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Leader Development Roadmap by CCL


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The Center for Creative Leadership designed Leader Development Roadmap which integrates within itself the logic and content of developing leaders in organizations on the basis of many years of research done by CCL.

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Leader Development Roadmap by CCL

  2. 2. 4 COREDEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS 6 SPECIALIZEDSKILL DEVELOPMENTPROGRAMS 8 LEADERSHIPCOACHING 10 LEADERSHIPASSESSMENTS 12 CUSTOMIZEDSERVICES 14 LEADERDEVELOPMENT H L ROADMAPDEFINED G D Q O B R J CA P I N K S T E M F CCL®isanchoredbyfivecampuses CCLprogramsareofferedaroundtheglobe—atits inNorthAmerica,EuropeandAsia: fivecorecampusesandattheseadditionallocations: A San Diego, California, USA F Mt. Eliza, Victoria, Australia N Dubai, UAE B Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA G Ontario, Canada O Hartford, Connecticut, USA C Greensboro, North Carolina, USA H Copenhagen, Denmark P St. Petersburg, Florida, USA D Brussels, Belgium I Cairo, Egypt Q Peoria, Illinois, USA E Singapore J Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan R College Park, Maryland, USA K Mexico City, Mexico S Pune, India L Moscow, Russia T Addis Ababa, Africa M Bellville, South Africa
  3. 3. The Center for Creative Leadership’sLeaderDevelopmentRoadmapaccelerates your strategy and businessresults by unlocking leadership potential.
  4. 4. Thequalityofyourleadership drivestheperformanceofthe organization. CCLacceleratesyourstrategyandbusinessresultsbyunlockingthe leadershippotentialinyourorganization.CCLdrivesresultsbypartnering withorganizationstoalignleadershipstrategywithbusinessgoals, optimizetheorganizationalenvironmentforleadershipandharnessthe energyofawell-developedworkforce. CCL’sLeaderDevelopment Roadmap:Real Challenges, Focused Development BasedonCCL’s40yearsofresearchanddirectexperiencedeveloping thousandsofleadersannually,theLeaderDevelopmentRoadmaphelps youtargetthereal-worldchallengesuniquetoeachlevelofleadership. TheRoadmapprovideseasyaccesstotheprograms,products,coaching andservicesthatleadersneedtosucceed.CCL’sLeaderDevelopmentRoadmapmeetsyouwhereyouareandtakesyouwhereyouwanttogo.
  5. 5. HowtousethisguideThe Leader Development Roadmap connects the challenges leaders faceevery day with the essential skills they need to be successful. We’ve createda flexible suite of development resources targeted to five levels of leaders:LEADINGSELF:Individual contributors, professional staff and emerging leadersLEADINGOTHERS:Leaders of individual contributorsLEADINGMANAGERS:Leaders of managers and/or senior professional staffLEADINGTHEFUNCTION:Leaders of functions or divisionsLEADINGTHEORGANIZATION:Leaders of the enterpriseBrowse the following pages to see the array of programs, coaching,assessments and other resources for each level. Take a closer look atthe challenges and the focus areas for development on page 15.For assistance in finding the right resources for you or your organization,please visit or contact your local regional headquarters:CCL-Americas +1 336 545 2810CCL-Europe,MiddleEast,Africa +32 (0)2 679 0910CCL-Asia-Pacific +65 6854 6000
  6. 6. “ heCenterisknowngloballyasthe T goldstandardinleadershipdevelopment forexecutives,sotheseniorleaderswe approachknowtheywillbeparticipating inaqualityinitiative.” Nancy Coffee – President and CEO, The Leadership Academy FUNDAMENTAL FOURLEADER COMPETENCIES: • Self Awareness • Learning Agility • Influence • Communication4 COREDEVELOPMENTPROGRAMS CCLcoreleadershipprogramsbuildthemostcriticalskillsforsuccessateachlevelof leadership.TheyaregroundedinCCL’s“Fundamental Four”leaderskills,drivenby essentialoutcomesandfocusedonkeyrequirementsforsuccessateachlevel. CCL’sprogramsaredeeplypersonalandcustomizedtoeachlearner.CCL’sprovenmodelof developmentintegratesAssessment, Challenge andSupport,helpingleadersinternalize essentiallessonsandcreateactionplansforimprovement. AlumniconsistentlyrankCCLprogramsamongthetopintheworldinsurveysconducted bytheFinancial TimesandBusinessWeek.Exploreeachprogramtofindoutwhy.
