Renew OnDemand Cloud Application


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Renew OnDemand™ is the industry's only cloud application built specifically to maximize recurring revenue. This application arms sales teams, executives, and channel partners with a complete system to renew customer contracts and subscriptions. Learn how Renew OnDemand can help you retain more customers and increase your recurring revenue by
-- turning disparate data into renewal-ready opportunity
-- making your sales teams more effective
-- gaining deeper business insights through dashboards and analytics

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Renew OnDemand Cloud Application

  1. 1. Renew OnDemand Overview The cloud application for recurring revenue
  2. 2. What if… Renewal opportunities were automatically generated for you from disparate data? You had visibility into your top and bottom performing renewal reps and partners? You had a predictable, repeatable process to capture millions in lost recurring revenue? Your team had access to a complete and accurate installed base view of every customer? 1 ServiceSource Confidential Information You knew when and why customers were deciding not to renew?
  3. 3. Evolution of ServiceSource Best Practice Business Process Scalable Expertise Pay for Performance Selling on behalf of customers Renewals Data & Technology Applications, & data management tools we do it for you ServiceSource Confidential Information Cloud Application First purpose-built cloud app designed to increase recurring revenue • Data management & opportunity generation • Sales strategy and execution • Insight & optimize Hybrid solution that includes selling & enablement services we enable you
  4. 4. The renewals challenge It’s a data problem 3 ServiceSource Confidential Information It’s a timing problem It’s a volume problem
  5. 5. Capture more of your perishable revenue ERP 4 ServiceSource Confidential Information Recurring Revenue Gap CRM
  6. 6. 3-Step Process for Recurring Revenue Data Management and Opportunity Generation Sales Strategy & Execution •  Gather data together, enhance, validate, resolve •  Segment customer base •  Opportunity generation •  Value selling and a proactive approach •  Understand your total recurring revenue opportunity 5 ServiceSource Confidential Information •  Tailored sales plays according to segment Gain Insight and Optimize •  Resolve data discrepancies •  Gain insight from customer base •  Optimize the recurring revenue process
  7. 7. Best practice business process built into Data Management and Opportunity Generation Sales Strategy & Execution + Installed Base + Data Services Sales Gain Insight and Optimize + Channel Ops Analytics •  Single source for renewal data •  Sales plays and collaboration •  Track every renewal globally end-to-end •  Opportunity generation •  Tools to segment, prioritize – next best action •  Drill down into 60+ metrics •  Data services monitor loads & maintain rules 6 ServiceSource Confidential Information •  Manage end-to-end sales activities •  Assess and take action
  8. 8. Renewal ready data Installed Base Data Management and Opportunity Generation Sales Strategy & Execution Gain Insight and Optimize Data Services •  Aggregate, cleanse & score data •  Renewal data experts •  Single source of truth for renewals •  Manage and monitor data loading •  Intelligently generate opportunities •  Update mappings and business logic based on business rules •  Right offers at the right time 7 ServiceSource Confidential Information •  Maintain and customize analytics
  9. 9. Renewal ready data - piecing it together Theatre Business Line Territory ABC Business Unit NALA + 12 Strategic Company Product License Key Support Level Begin Date Exp. Date Pfizer Inc A5000 A243210.1 Bronze 8x5 1/1/13 12/31/13 Price Contact Name $10,500.00 Bob Greene Opportunity in Renew SFA (n) PRM SERVICE QUOTE ORDER ENTITLEMENT ASSETS Data: Ongoing Assembling, Enhancement, Validation & Generation 8 ServiceSource Confidential Information
  10. 10. Installed Base See all product and service assets Offers available “at the ready” ServiceSource Confidential Information
  11. 11. Optimized sales execution Sales Ops •  Prescriptive, •  Quoting and bookings •  Territory management •  Track operational repeatable process •  Forecasting & target setting •  Collaborate with ops and partners 10 ServiceSource Confidential Information management performance & SLAs •  Faster sales process Channel •  Partner access to opportunities and quotes •  Comparative partner performance •  Streamlines operational activities
  12. 12. Sales Target vs. actual Check Pacing KPIs ServiceSource Confidential Information
  13. 13. Ops Track timeliness of quotes On-time SLAs by ops rep ServiceSource Confidential Information
  14. 14. Channel All renewal info in one place Compare View comparative Partner performance performance ServiceSource Confidential Information
  15. 15. Actionable Analytics Analytics •  60+ in-line recurring revenue metrics •  Identify levers to drive performance •  Root cause to take action Data Management and Opportunity Generation Sales Strategy & Execution Self-service reporting •  Drag and drop metrics to create custom reports •  Quickly design dashboards with library of report widgets •  Slice and dice the business based on your needs 14 ServiceSource Confidential Information Gain Insight and Optimize
  16. 16. Analytics How quickly are we getting at the business? (days in advance) Why do customers leave? ServiceSource Confidential Information
  17. 17. Self-service reporting Drag and drop fields to create reports Pre-built report widgets ServiceSource Confidential Information
  18. 18. Renew delivers real business benefits Renewal Ready Data Selling Expertise and Automation Actionable Analytics •  Increase sales productivity •  More selling & less admin time •  Clear picture of global performance •  First time quote accuracy •  Increase sales velocity and customer touch •  Increase up-/crosssell •  Insight to drive prioritization and sales plays •  Unprecedented insight to the business •  Improve customer experience ServiceSource Confidential Information •  Proactively identify issues and take corrective measures
  19. 19. Drive revenue and reduce cost of sale Cost of Sale 5-20 points •  Sales effectiveness •  Sales coverage •  Uncover opportunity •  Cross-sell & up-sell Renewal Rate 18 ServiceSource Confidential Information >20% •  Clean data •  Offloading Admin Work •  Quoting efficiencies
  20. 20. Customer feedback “[ServiceSource's] innovative Renew OnDemand application gives us all of the information we need in order to improve our customers' renewal process.“ “Renew OnDemand will provide us new levels of insight into recurring revenue." - Mike Stankey, president and chief operating officer $2B Opportunity under management $1B $500M introduced *forecast 19 Sept 2012 ServiceSource Confidential Information March 2013 July 2013 Dec 2013*
  21. 21. Complement and enrich Integration Options View - UI integration •  Increase total revenue •  Visibility to renewal pipeline, past purchases and service contracts •  Additional cross sell and upsell opportunity •  Best-fit offers for every customer ServiceSource Confidential Information Sync - UI + bi-directional data integration
  22. 22. Engagement process Service Performance Analysis (SPA) Solution Design Solution Deployment Gather needs and requirements Jointly design solution to meet your goals Rapid deployment •  Sales & services strategy •  Collaborative workshops •  Training and On-boarding •  Business case •  Scope of engagement •  Baseline performance vs. industry benchmarks •  Solution design •  Communication / change management plan •  Policies, processes & practices •  Metrics, reporting & systems ServiceSource Confidential Information •  Cloud application deployment plan •  Build business case •  Team alignment •  Cloud app configuration, deployment & roll-out
  23. 23. Collaborative evaluation of your business 1.  Review recurring revenue business processes 2.  Analyze performance 3.  Benchmark against peers 4.  Identify improvement opportunities 5.  Jointly design solution ServiceSource Confidential Information
  24. 24. For more info, visit Thank you! ServiceSource Confidential Information