Singapore a short guide for first time visitors


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A [very] short guide for first time visitors to Singapore.

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Singapore a short guide for first time visitors

  2. 2. When you first step foot on Singapore soil, there are things you would haveno clue about this great land. Here we attempt to introduce some essentialfacts about Singapore which will help you get around Singapore.Let us start from your entry, the Singapore International Airport.Singapore’s Changi AirportSingapore’s Changi airport is known for many things among which are itssize, the many number of flights that fly in and out, the architecturalambience, the sheer feeling of luxury and comfort it exudes etc. They clearlysay that the whole idea is to create an airport experience that is second tonone!! Certainly “THE FEELING IS FIRST CLASS” in their own words.For all information relating to your flights or the airport itself, log on tohttp://www.changiairport.comSingapore’s Taxi ServicesYou are now done with your immigration formalities; probably you want tohead down to your hotel and take some rest before you set about exploringthe country. These are purely for those of you who are fending foryourselves here. By their own admission, there are 7 companies, 29 typesand 23,000 taxis in Singapore. We know it’s a very good number of for acountry of our size. This means that you will never have to wait long for ataxi anywhere.The basic taxi fare is anywhere between SGD 2.80 – SGD 3.00. There is alsosome surcharges like peak hour surcharges and the like. For all informationregarding taxis in Singapore visit including allhotline numbers for taxis in Singapore. Did you know? If you hold a valid visit pass, you can get yourself a pre-paid number the minute you are in Singapore. You can get this by showing your passport at the SingTel counter at Changi
  3. 3. Singapore’s public transportationSingapore is a small island nation and every part of our country is wellconnected by buses and trains. These are collectively known as MRT (MassRapid Transit) – trains and SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit) which is runby the SMRT Corporation Singapore. There are also the SBS buses which arelike SMRT buses only difference is that they are bit newer in make . The goodnews is with one ticket, you can travel on the buses, trains and even theSMRT cabs. You will get to buy this ticket in any railway counter. MRT stations run the length and breadth of Singapore. Each ticket would cost your around SGD 12/- for the ticket itself and you can top up value for travel. For the first time you would have to top it up for SGD 10/- and any amounts above. Travel in Singapore is not very expensive as you would have understood from the taxi fares. An average travel using public transport would cost you an average ofSGD 1.5/- dollars. If you are here purely to have fun, avoid using publictransport during peak times on working days (Mon-Fri: 7.00 AM to 9.00 AM and 5.00 PM to 7.00 PM). Despite these comments you might find our public transport a bit too crowded for your taste. If this is the case, you better avoid the peak hours. Once word of caution, you have to tap your ticket on to the ticket reader when you board the bus and also when you exit. If you do not tap on exit, you will be charged the whole amount foryour previous travel (remember that you will be charged for the wholejourney and not just for what you travelled!!). Well, that is just the way thingsare done here in Singapore. For any destination you want to travel inSingapore, google Singapore is your best buddy, ( all information in respect of public transport in Singapore,
  4. 4. Singapore’s healthcare system This can be your worst nightmare. But, in case you need emergency medical attention and you are in a place where you can get yourself into a cab, your cab driver will be able to take you to the nearest hospital. If this is not the case, you can call 995 for ambulance. If you are staying in a hotel when you have an emergency situation, please contact your hotel reception. Mosthotels have 24 hours medical personnel available on site or else have tie upswith hospitals or nursing homes.We will also be providing you with a list of emergency numbers that you cancall. Registered pharmacists in Singapore work from 9 AM to 6 PM and thereare shops like the Guardian Pharmacy chains etc that will be open until 10PM. Trauma care and emergency accident departments in all governmenthospitals in Singapore operate 24 hours. A regular visit to the doctor forminor issues or common problems would cost you around SGD 50- SGD 75including medication. Dental consultations can be costly, a normal visitranging anywhere between SGD 55 – SGD 100 and above. If you need toothfilling etc, you will have a good dent in your pockets by the time you arefinished. Our best advice to you would be to be safe and avoid situationsthat can cause you harm. Carry your medication if you have allergies that areknown to you. Avoid being in intense sun if you are not exposed to it.Control your alcohol intake and get vaccinations done from your homecountry against common diseases like the flu/ chicken pox etc. Have fun,but at the same time be safe!! The last thing you want while on vacation orbusiness is a bad sneeze.For information regarding Singapore’s hospitals, you can check the Some general numbers for your help is,
  5. 5. Did you know? When you see this sign, you know you are within 100 - 200 metres of a nearest MRT/SMRT