  7. 7. LEADING LEADING LEADING LEADINGTHE LEADINGTHE SELF OTHERS MANAGERS FUNCTION ORGANIZATION Leadership Maximizing Leadership Leadingfor Leadershipat Fundamentals YourLeadership Development Organizational thePeak Potential Program Impact:The Looking Glass ExperienceIntroduces the fundamentals Prepares first-time managers Builds the leadership skills Enhances the ability to lead Maximizes personal leadership of effective leadership for to achieve lasting results and confidence needed to strategically while balancing power to accelerate the greater success, faster. through people. translate strategy into effective short and long-term organization’s commitment, action on the front line. perspectives. alignment and results. CoreDevelopmentPrograms
  8. 8. 6 SPECIALIZEDSKILLDEVELOPMENTPROGRAMS Specializedskilldevelopmentprogramsgiveleadersanimmersionintospecificleadership topics.Thesehighlyfocusedexperiencesareworkingsessions,designedtohelpleaders applywhattheylearntotheircurrentsituations–andtotheirfuturegoals. Whetherleadersneedtosharpentheirexperienceinstrategicleadership,buildcritical coachingskills,successfullyleadinnovationorcreatecommitmentinateam,these programsprovidedeepinsightandpracticaltoolsforsuccess.
  9. 9. LEADING LEADING LEADING LEADINGTHE LEADINGTHE SELF OTHERS MANAGERS FUNCTION ORGANIZATION DevelopingtheStrategicLeader Focuses strategic thinking, acting and influencing skills to more effectively lead strategy execution LeadingTeamsforImpact Strengthens ability to manage and lead teams to experience the power of collective effort TheWomen’sLeadershipProgram Provides understanding and development in a wide range of issues affecting professional women in organizations InnovationLeadership Builds a culture that fosters creativity, cultivates learning, and accelerates growth CoachingforHumanResourcesProfessionals Strengthens coaching skills and shares best practices in coaching LeadershipDevelopmentforHRProfessionals Increases leadership capacity to strengthen HR partnerships with senior management CoachingforGreaterEffectiveness Develops skills in coaching others to increase productivity and improve performance AssessmentCertificationWorkshop Become certified to administer CCL’s powerful suite of 360-degree assessments SpecializedSkillDevelopmentPrograms
  10. 10. CCLCOACHING SERVICESPROVIDE: • High quality assessments • A commitment to proven leadership development methods • Rigorously trained coaches • A confidential, safe environment for growing as a leader8 LEADERSHIPCOACHING Steepedinmorethanfourdecadesofresearchandpracticalknow-how,CCL’scoaching helpsleadersmasternewattitudesandbehaviorsthatdrivebusinessresults. Ourleadershipcoachingsolutionscanmakeadifferenceatalllevelsoftheorganization, fromafirst-timemanagertotheCEO.Ourcoachesalsoworkwithgroupsandteamsto facilitatelearningandpushforimprovedperformance.
  11. 11. LEADING LEADING LEADING LEADINGTHE LEADINGTHE SELF OTHERS MANAGERS FUNCTION ORGANIZATION CoachingSkillsWorkshops APEX Customized coaching-skill program within organizations In-depth, C-level leadership coaching CoachingforGreaterEffectiveness Public program that develops skills in coaching others to increase productivity and improve performance SeniorLeadership TeamCoaching Executive coaches uncover CoachingforHumanResourceProfessionals hidden challenges and Public program that strengthens coaching skills and shares best practices in coaching drive team results ExecutiveCoaching Drives results with one-on-one, customized leadership development TransitionCoaching Helps individual leaders prepare for or excel at career transitions TeamandGroupCoaching Allows teams to work together and create shared understanding to increase effectiveness ProgrammaticFollow-onCoaching Maintain momentum after a development program with goal-achievement coaching LeadershipCoaching
  12. 12. 10 LEADERSHIPASSESSMENTS CCL’sassessmentsarepowerfuldriversoflearningandchange.Ourassessmentandfeedback processhelpsleadersmeasurewheretheyare,clarifyneedsandgoals,andsetdirectionfor furtherdevelopment. CCLpioneeredtheuseofassessmentsandfeedbackinleadershipdevelopmentdecadesago. Ourexpertiseandstate-of-the-art,research-basedassessmenttoolshaveearnedthetrust ofthousandsofHRprofessionalsandconsultantsbecausethey: • Easilyfitintoexistingorganizationaldevelopmentprograms-andofferrelevantobservableandmeasurableresultson leadershipskillsmanagerslearnthroughexperience. • Provideoptionsforcustomizationthatcanincreaserelevance,ownershipandadvocacythroughouttheorganization. • Providestatisticallyvalidandreliableresultsthathelpindividualsandteamsaligntheirperformanceobjectiveswith thoseoftheentireorganization. • Providelanguageoptionsforusewithnon-Englishspeakingemployees.
