ServicePilot NBA for z/OS Datasheet [EN]


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ServicePilot NBA for z/OS - System Z Performance Monitoring

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ServicePilot NBA for z/OS Datasheet [EN]

  1. 1. ServicePilot® NBA for z/OS Data SheetBenefits► End-to-end visibility of the issues related to response time, congestion, and ServicePilot® NBA for z/OS is a flow-based solution that application and network performance provides an end-to-end view of applications and their dependencies. facilitates the rapid identification and This complete solution provides alerting, behavior analysis, reporting, resolution of problems. and tracing of all LPARS with a single logon. It offers proven, secure modules for monitoring the System z environment in real-time.► Pinpoints the source of mainframe ServicePilot NBA for z/OS delivers relevant and accurate data to quickly activities, identifies specific end-users, and effectively isolate and resolve availability and performance issues, and automatically determines what has unauthorized usages, and security threats. This powerful tool can be happened, who is responsible, and who installed in minutes and is easy to configure. The reports generated is affected by an unexpected event. by NBA for Z/OS are intuitive and easy to use.► Quickly discover and respond to misuse, unauthorized access, and security threats The exceptional functionality of NBA for z/OS provides an advanced to maintain required levels of security method of managing application performance and streamlining for end-users. network security by analyzing the interactions of users with applications, systems and networks. The product runs as a started► Easy to install and navigate while task on z/OS and is accessed via any Web browser. ServicePilot NBA providing complete, extensive and for z/OS is built on an efficient architecture, uses passive probes, direct data collection in real-time. No third-party tools are required. and requires minimal CPU cycles. It provides maximum visibility into each z/OS region from anywhere on the network without the use of servers or agents.Features► At-a-glance assessment of system End-to End Application Performance Management availability and performance with an ServicePilot NBA for z/OS measures and analyzes the end-to-end performance of an intuitive graphical display, shortcuts application in real-time. It builds and displays the entire application path between and hyperlinks, so you can efficiently the mainframe and the end-users, and measures and analyzes performance. NBA monitor and react to problems. for z/OS directly captures IP traffic flows through non-intrusive access to the IP dataspace. The ability to continuously record data in the dataspace provides visibility► Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology into the entire application path between mainframes in the data center and end- to analyze traffic or connections and users, so you can quickly identify performance issues and take immediate action. provide alerts based on user-defined rules. NBA for z/OS correlates and consolidates complex transaction components (CICS,► Provides real-time, online intuitive DB2, IMS, etc.), delivers detailed statistics on the flows, and displays the path taken graphical reporting using Microsoft for each transaction in logical order by unit of work. Silverlight™ so you can easily customize reports and view precisely what you need for analysis.► Out-of-the-box and customizable reporting can be viewed from the Web user interface for one or more LPAR(s) and output in PDF format.► Consumes minimal resources, is compliant with RACF security standards, and is certified for z/OS.► Integrates with existing framework solutions such as HP OpenView™, CA Unicenter™, IBM Tivoli™, etc. 24 Hours’ Response Time
  2. 2. SIMPLIFY NETWORK AND APPLICATION MANAGEMENTServicePilot® NBA for z/OSBy combining network and application data flow, NBA for z/OS Real-Time Intrusion Detection and Complianceidentifies the “who” behind the “what” using Network BehaviorAnalysis (NBA) mechanisms to pinpoint the source of application NBA for z/OS uses Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology to detectperformance problems. This ability to establish a direct linkage between suspicious connections on the network. DPI can detect meaningfulindividual users and user sessions to specific host IP addresses related changes in behavior that indicate threats and/or malware. This important feature looks for patterns within a packet to search forto transactions provides a complete audit trail. You can determine specific content in the data from a defined point and triggers awho is responsible for, as well as who is affected by, an unexpected response according to the search result. The user may define behaviorevent. ServicePilot NBA for z/OS can also profile and analyze the typical rules that associate action(s) with conditions applied on a resource tobehavior of an application and the underlying network. If there are trigger an alert. NBA for z/OS will analyze network traffic to determinemeaningful changes in application behavior and usage patterns, NBA the similarities with the user-defined set of rules and triggers withfor z/OS will pinpoint a potential problem and automatically inform you conditions applied to network, applications, and system availabilityof the most likely cause, thereby reducing the time to resolution. and performance (e.g., bad application response time, bandwidth consumption). This feature simplifies and automates trending analysis. When the conditions are met, ServicePilot NBA for z/OS notifies operators by generating real-time alarms. These alarms are displayed via a Web browser and may be displayed in Log file, WTO message, SNMP trap, Syslog packet, and email. Key security personnel can then be alerted in real-time when certain patterns are identified or an unauthorized device or activity is detected. Operators can then see and analyze meaningful changes in behavior and react before abnormal behavior affects or disrupts end-users. 