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Capture More Recurring Revenue


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Companies are leaving money on the table. There is huge opportunity to increase renewal rates and capture more recurring revenue. Learn best practices to improve your renewals program.

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Capture More Recurring Revenue

  1. 1. Companies are missing out on $30b in recurring revenue per year Most companies’ systems are designed to maximize new product sales ...not renewals Sales people waste time pulling pieces of data from disparate systems: CRM Entitlements Contracts Asset management Cobbling data together in spreadsheets Compared to a new purchase, a renewal requires 5x more data Renewal sales teams typically access 5-7 systems to process a single renewal Following data quality best practices increases revenue by 66% Solving this data problem could increase sales rep productivity by: 25 % We leverage the principles of fast data & big data to analyze large, rapidly changing data sets and provide analytics that drive business decisions Turn your data into currency with Renew OnDemand Renew OnDemand is the industry’s only cloud application built specifically to maximize recurring revenue. It leverages ServiceSource’s decade of experience focused exclusively in growing recurring revenue based on proven best practices and global benchmarks.