of health care that The care of the aging population will also fall increasingly technology to relieve this pressure, with huge investments aid efficiency, and can help reduce spending. Telemedicine on the shoulders of younger adults, and technology being made in R&D for medical devices and services in the is already a big market in Japan, where consumers can get brands have already recognized this shift with a variety home. For example, the global market for diagnostic imaging remote consultations and updates via their TV or computer. of smartphone apps and products that enable the remote is expected to grow 6% annually, exceeding $24.4 billion The Japanese elderly have adopted this technology quite monitoring of the elderly without being too intrusive. One by 2016 (GBI). This is in part due to developed economies readily, although they resist the use of keyboards and prefer Japanese appliance maker, Zojirushi, has developed focusing on new technologies that will bring efficiencies the use of TV remote controls to access doctors and health an internet connected kettle that triggers a signal to the and cost saving to the care of their aging populations. care personnel remotely. The increased availability children of the elderly user whenever they boil the water, No.42 33 | 34 ANTENNAE
  18. 18. Left: QuietCare form GE Healthcare Below: Intel and GE have formed a partnership to produce healthcare equipment for the home Canada is among those nations who are already thinking of that future, with 73% of Canadians believing that changes to their health care system need to be made so that it can provide today’s level of care to the Baby Boomer generation (DailyGleaner) letting the younger family members know that everything will be a manifestation of their vision to find new models is ok. It is this seamless integration of technology into of health care delivery and extend care into the consumer everyday products for the elderly that we should expect home, in order to meet an aging population and the to see more of, as the growing use of wireless technology increase in people with chronic conditions. allows us to be less intrusive in the way we care for the elder generation. We should expect to see a growth in the number of collaborative efforts in this area, as brands look to get This new explosion in the need for intelligent medial care an initial foothold in what will become a highly lucrative technology has led to the co-operation between various market across the globe. The growing needs of an brands, who are looking for a presence in the market but aging population will continue to put our society and lack the strength in expertise or capabilities. This month, its infrastructure under intense pressure, and only by GE and Intel announced their entry into health care with an innovatively utilizing technology can we expect to cope. agreement to form a 50/50 joint venture to create a new health care company based on telehealth and independent living. We reported this as an alliance in Issue 29 of Antennae, and since then the partnership has developed in a more solid business model. Intel president and CEO Paul Otellini stated that “We must rethink models of care that go beyond hospital and clinic visits, to home and community-based care models that allow for prevention, early detection, behaviour change and social support.” By combing GE’s Healthcare Home Health Division and Intel’s Digital Health Group, the new company No.42 35 | 36 ANTENNAE
  19. 19. Customized. Bespoke. Your Antennae. NewEdge is a dynamic innovation consultancy The world is constantly changing, how with a world-class team of strategists, trend will it impact your brand and business? forecasters, researchers and designers. We bring a fresh approach to growing business and brands For a tailored report specifically through upstream and downstream innovation. for your business email us at: antennae@new-edge-com Our Antennae Trends team are continually researching emerging design trends, ideas and Or call Richard on: creative thinking – from global product innovation +44 (0)208 439 8404 through to changing consumer lifestyles. These trends indicate how markets are being shaped in the future, giving us the ability to anticipate how consumers are likely to respond to future solutions. If you would like to know more about our innovation consultancy, our trends research, or if you would like to comment on anything you have read in this issue, please email The Antennae team: No.42 37 | 38 ANTENNAE
  20. 20. N 42 ANTENNAE o TREND REPORT London Richmond Brewery Stores 18 Petersham Road Richmond London TW10 6UW UK T +44 (0)20 8439 8400 Richland 1350 Spaulding Ave Richland WA 99352 USA T +1 (509) 737 9900 W E Copyright © 2010 NewEdge Consulting Limited The entire content of this document, both physically and intellectually, remains the property of NewEdge Consulting Limited. Please apply to us for written permission required to copy, or amend, in full or part. Opinions, conclusions, and other information contained within are not necessarily expressed by NewEdge Consulting Limited. No.42 40 | 40 ANTENNAE