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Trip to asia.ppx

  1. 1. Sana AgenciesNO
  2. 2. TOKYO, Japan
  3. 3. Flight from Mexico to TokyoYour budget is a There is a visa requiredtotal of 40,000 MX for the USA and Asia.Pesos. This flight This is all you need foris a total of 13,905 the USA VisaMX Pesos with already visa/. And this is all youincluded. Your need for Japan’s Visabudget, should choose this, would l/travel_and_visa/travelremain at a total _and_visa_index.htmof 26095 MXPesos or 2051 USDollars
  4. 4. Hostel in Tokyo at an Affordable Price With the $2051 dollars you have, you can stay at this motel for a total of $1110 for one month and still be left with $941.
  5. 5. Tokyo jobThis is a job that gets you payed about 60 dollars every hour and a half so thatWould be 180 dollars every 4 hours and a half and if you were to work for 3 daysA week, you would get $540 per week and $2430 per month. You don’t need anyKind of Visa or special permit in order to work for this job.
  6. 6. Cheap restaurant in Tokyo It is called Matsuya. Few things on the menu are more than 500 yen, the chicken curry is 390 yen. The lovely thing about Matsuya is the ticketing system – you put your money into a vending machine, press a button for what meal you want, get your ticket and give your ticket to the waitress.
  7. 7. Links heckout/5a4d42a29002cd33bd540b0b Flight Visa visa_index.htm Visa Tokyo Job Restaurant Tokyo /54579#.UDUWIo6hDHh
  8. 8. BEIJING, China
  9. 9. Beijing Flight In the month in Tokyo, you made about $2500 but of course, used some of it and probably were left with about $1000. This flight costs $425 So you would be left with a total of $575. All the info On visas are located here For traveling. http://www.visitingbeiji _for_china.php
  10. 10. Beijing HostelTotal cost for 30 nights: $994
  11. 11. Beijing Job This job makes ou work as an English Kindergarden teacher. It says you will Play games and Speak English, those Are the requirements. They pay you $2047 per month. And you would stay Here 2 months so you would get a total Of $4095. You do need a visa to work. Here is the link for the visa. http://www.chinese-
  12. 12. Beijing RestaurantThis restaurant isExtremely cheapWith plates thatCost less than$2.
  13. 13. Beijing Links;jsessionid=7305980F0E4F0C1DD7962FC5A52BF245.pwbap022a ?flightPath=TF&tripType=oneway20120830113047&locLink=OUTBOUND%7CNAT1GUAR&flightType=oneway&dateTypeS elect=exactDates&adults=1&children=0&minorsAge0=%3F&minorsAge1=%3F&minorsAge2=%3F&minorsAge3=%3F&mino rsAge4=%3F&seniors=0&classOfService=ECONOMY&fareType=all&membershipLevel=NO_VALUE&airlineSearchPref=&le avingFrom=TYO&goingTo=BJS&leavingDate=10%2F24%2F2012&dateLeavingTime=Anytime&lastSelectedLeg=1_144&select edLeg0=&selectedLeg1=&selectedLeg2=&itinId=1&rid=324311302178774&originalPrice=&originalTotalPrice= Flight VISA for job International-Hostel/Beijing/8410?sc_sau=sfab&sc_pos=1 HOTEL JOB VISAS to t ravel Shanxi/11074/Jin-Mian-Xiang-Culiang-Can-Guan.html RESTAURANT
  14. 14. BANGKOK, Thailand
  15. 15. Bangkok Flight You earned $4095 in Beijing. You probably used about half, leaving you with about $2000. This flight costs $220 which leaves you with $1780. All the information for visas are provided in The first few slides. You need a permit to work in Bangkok, here is all you need. ng/work-permits/ Here are the visa requirements. tips/visa.html
  16. 16. Cheap Hostel in BangkokThis is the cheapest Hostel in all of Bangkok, you only pay $270.00 per month andSince you’ll be staying here for 2 months, you’ll only pay $540. And you wouldHave about $1240.
  17. 17. Bangkok JobIn this job you would make $1281.56 per month so you would make a total of$2563 in the two months that you would be staying there. Here is the permits you needTo work.
  18. 18. Bangkok cheap restaurants These are 3 great options For great cheap restaurants In Bangkok that you can Spend as little as $1 per Dish, making it one of the Cheapest restaurants in Bangkok but offers quality Food.
