Pradeep Henry: Impact on Cognizant Technology Solutions


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In the mid-90s, Pradeep Henry joined a firm that described itself as a "promising venture." Today, Cognizant is a 100,000-person organization. How did Henry, his team, and his innovation and leadership impact Cognizant especially during its formative years?

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Pradeep Henry: Impact on Cognizant Technology Solutions

  1. 1. Cognizant starts with an advantage and gets big fast
  2. 2. Sets up India’s first usability lab . . . Economic Times: January 24, 1999 Back when Cognizant was in its formative years, Pradeep Henry set up the lab, drawing from the user interface course he took at UC Berkeley (1994-95)
  3. 3. . . . and gets differentiated “ Designing for great usability is a great way to differentiate ourselves from other Indian companies which tend to think technology …” - a former Chairman, Cognizant
  4. 4. Delivers higher productivity/user . . . “ With the redesigned software, each one of our 100 call center agents can now handle 10 calls an hour rather than 8.” – Healthcare company CIO (referring to Henry’s innovative business process centric approach to user interface design)
  5. 5. . . . and sustains differentiation “ We picked Cognizant partly because it had better UI (user interface) capability than others.” - Intuit CTO Bill Ihrie, speaking to Business World, May 2006
  6. 6. Improves customer’s business process . . . “ The application prototype that (Henry’s team) created … It was based on a business process they helped optimize.” - Software project manager, Cognizant
  7. 7. . . . and earns higher-league player image “ (Henry’s) team’s business process optimization raised the level of perception about the company.” - a former Chief Architect, Cognizant
  8. 8. “ (Henry’s business process centric approach) comes as an opposite and radical thought.” – Business Line: January 9, 2007 Higher productivity & business process improvements come from Henry’s innovative approach called PCD P rocess- C entric D esign
  9. 9. Predicts business outcomes from IT “ Your team (Henry’s) played a crucial role in this win by delivering a proof-of-concept (that demonstrates business outcomes) ... This is one important lesson that we could leverage in other projects.” - a former Chief Architect, Cognizant
  10. 10. Uses Henry’s PCD team in sales cycle In 2007, the team pitched on average every other business day “ <prospective customer> was amazed. I have already seen the value that the group (Henry’s) has given Cognizant in acquiring new customers.” - a customer-facing VP, Cognizant
  11. 11. “ I read your article in Interactions - special issue. Lot of publicity for Cognizant.” - a former CEO, Cognizant Gets a lot of free publicity: Thru thought-leadership
  12. 12. Gets a lot of free publicity: Thru media attention
  13. 13. Gets a lot of free publicity: Thru interviews
  14. 14. Henry left Cognizant end of 2007. His 2009 article published by Columbia Business School is listed in Cognizant’s page at Downloaded on April 14, 2011 Still gets free publicity: 3+ years on
  15. 15. Wizard of Cognizant An earlier version of profiled Pradeep Henry as a wizard. It described a wizard as a &quot;specially talented person who plays a big role in building realworld customer solutions. Because of far-reaching interests and an overabundance of energy, this person has come up with unique and leading edge point of view on the relationships between technology, business, and culture.&quot; H E N R Y 25 Y E A R S Impact Scorecard About: Blog: Email: [email_address]