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How to Listen to Social Media for the Pharma Industry


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Listening and monitoring social media for regulated industries like Pharmaceuticals is not simple. This infographic points you in the right direction.

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How to Listen to Social Media for the Pharma Industry

  1. 1. to pharma listenhow social media 1 who BrandAt any social event you want to be part of theconversation that most interests you – and online Productsis no different. For regulated industries likePharmaceuticals, however, it’s not just aboutlistening but also acting on important information. IndustryBreaking your listening program into five key segmentscan help you manage your focus and also provide clear Key personnelescalation paths within your business. Create a list ofkeywords related to each segment.Brand: Clearly you want to be aware of any specific Intentmentions of your brand. Also include misspellingsProduct: Create keyword lists of your products and services.Add to this list short descriptions of the symptoms that yourproduct addresses or relieves.Industry: You want to keep track of your competitors, right?Create keyword lists of your competitor brand and product Intent: Do people love you? Do they not? Consumernames. Add to this list the top 5 trends facing your industry. conversation can be robust, so make sure you monitorYou want to be across these. keywords related to your brand, your promise and yourKey personnel: Do you know what your boss is up to online? products with appropriate (and inappropriate) modifiers.What about your CEO? Don’t be the last to know! Make sureyou monitor key executives and social media participants. Also,monitor for any mention of government ministers, decisionmakers or industry influencers/regulators. Free Freemium/For Fee 2 what Social Mention JugNoo SocialBakers Tickr What you’ll hear Why TweetDeck Nimble Questions Awareness Topsy Qualifications and fit Interest Google Alerts SproutSocial Competition Consideration Google Trends Sprinklr Complaints and Trial compliments Google Analytics BuzzNumbers Intent Purchase HootSuite Radian6 Responsiveness and Service Twitter Search Alterian engagement Influence Loyalty TweetLevel NetBase 3 how Tools come in all shapes and sizes. Some come with workflow Learn more: and management systems, others are piecemeal. As with most Want to integrate social media into all levels of your technology – you get what you pay for. The range above will business? Contact -> provide a good starting point for your investigations.