Dau Entrepreneurship in Digital World


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Doğu Akdeniz Üniversitesi'nde 31 Ekim'de yaptığım sunum notları

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Dau Entrepreneurship in Digital World

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship in Digital World Serkan Ünsal Eastern Mediterranean University Computer Engineering Department
  2. 2. About me
  3. 3. About me us.dakick.com (BETA) twitter: @serkanunsal
  4. 4. About Semantic Based Personalized Event Recommendation Site.• Founded in 2010• Got Investment Found by Aksoy Internet Ventures (Owner of sahibinden.com)• Beta Launched in April 2011.• 6 people (2 from EMU-Computer Engineering)• Commercial launch in November 2011 in Turkey and US don’t forget to sign up at us.dakick.com ;)
  5. 5. Entrepreneurship
  6. 6. Digital Entrepreneurship ?Risk owners who invests in Mobile, Web and technology projects!
  7. 7. Digital Entrepreneurship Components Innovation Entrepreneur Investor
  8. 8. Innovation creation of better or more effective products, processes, technologies, or ideas that are accepted by markets, governments, and society. Wikipedia
  9. 9. Investor Family & Friends Angel Investor Venture Capital Private Equity
  10. 10. Investor
  11. 11. Entrepreneur makes his/her own way Just ride the car
  12. 12. Common Characteristics of Entrepreneur work on uncertain environments patient manage & lead team risk taker commercial intelligence
  13. 13. Types of Digital Entrepreneurs dealer enforced businessman tech innovator
  14. 14. Motivations Behind itInternal Reasonsseeing common characteristics ofentrepreneurs in yourselfExternal ReasonsNot finding a jobUnsuitable with Corporate LifeBored with Corp. LifeBored by bossTo get richTo want entrepreneur’s lifestyle
  15. 15. Tips & Do’s & Dont’s
  16. 16. Know Yourself 1 I did I can X I want
  17. 17. Know Yourself 2 are you good at taking risk ?
  18. 18. Myths about Entrepreneurship x born to be an entrepreneur x entrepreneurs are richer than corporate workers x risk is very high for every entrepreneurs x all entrepreneurs make disruptive innovations x successful entrepreneurs has always good CVs x successful entrepreneurs has good business plans x entrepreneurship is directly related with age x if idea is unique and good, project will not fail! x entrepreneurs are happier than corporate workers!
  19. 19. Why you should not be an entrepreneur ? • if you think that it’s show-off business • if you think that it’s the best way to be rich! • if you’re not a risk taker • if you have a family and you have a stable life and your family don’t want to take risk • if you have no capital • if you don’t like your company • if you don’t want to manage and lead teams
  20. 20. Why you should go to Investors ? your project investor
  21. 21. Survival Guide • Lower your expectations • don’t go to investors when you think that it’s the only chance to survive • be flexible • don’t take critisicm personally • know what you want from investors
  22. 22. When to go to an Investor ? • best time to go to an investor is when investor has searching for an entrepreneur to invest! • when an investor exits from another project, he/she has some funds to invest! • know which investor invests in which markets!
  23. 23. What Investor wants ? you team market idea
  24. 24. team group team
  25. 25. engineer an engineer can make a venture a king or a sink don’t try to learn everything! just learn learning & researchingmake a tiny working project to proove that you can finish a project yourself.
  26. 26. Be different!
  27. 27. if you’re not a Rambo, then be MacGyver and combine useful things, people, ideas...
  28. 28. Combine powers!
  29. 29. reading to much or working too much is not related with success!
  30. 30. if you’re late to catch the train, run or wait for the next!
  31. 31. although you’re doing everything right, you still can be in trouble!
  32. 32. if your team is not so competitive, then don’t enter big businesses!
  33. 33. if you’re the only one seeing somewhere, either you lost your way, or you found somewhere!
  34. 34. if you want to be rich right now, then go to casino!if you want to be rich today, make clone businesses! if you want to be rich tomorrow, make innovations!
  35. 35. be a team, not a group!
  36. 36. don’t forget that you’re not the one thinking that idea!
  37. 37. if you’re on the wrong way, don’t forget to leave that business!
  38. 38. don’t forget to look around!