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Social Business Maturity Model


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A draft of my thinking around an enterprise-class social business maturity model. Would love your feedback.

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Social Business Maturity Model

  1. 1. social maturity model Learn more:media To turn social media into business insight, subscribe to Ad hoc Repeatable Defined Managed Optimizing KPIs matched to regional Cross-matching and KPIs matched to BU Goals No KPIs KPIs for individuals performance or organizational reporting on KPIs across performance industry sector Community of practice Governance models Participation or leadership Individuals use SM in an ad Guidelines and standardCommitment hoc manner begins to form from training established established with clear in cross-sector industry ground up accountability practice body Hub and spoke model Centre of Excellence to Cross-functional teams Steering committee incorporating CoE and Personal SM practices advise and evangelise Ability applied to business relying on personal established with cross LoB internal and external distributed centres of connections representation expertise (incl beyond the programs firewall) Baseline data aligned used Project based Organisation specific SM and performanceMeasurement measurement based on Standardised public data for goal setting. metrics developed and metrics incorporated into used to measure programs Preliminary use of publicly available data tracked by CoE P+L organisational data points Loosely aligned groups Standard training “Social media” Reliance on one-on-one Development and sharing begin to form around curriculum made available incorporated into a wide idea and practice sharing of guidelines and best Scalability covering methodology and practices. Tools and community of practice to all teams. Business wide variety of job descriptions. supported by collaboration systems support Technologies span business tools technologies shared technologies performance ecosystem