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The year of the peer-to-peer web


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2015 is the year that WebRTC is finally breaking out. It finally works in pretty much any browser with a little help and the amount of tools and hosted services around it make it easier than ever to get started. These are the slides of my JSConf EU 2015 talk.

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The year of the peer-to-peer web

  1. 1. The year of the peer-to-peer web @serrynaimo
  2. 2. is a web dev for 17 years lives in Singapore loves great UX organizes JSConf.Asia and CSSConf.Asia mentors at SEA’s first startup accelerator JFDI helps developers use WebRTC Thomas @serrynaimo
  3. 3. A set of JavaScript APIs in the browser to enable peer-to-peer, real-time media and data exchange WebRTC @serrynaimo
  4. 4. WebRTC getUserMedia RTCPeerConnection RTCDataChannel consists of @serrynaimo
  5. 5. Internet Communication @serrynaimo
  6. 6. Usual web communication @serrynaimo
  7. 7. Peer-to-peer mesh @serrynaimo
  8. 8. WebRTC and Signaling Known party A B ICE @serrynaimo
  9. 9. everything requiring the lowest latency/fastest possible between individual peers, like - Audio/Video Calling - Conferencing - Live presentations - Direct file transfer - Synced music streaming Resilient, decentralized mesh networking for - Sensor data exchange - File/Content distribution It’s great for @serrynaimo
  10. 10. everything requiring reliable data transport, like - Traditional music or video streaming asyncronous communication - Persistant chat - Gaming (single event bus) Don’t use it for @serrynaimo
  11. 11. Audio/Video Calling @serrynaimo
  12. 12. by typing their number into your phone installing Skype and exchanging names get Gmail address, add contact, use hangouts Usual “web” calling Talk to anybody @serrynaimo
  13. 13. Real-time communication as a feature in any app or website WebRTC @serrynaimo
  14. 14. enables embedded, contextual communication WebRTC @serrynaimo
  15. 15. host on Travelmob/Airbnb Uber/Lyft driver Doctor on Medifi/Teladoc Restaurant on Hungrygowhere/Yelp Property agent on
 Customer support through Zendesk/Freshdesk Your friends in WhatsApp/Line/Snapchat Seller on Carousel/eBay … WebRTC Call your @serrynaimo
  16. 16. Peer Introduction Known party A B ICE A simple message broker to facilitate the connection establishment between peers. Signaling Service @serrynaimo
  17. 17. Media Relaying A B representing you as a peer if a direct connection to your device can not be established (e.g. due to firewall constraints) TURN Firewall TURN for B @serrynaimo
  18. 18. Media Relaying @serrynaimo
  19. 19. Media Relaying relaying media streams to reduce amount of connections and CPU use on your device in multi-party sessions MCU/SFU SFU @serrynaimo
  20. 20. @serrynaimo
  21. 21. Media Streaming/ Content Delivery @serrynaimo
  22. 22. CDN Delivery CDN Edge Location @serrynaimo
  23. 23. @serrynaimo
  24. 24. What about … npm install wrtc @serrynaimo
  25. 25. Using WebRTC today @serrynaimo
  26. 26. Subtle differences in Using WebRTC today @serrynaimo
  27. 27. Not supported in IE/Safari Using WebRTC today @serrynaimo
  28. 28. Using WebRTC today Edge shipping WebRTC supportEdge shipping ORTC support WebRTC and ORTC will converge @serrynaimo
  29. 29. “Polyfill/Shims/Helpers for WebRTC/ORTC” @serrynaimo
  30. 30. IE and Safari Plug-In Download Using WebRTC today @serrynaimo
  31. 31. WebRTC on Android with Using WebRTC today @serrynaimo
  32. 32. Safari on iOS? Using WebRTC today Plenty of Objective C / Swift SDKs for native apps @serrynaimo
  33. 33. SCREENSHARING One more thing… using @serrynaimo
  34. 34. You CAN use WebRTC today! Really! @serrynaimo
  35. 35. Thomas Gorissen @serrynaimo