Singapore permanent residence


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Singapore permanent residence

  1. 1. SINGAPORE PERMANENTRESIDENCE – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Servolve’s comprehensive Q&A on things you need to know about Singapore Permanent Residence Scheme
  2. 2. Singapore Permanent Residence – An Essential Questionnaire1. What is the meaning of being a Permanent resident in Singapore? Being a permanent resident means that you are a local resident of the Republic of Singapore with full rights to live, work with the employer of your choice, own property and have beneficial rights in terms of quotas for property, education and other such benefits in Singapore.2. Why should I opt for a SPR status? This is a personal choice and is left to individual decision making. SPR comes with many benefits like preferential rates in terms of housing loans, education for children etc. But this is an important decision and one should weigh the pros and cons before deciding on this option.3. What is the minimum period I should stay in Singapore before applying for a PR? Technically as soon as you have an approved Employment Pass in Singapore you become eligible to apply for a PR. The chance of successful outcome of course is better once you have stayed in the country for some time preferably 1-2 years.4. Who can apply for SPR along with me? The application for SPR can be for a family – where you apply for your spouse and children along with your application.5. What are the various modes under which I can apply for a Singapore PR? Skilled migration programme This is most common option used by all professionals working in Singapore. If you are a P1, P2 or Q1 pass holder in Singapore, you are eligible to apply for Singapore PR under the skilled migration programme. Artistic Talent If you are an accomplished artist in an established form of art in your country of origin then you can apply for PR under the artistic talent scheme. This is likely to be successful if you have an international reputation as a patron of arts.Since the Skilled migration programme is most popular, we shall discuss the same in greater details,
  3. 3. 6. Is a joint application possible for PR? A family application is possible for PR – where the main applicant can apply for his spouse and children along with his application. In fact it is a good idea to apply as a family as this shows an intention of settling down in Singapore for the long run.7. What documents are required for application of Permanent Residence for main applicant and dependent applicants? Once you opt for our service, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of documents that needs to be provided along with a questionnaire and declaration. Once we get the documents, we take necessary copies, keep them in sequence and prepare the entire set for submission and verification.8. How long does a PR application take to be approved or rejected? A PR application can take anywhere between a month and 9 months’ time on average for a positive or negative outcome. The processing time may vary for different applications based on completion of documents, extra verification to be done etc.9. What if my PR application is rejected? If the PR application is rejected, a re-application can be made. A rejection one time does not mean that there will be persistent rejections every time you apply. A re-application will enforce your intention of staying in Singapore for the long term. There is also an appeal process available for people to explore in case of rejections.