  19. 19. Bangkok links;jsessionid=7305980F0E4F0C1DD7962FC5A52BF245.pwbap022a ?flightPath=TF&tripType=oneway20120830122302&locLink=OUTBOUND%7CNAT1GUAR&flightType=oneway&dateTypeS elect=exactDates&adults=1&children=0&minorsAge0=%3F&minorsAge1=%3F&minorsAge2=%3F&minorsAge3=%3F&mino rsAge4=%3F&seniors=0&classOfService=ECONOMY&fareType=all&membershipLevel=NO_VALUE&airlineSearchPref=&le avingFrom=BJS&goingTo=BKK&leavingDate=10%2F09%2F2012&dateLeavingTime=Anytime&lastSelectedLeg=1_199&select edLeg0=&selectedLeg1=&selectedLeg2=&itinId=1&rid=324312222143024&originalPrice=&originalTotalPrice= FLIGHT HOSTEL BANGKOK JOB BANGKOK 4669233.html RESTAURANTS BANGKOK Visa for travel VISA JOB
  20. 20. MUMBAI, India
  21. 21. Flight to Mumbai, India You made $2563 in Bangkok. This flight Costs a total of $260 dollars. Assuming You spent about $1000 in Bangkok and You go on this flight, you would have a Total amount of $1303 All Visa Information is provided here to Travel to Mumbai. e/reps/asia/vind/ref_visinf/visind/vmu ind.html
  22. 22. Mumbai Hostel You would have to pay $810 USD for Staying here for 30 nights.
  23. 23. Mumbai Job This job would pay you A total of $5390 per Month. You need a visa in order To work in Mumbai. Here is all you need to Know about the visas. http://mumbai.uscons visas.html
  24. 24. Restaurants Mumbai These 3 restaurants offer quality food for A very affordable price, ranging from full Meals as low as $12.
  25. 25. Mumbai Links _visinf/visind/vmuind.html VISAS FOR TRAVEL;jsessionid=25103F67F570ED3CBC86A284F357C352.pwbap064a?flightPath=TF&tripType=one way20120904113204&locLink=OUTBOUND%7CNAT1GUAR&flightType=oneway&dateTypeSelect=exactDates&adults=1&children=0&minorsAge0=%3F& minorsAge1=%3F&minorsAge2=%3F&minorsAge3=%3F&minorsAge4=%3F&seniors=0&classOfService=ECONOMY&fareType=all&membershipLevel=N O_VALUE&airlineSearchPref=&leavingFrom=BKK&goingTo=BOM&leavingDate=10%2F02%2F2012&dateLeavingTime=Anytime&lastSelectedLeg=1_48&s electedLeg0=&selectedLeg1=&selectedLeg2=&itinId=1&rid=3248113222112514&originalPrice=&originalTotalPrice= FLIGHT VISAS for JOB /ngt/30/ppl/1/? MUMBAI HOSTEL Insurance-Industry-Mumbai-Team-Lease-Mumbai-Navi-Mumbai-Thane-1- to-6- 040812002137?xz=25_0_1&xo=&xp=5&xid=134677690971515700&qp=&id= &f=-040812002137 Mumbai Job mumbai/12331 Mumbai Restaurants
  26. 26. BEIRUT, Lebanon
  27. 27. Beirut Flight From Mumbai to Beirut, the flight would be A total of $243. Here are the requirements for Visas and passports to travel to Beirut. /passport-visa
  28. 28. Beirut HostelThe total cost for this hotel for 30 nights is a total of $1446.
  29. 29. Beirut JobThis job makes you work as a Sales Representative. They pay you $2000 per month. Here are all the visa requirements for Beirut.
  30. 30. Beirut Restaurants Here are one of the cheapest but best restauran In Beirut. In this picture, we provide phone Numbers, prices, and times they are open
  31. 31. Flight from Beirut to Mexico The cost of the flight would be a total of $967 Or $17,466 pesos
  32. 32. Links Beirut /2012-10-05/1/0/0 Link flight to mexico;jsessionid=F85D6BB7F3559B5D093B27A3ABAE6E90.pwbap005 a?flightPath=TF&tripType=oneway20120906112726&locLink=OUTBOUND%7CNAT1SEATP&flightType=oneway&dateType Select=exactDates&adults=1&children=0&minorsAge0=%3F&minorsAge1=%3F&minorsAge2=%3F&minorsAge3=%3F&min orsAge4=%3F&seniors=0&classOfService=ECONOMY&fareType=all&membershipLevel=NO_VALUE&airlineSearchPref=&l eavingFrom=BOM&goingTo=BEY&leavingDate=10%2F02%2F2012&dateLeavingTime=Anytime&originalLeavingTime=Anyt ime&lastSelectedLeg=1_103- 100&selectedLeg0=&selectedLeg1=&selectedLeg2=&itinId=1&rid=32501127211820&originalPrice=&originalTotalPrice= FLIGHT VISA And PASSPORTS 01/ngt/29/ppl/1/? Hostel JOB VISA FOR JOB RESTAURANTS