L5 peacehaven and the chalk downs


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L5 peacehaven and the chalk downs

  1. 1. Fantastic PlacesPeacehaven andthe Chalk Downs
  2. 2. Learning objectives• To know what kind of rock chalk is andhow it is formed.• To investigate how the Downs weremade.• To appreciate some of the specialfeatures of the land around Peacehaven
  3. 3. PLTS objectiveSelf managementI can take on new responsibilities andtasks, even when its something I haven’tdone before.
  4. 4. Habits of MindGathering data through all the senses:In this lesson we will often be usingtexture, sight and feeling to help us withthe tasks set.
  5. 5. Keywords
  6. 6. The landscape aroundPeacehaven is called theSouth Downs. The hills andcliffs are made of chalkwhich makes the area andthe wildlife found here veryrare.
  7. 7. What kind of rock is chalkComplete the classification exercise inorder to appreciate the different kindsof rock there are.
  8. 8. Making a downs sandwich...You have been given four pieces ofpaper.Lay a white piece at the bottom, this isrock that is millions of years old.On top of this lay the pink piece, this isclay.On top of this lay the yellow piece, thisis sandstone.
  9. 9. Then lay another pink layer which is theclay.Finally put another white piece on top tomake a sandwich. This is the chalk laiddown under a warm sea 75 to a hundredmillion years ago.
  10. 10. Cut a hole in the top piece of paper.
  11. 11. Hold or tape the paper at both ends andpush them up. The rocks under our feetwere pushed up by pressures in theearth. The top of the chalk cracked andthen eroded away leaving us with chalkhills on either side of a great hollow.
  12. 12. Chalk Downland EcosytemsMany of the plants and animals found onthe chalk grasslands which have beengrazed by sheep for hundreds of yearsare very rare and special.
  13. 13. A group of natural features like grassesand animals and physical features likehills and chalk soils work together tomake an ecosystem.All the parts of the ecosystem areneeded and important.
  14. 14. You have all been given a plant or animalfound on the chalk grassland.
  15. 15. Making a food chain
  16. 16. Hold up your cardIf you think you have a producer, a partof the food chain which gets its energyfrom the sun.
  17. 17. Hold up your cardIf you think you have a herbivore orprimary consumer, an organism in thefood chain that eats plants.
  18. 18. Hold up your cardIf you think you have a carnivore orsecondary consumer, an organism in thechain that eats herbivores.
  19. 19. Hold up your cardIf you think you have a predator ortertiary consumer, an organism in thechain that hunts and eats carnivores andherbivores.
  20. 20. Hold up your cardIf you think you have a decomposer, anorganism in the chain that eats andbreaks down dead and decaying matter.
  21. 21. You have made a food chainNow can you make a food web...Complete the tasks on the worksheetprovided.
  22. 22. Hyperlinked to ‘ouses ‘ouses ‘ousesby imagined village
  23. 23. Writing the DownsAs you listen to the song written by theson of a shepherd who used to work onthe Downs above Peacehaven write allthe words you have come across thatare to do with this landscape along yourchalk cliffs or landscape. Add words,feelings and senses which you associatewith the landscape around you too. Canyou add things you can do on the downs?