  13. 13. LEADING LEADING LEADING LEADINGTHE LEADINGTHE SELF OTHERS MANAGERS FUNCTION ORGANIZATION KEYStoCreativityandInnovation Organizational Assessment: Assess organizational climate for creativity and innovation by measuring specific management practices LeadershipGapIndicator Organizational Assessment: Identify and address critical skill gaps in organizational leadership JobChallengeProfile Self Assessment: Use job assignments to develop skills LearningTacticsInventorySelf Assessment: Profile preferred learning behaviors and ExecutiveDimensions® develop individual learning plans 360-Degree Assessment: Address top level leadership issues Benchmarks® 360-Degree Assessment: Measure 16 skills and perspectives critical for success and five possible career derailers SKILLSCOPE® 360-Degree Assessment: Assess 15 key job-related skills essential for managerial success Prospector® 360-Degree Assessment: Gain feedback on the skills most often found in successful executives and the behaviors needed to acquire those skills 360ByDesign® 360-Degree Assessment: Customizable development tool measuring key leadership skills and behaviors identified by an organization AssessmentCertificationWorkshop Become certified to administer CCL’s powerful suite of 360-degree assessments Assessments
  14. 14. 12 CUSTOMIZEDSERVICES CCL’scustomizedservicesalloworganizationstodeveloptheleadershipcompetenciesneeded tomeetspecificchallengesandbusinessrealities. Foreachclient,ourapproachisconsistentbuttheoutcomeisone-of-a-kind.Weemploy ourrigorousD6process-Discover,Diagnose,Design,Develop,Deliver,Discern–tocreate customizedsolutionsfortoughleadershipchallenges.Whethertheneedisforalarge-scale changeinitiativeorasmallerdevelopmentprogramforadivisionordepartment,CCL’s customizedservicescanbetailoredtoalllevelsinyourorganization.
  15. 15. LEADING LEADING LEADING LEADINGTHE LEADINGTHE SELF OTHERS MANAGERS FUNCTION ORGANIZATION 1 DISCOVERyourbusinesschallenge. Examine the internal and external business drivers of the problem. 2 DIAGNOSEyourleadershipneed. Connect your business challenge with the underlying leadership issues. 3 DESIGNyourcustomizedsolution. Draw the blueprint to your leadership solution. 4 DEVELOPtheinitiative. Build your customized leadership solution to your specifications. 5 DELIVERyoursolution. Exceed your expectations. 6 DISCERNtheimpact. Demonstrate the real results you can deliver back to your organization. CCL’sCustomDesignProcess
  16. 16. 14 LEADERDEVELOPMENTROADMAPDEFINED Leadershipskillsshouldcontinuetoevolveandadaptinordertomeettheconstantly changingconditionsandchallengesofaglobalmarketplace.CCL’sRoadmapconnects leaderstotherightdevelopmentattherighttime.WiththeRoadmap,organizations havetheinformationtheyneedtosteerleaderdevelopment,fuelsustainedsuccess, andprepareallleadersforwhat’snext.
  17. 17. LEADING LEADING LEADING LEADINGTHE LEADINGTHE SELF OTHERS MANAGERS FUNCTION ORGANIZATION Challenges Challenges Challenges Challenges Challenges • Prepare for management • Transition from • Integrate cross - • Set vision and build toward • Set organizational or leadership role individual performer to functional perspectives the future direction • Build common leadership leading a team in decisions • Balance trade-offs • Foster alignments across language in organization • Build relationships to • Handle complexity between the short the organization • Increase personal get work done • Manage politics and long-term • Gain commitment for effectiveness and • Deal effectively with • Align organization for performance • Sell ideas to senior performance conflict strategy implementation leaders • Refine and build strong • Solve problems • Select lead managers executive persona successfully for high performance FundamentalFourLeaderCompetencies:Selfawareness,learningagility,influence,communication Competencies Competencies Competencies Competencies Competencies • Establishing credibility • Coaching • Thinking acting • Being visionary • Creating • Leading with purpose developing others systemically • Driving results articulating vision • Delivering results • Leading team • Managing organizational • Strategic thinking • Creating strategic achievement complexity acting alignment • Doing whatever it takes • Building maintaining • Negotiating adeptly • Creating engagement • Developing a • Interpersonal savvy relationships leadership and talent • Selecting developing • Identifying innovation • Embracing flexibility • Resolving conflict others strategy aligned with opportunities for new business strategy • Tolerating ambiguity • Learning to delegate • Taking risks businesses • Leading the culture • Understanding one’s own • Confronting problem • Implementing change • Working across values and culture employees boundaries • Executive image • Managing globally • Innovative problem dispersed teams • Leading globally • Creating a culture of solving innovation • Embracing change • Catalyzing change • Adapting to Cultural • Leading outwardly Differences ChallengesCompetencies
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  20. 20. GetstartedWithCCLWe look forward to partnering with you on your leadership challenges and developing the creative leadership that will lift you and your organization to new levels of success. To getstarted, visit or contact us at one of our regional headquarters:CCL-AmericasTelephone +1 336 545 2810Facsimile +1 336 282 3284E-mail info@ccl.orgCCL-Asia-PacificTelephone +65 6854 6000Facsimile +65 6854 6001E-mail cclasia@ccl.orgCCL-Europe,MiddleEast,AfricaTelephone +32 (0)2 679 0910Facsimile +32 (0)2 673 6306E-mail ccl.europe@ccl.orgCenter for Creative Leadership, CCL®, its logo, Leadership Development Program (LDP)®, Benchmarks®, SKILLSCOPE®, Executive Dimensions®, and 360 By Design® are registered trademarks owned bythe Center for Creative Leadership. Prospector® is a registered trademark owned by Morgan W. McCall Jr. Gretchen M. Spreitzer, and Joan Mahoney. © 2010 Center for Creative Leadership. All Rights Reserved. Client Priority Code: LDR2010v001