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European section’s

  1. 1. European Section’s Logo Campaign Have a look at these logos whichsymbolise the European Section in La Versoie.WE NEED YOU TO ELECT THE BEST ONESo, choose the number and send your choice to
  2. 2. Logo 1
  3. 3. Logo 2 "This logo is the same as the Facebooks logo.It shows that European section is open and free for everybody as Facebook. It shows that we can be in a relationwith everyone as well, because the English language is as universal as Facebook."
  4. 4. Logo 3 • I wanted to put Great Britain’s map because when we think about the English language in Europe, we think about England and the Union Jack represents it better, and ES is for European Section.
  5. 5. Logo 4 • I think my logo can represent the European Section because we can see the yellow stars which show the European Union. We can also see England’s flag , Big ben and an English phone box that represent well the English language. And to finish, it’s written ‘Lycée de la Versoie’, ‘2nde, 1ère, Tale’, and ‘European Section which show what and to whom addresses the European Section.
  6. 6. Logo 5 • On my logo there we can the European flag, into it there is the famous mouth of the Rolling Stones group, the tongue has the English flag on. Ive chosen to do that to show that the most spoken language in Europe is English. Whats more the Rolling Stones were a famous English group of music wich show England has a culture which interests the young people because generally they love music.
  7. 7. Logo 6 • I have chosen to create this flag for European section because we speak about European and English. The pound represents the English section.
  8. 8. Logo 7 • In the background there is the united kingdoms flag because most of the people who speak english in europe are from the U.K. The twelve stars are the ones from the european flag and finally, E.S means European Section.
  9. 9. Logo 8 • Around the world people are living in a different way. It is difficult to understand people from others cultures. One of the main difficulties is the language. English became a universal language so it is really important to become perfectly bilingual and the european section is helping us to speak perfectly Shakespeare ‘s language. • I think this logo represents really well people from different cultures, they all seem to be friends all over the world (less differences) . That is possible because they can speak together (more communications). The children are smiling, because they are outgoing and they want to talk about different cultures. These people hold hands, there are cohesiveness and friendship. • So, learn the english language is really important and be in european section is very beneficial for us therefore we must benefit.
  10. 10. Logo 9 • I chose a background with all the flags of the world since European Section has an international side because of the speaking of lots of languages. Then, on these three photos, we can see a school desk because the Section is studying and teaching at school therefore it symbolizes education system. Finally, all the decorations are typically English, the language which composeS the European Section lessons. What’s more, they all come from England, when I went there thanks to the school: everything is memory.
  11. 11. Logo 10 • "Ive chosen to represent the EE section by this logo because in EE section, we learn the english of everyday. Another, english is the european language and global language, the EE promotes the exchange between european countries and finally, we can say that EE mention opens doors for the professional life."
  12. 12. Logo 11 • I use the logo of the school because the two letters are the school initials and it represents the mountains around the school. In the background it’s the U.K. flag to represent the English which is spoken in class
  13. 13. Logo 12 • The logo below the map of the United Kingdom is the logo of the "Lycée de la Versoie", our highschool in Thonon les Bains. It represents us and our city. • The twelve stars around are the stars which are on the flag of Europe. Its to represent the opening to the rest of Europe that benefits students in European Section. But this opening is possible thanks to a higher level in english so I have put de map of the United Kingdom to represent this international and very useful language. •
  14. 14. Logo 13 • We’ve chosen this logo. • It represents France with the English flag. We’ve also written “Lycee de la Versoie”. We think that it has to be here, because it’s the European section of our secondary school.
  15. 15. Logo 14
  16. 16. Logo 15 • The Union Jack is under a picture of the Leman lake and the mountains. • There is an armory of Haute-Savoie which makes a link between Haute- Savoie and the United Kingdom. The title is on the top with a thick writing. • Finally, the lycée La Versoie is written to show where is this European Section.
  17. 17. Logo 16
  18. 18. Logo 17 • I think my logo is the best one because in fact there are all the elements which correspond to the DNL section! • In the back the european flag, in the middle the most important : the english and the french flag with DNL. • So I think it could be the best logo!
  19. 19. Logo 18 • The stars on the British flag represent the stars of the european flag because we are in european section and english is a very important language in the world. • The arrow represents the progress that the section brings us.
  20. 20. Logo 19 • The logo is a flag which represents the european section. • On the flag, the flag of the United Kingdom, to show the language, here english. • The ‘S’ and ‘E’ are the initials of the european section and their colours represent our city, Thonon-les-Bains.
  21. 21. Thank you for your participation! We hope you enjoyed the slide show!