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Motion Control System


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Motion Control System

  2. 2. Motion control system increases the efficiency of digital servo drivers and motion electronics system. The system provides control systems which are tailored to the customer’s satisfaction. Cost effective and optimized solutions are also obtained through the system. Several leading machine manufacturers and automation suppliers’ use this system of control for automation and accuracy. The speed and motion of the machinery is controlled, the machine operation is made automatic in various conditions. 
  3. 3. What is motion control?
  4. 4.  Motion control is also referred to as servo control or robotics. The system is used in several industrial functions for a controlled movement of loads as per required specifications. The system makes of pneumatic, electromechanical or hydraulic technologies. Motion control increases accuracy and performance of a system.
  5. 5. Various applications of motion control system
  6. 6.  Motion control technology is adopted by various sectors and in the operations of various machines. Some of the applications of the control system are mentioned below
  7. 7. Conveyer belts:  The system enables control with high precision and offers digital control. Motion control system supports to design the conveyor belt motor as per specifications. Usually the motor requires displaying low vibration, position retention, capable of acceleration and deceleration, resistance against harsh environments and stopping precision
  8. 8. Linear operations:  Motion control is used to develop linear motion system with a combination of standard rotary as per requirement. The combination is used in several electronic equipments and motors
  9. 9. Rotational operation:  Rotation motion control is used in AC induction motor, electromagnetic motor and AC reversible motor as well. Depending upon various requirements, rotation motion control is used in various motors
  10. 10. Other Mechanisms:  Depending upon requirement, various motion controls are used in various applications. Steeper motor offers best solution for high speed and high resolution. Microsteeping step motor is used in very low vibration and high precision. Brushless DC motor is used for speed stability. Clutch and brake motors are best suitable for high frequency start and stop
  11. 11. Cooling appliances:  Airflow is created by rotating fans using motor for rotation of blades. Several electronic equipments depend upon cooling fans for smooth operation. Motion systems are incorporated in the design of various cooling systems for a smoother and consistent operation and increase the life span of the machines
  12. 12.  Motion control system is developed for the specific purpose for controlling motion. The controllers are PC based and allows graphical interface. The various advanced features of the controller ease various functions such as tuning, and commutation sensing. Motion control system eases the controlling and automation system in several industries.