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Riot lesson [2]


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Published in: Education, Business
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Riot lesson [2]

  1. 1. Opinions on the UK Riots2011
  2. 2. Learning Objectives• To analyse what people thought causedthe riots.• To consider why people hold theseparticular views.• To form and opinion of my own on whythe riots occurred.
  3. 3. PLTS objectiveCreative ThinkerI can link my ideas to other people’sideas and experiences in interestingways.
  4. 4. Habits of MindMetacognitionThinking about thinking
  5. 5. Keywordsrecessionunemploymentdisempowered
  6. 6. Create a Haiku or an acrostic to sum upthe UK riots.To write an acrostic write the works UKriots down and create a word orsentence starting with each letter:
  7. 7. U nrest spreads across the landK icking and fighting and breaking glassRIOTS
  8. 8. HaikuHaikus are Japanese poems writtenabout the seasons.Choose some words about the riotsthen arrange them so you have:5 syllables on the first line7 on the next5 on the last.
  9. 9. I am first with fiveThen seven in the middleFive again to end.between the haveand have notsLondon fireWriting a poemIn seventeen syllablesIs very diffic(John Cooper Clark)
  10. 10. What did Pauline think?Why do you think this is her opinion?What did she do about it?Hyperlinked to youtube
  11. 11. Examine the view point carefully andthen write an explanation of why youthink each person holds this point ofview.The person is ... this means that...They think... this might be becausethey....I believe they a result of...
  12. 12. In pairs create a radio or TV interviewscript.Write a script in which you interviewsomeone with strong opinions about theriots, write their responses to yourquestions and tell the listeners whythey hold these opinions.It will be even better if you give somesupporting and opposing views.
  13. 13. Listen to your neighbours’ interview andwrite down in their books two thingsthey have done well and one thing theycould improve on.
  14. 14. On your whiteboards...What is your opinion on what caused theriots?A – lack of parenting and adult role modelsB – people taking advantage of a situationC- unemployment and lack of hopeD – discriminationE – the financial cutsF – social networks like facebookG- wanting the latest fashionssomething else – if so what?
  15. 15. Can you explain why you think this?