Storytelling for social media


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How do you consistently engage your audience? How do you tell a compelling story? This presentation shows, through the P-L-A-Y framework, just how you can make your stories move through social networks

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Storytelling for social media

  1. 1. for social media Gavin Heaton
  2. 2. In a village in Staffordshire, UK in 2001 ...
  3. 3. A girl wrote a message on a red, helium balloon
  4. 4. “Please return to Laura Buxton”
  5. 5. Where would this balloon land? In a lake?
  6. 6. Perhaps it would be caught in a tree
  7. 7. A man found it in his hedge. 140 miles away in Wiltshire
  8. 8. He was worried that his cows might eat the balloon and choke on it ... He read the message and took the balloon to the 10 year old girl next door
  9. 9. Her name ... Laura Buxton
  10. 10. The balloon had travelled over 140 miles from one Laura Buxton to another Laura Buxton
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Laura sent Laura a letter, suggesting they should meet
  13. 13. When they got together, they were surprised at how similar they looked
  14. 14. They styled their brown hair the same way, wore pink jumpers and jeans
  15. 15. And they had each brought along a pet guinea pig
  16. 16. Waiting at home, they each had three year old black labradors
  17. 17. And a bunny
  18. 18. Years later they remain firm friends
  19. 19. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is an STORY ... and it is!
  20. 20. Told with microscopic focus
  21. 21. Facts that don’t support the coincidences are ignored in an effort to create patterns
  22. 22. Our brain is seeking a pattern that we can recognise and respond to
  23. 23. Each time a pattern is recognised, dopamine is released - the chemical trigger that produces a sense of reward and pleasure
  24. 24. As readers, as listeners, as people engaged with the story, we are being pulled further into the story with each new revelation
  25. 25. Connections and revelations – this is the world of social media. A world that is brim full of coincidence, happenstance and other wonderful words
  26. 26.
  27. 27. We need to remember we are talking about SOCIAL media
  28. 28. User User User generated generated generated content filtering distribution User generated context
  29. 29. And that’s about building affinity before relationship (as a child does). It’s about P-L-A-Y.
  30. 30. P -- for Power Demanding of attention Testing limits (boundaries around behaviour, responsibility etc) Controlling the controllable Belonging L -- for learning and curiosity Skills development Negotiation A -- for adventure Exploring an ever changing world Actively making the world a better place Y -- the yelp of surprise and delight Recognition and reward Self expression
  31. 31. It’s about creating the coincidences that lead to an emotional connection
  32. 32. Something that you can share with the players in your personal playground
  33. 33.