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Published in: Self Improvement
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  1. 1. Graham Hill
  2. 2. Before he become a weekday vegetariana meat eater only two choicesa vegetarian
  3. 3. He knew• 10 billion animals are raised in factory farm conditions• Meat causes more emissions than all of transportation combined• Beef production uses 100 times the water that most vegetables do
  4. 4. Buthe can not decide to be avegetarian.
  5. 5. a third solutionFrom Monday to Friday : vegetarianWeekend : meat eater
  6. 6. Good effect• Lessen pollution• Feel better about the animal• Save money• Healthier• Live longer• Lose a little weight
  7. 7. My most impressed sentence“After all, if all of us ate half asmuch meat, it would be like half ofus were vegetarians.”
  8. 8. Question• Can you become a weekday vegetarian?• If you can’t, why?