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Result of brainstorming, session 23.5


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Result of brainstorming, session 23.5

Published in: Education, Technology
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Result of brainstorming, session 23.5

  1. 1. What am I looking for?
  2. 2. Something that combines many different worlds
  3. 3. Something that is feasible for EEE
  4. 4. Something that is useful for different and diverse users
  5. 5. Something that has a real impact in education
  6. 6. particular, something that grants a lot of exploration...
  7. 7. ...and that allows science to belearnt from experience
  8. 8. Physical ball
  9. 9. Connected through interfaces or mirrors
  10. 10. Physical object copied intoThe virtual world to be interactedwith by many students