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Business Management Software: A Look at the Benefits


Published on | Business management software enables companies to manage and track essential business functions, including customer data, email, work orders, customer payments, sales, and more.

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Business Management Software: A Look at the Benefits

  1. 1. +
  2. 2. + Business Management Software (BMS) is computer software that enables small and mid-sized business owners to manage important aspects of their businesses, including: • Accounting • Customer data • Email • Field scheduling (e.g. for technicians and contractors) • Financials • Operations • Payment processing • Payroll • Sales A central database that captures a company’s data into a single system helps streamline processes, improve efficiency, and prevent errors and oversights.
  3. 3. + Too often business owners allow themselves to be bogged down by administrative tasks that can be automated or handled by someone else. Business Management Software enables you to focus less on administrative tasks and more on what really matters: growing your businesses. Don’t spend your time on administrative tasks that business management software could handle for you.
  4. 4. Business management software enables you to capture and store essential information about your customers. Never shuffle through folders or sift through Excel spreadsheets again to find customer information. Business management software enables you to input, retrieve and export customer data all in one place, and it securely stores the information. BMS also allows you to easily send your customers correspondences like coupons, emails, and surveys, increasing the familiarity and salience of your brand. +
  5. 5. + Muddled, disjointed workflows cost your business money and decrease employee and customer satisfaction, leading to internal and external turnover. This is simply bad for business. By using centralized business management software to: • Send emails • Store customer data • Send out work orders • Process payments • Communicate internally Your workflows become easy to track, manage, and monitor.
  6. 6. + In a business, time is money. Using multiple systems is inefficient and cumbersome, and it can lead to confusion and errors. Business management software centralizes your office programs. Input customer data, send out work orders, perform accounting and payroll functions, and send messages, emails, and letters, all from a single program.
  7. 7. + BMS with a payment processing interface allows you to securely process credit cards and electronic checks from your customers. This helps ensure that your business is PCI compliant and that your customers’ financial information is protected. Payment processing functionality also enables you to secure payment from your customers without having to wait for checks and other slower forms of payment.
  8. 8. + Whether you need to schedule a meeting with a customer, a contractor, or your CFO, scheduling software helps you make appointments and avoid double booking. For field service industries like plumbing and HVAC, a BMS program with scheduling software enables you to review upcoming jobs, look for available contractors, and schedule customer appointments. BMS programs typically come with a report generation feature that allows you to print various reports and avoid manually entering data into a program like Excel.
  9. 9. + Reputation is everything in today’s online world. Poor remarks about your company on review sites can hurt your business considerably. You can’t afford to lose customers or damage your reputation because of disorganization and poor communication. Business management software helps you streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and keep internal communications flowing within your business. And when your business operates more smoothly, your customers will be positively impacted.
  10. 10. Service Line Up is the creator of affordable business management software to help business owners streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. Our industry-tailored software includes options for field service companies (plumbing, electrical, HVAC) as well as cleaning service companies (housecleaning, janitorial). Print reports and manage your email, customer data, work orders, and much more. Our software helps you focus on what matters: growing your business. To learn more about our affordable monthly and annual plans, visit or call us at 800-963-8847.