24 Hours’ EE (Enterprise Extender) StatisticsNBA for z/OS provides advanced and efficient IP tracing capabilities. Aprobe captures and provides packet data for real-time display, so thereis no need to the stop the trace and wait for packet reformatting. Nothird-party tool is required for trace collection, so the implementationis simple and the product can run in any z/OS environment. The tracedata is automatically recorded for subsequent re-run and analysis withadvanced filtering (host traffic, response time, and error analysis). Youcan access and analyze the data when you want with a simple click on Application and Conversation Summarya filter. NBA for Z/OS provides further security for the network to protect sensitive hosts. By adding ServicePilot NBA for z/OS to other security technologies, IT staff can have security oversight across the enterprise network with true, real-time feedback of the status of security. DPI technology also helps trouble-shoot specific transaction data errors and defines where to start searching for a pattern within a packet to decrease time-to-repair. It provides full diagnostics for Enterprise Extender/HPR, OSA, FTP, Sysplex, and Telnet. The software also meets corporate compliance requirements and provides transparency across functional areas of operation. NBA for z/OS creates an auditable, automated means for enforcing your organization’s policies, such as automatic alerts and historical reporting to document improper use of the network. Your organization can also be more compliant with SLAs, because the tool detects unauthorized devices, applications or users, and contributes significantly to reducing compliance costs. TN3270 24 Hours’
  3. 3. SIMPLIFY NETWORK AND APPLICATION MANAGEMENTServicePilot® NBA for z/OS Statistics are dynamically displayed on a running 24-hour basis. A user is able to quickly identify and drill down to view anything that may have occurred during a prior 24-hour period without having to generate a report. You can view statistics on several IP stacks on one screen and drill-down to instantly view the tracing on any resource. This feature aids in fast problem tracking and resolution. You can view host and network response time for IP resources, such as local and remote applications, IP networks and TCP connections. Standard reports also provide detailed information regarding traffic, response time and errors for each TCP connection as well as SNA status. ServicePilot NBA for z/OS allows for the generation of on-demand and/or batch reports on relevant resource or user behaviors. All of the information and reports accessible from the Web user interface for one or more LPAR(s) can be generated as a report in PDF format. The batch reports are dependent upon the duration of information retention set by the administrator. All of the data for z/OS and TCP/IP activity and FTP Detail performance information can be stored and archived. The statistics can be exported and downloaded manually or automatically via emailEffective Reporting and SMF files. NBA for z/OS can also be efficiently integrated with third- party monitoring solutions, such as HP OpenView™, CA Unicenter™,ServicePilot NBA for z/OS provides an integrated, holistic view of the IBM Tivoli™, ASG TMON™, etc.users and the systems with which they are interacting though a widerange of standard and customizable reports. NBA for z/OS monitors IPnetwork availability and performance using a native Web interface. Itoffers multiple user interfaces to facilitate rapid operational diagnosticsfor support operators and network specialists. Multiple graphicalreports can be displayed on one page as a dashboard for faster andeasier identification of anomalies without the need for extensivecustomizing. Collection Direct access to the IP dataspace Operating Systems Supported IBM z/OS v 1.1 to v 1.12 Flow Statistics Captured Per application, user, host, interface, port, protocol, and zone Events Monitored Network behavior, application performance, application tracking, and security Application Performance Measurement More than 30 metrics, such as RTT Reporting Web interface, PDF format, and Email statistics export Automatic Application Classification Well-known port and task name Real-Time Functionality Traces, sessions, alerts and IP statistics Retention Duration Variable • Alerts: ServicePilot ISM Enterprise, Trap, Syslog, SMF Files Integration with Other Products • Statistics: ServicePilot ISM Enterprise, SNMP • Web Browser: IE 5.5 or higher, Netscape 7.1 or higher, Firefox 1.0 or higher User Interface • Client Interface: SNMP Manager, CL1 TELNET Console, SYSLOG serverContact Uswww.servicepilot.comAmericas Phone +1 (954) 446-9010Europe Phone +33 (0) 2 40 60 13 30Copyright ©2011 ServicePilot Technologies. All rights reserved. All trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.This document is for your informational purposes only. ServicePilot assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the