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Euroleague Social Media Tips 2010


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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Euroleague Social Media Tips 2010

  1. 1. Social media tips for the Euroleague by Sergi Xaudiera
  2. 2. why? Help Euroleague to gain engagement inside the social media ocean who am I? A guy who works on social media and love basketball
  3. 3. twitter
  4. 4. username @Euroleague @Euroleague
  5. 5. verified account Euroleague To be easily recognised as the official one To be easily found through the find person search
  6. 6. use of descriptives hashtags #Finals To sort tweets among all users p.e.: #Top16, #ELF4, #EL10, #EL, #F4, ...
  7. 7. + multimedia [pictures & video] Let fans go inside the Euroleague, and live it 24/7
  8. 8. use of lists lists
  9. 9. use of lists [players, teams] List and show to the fans official players and teams accounts
  10. 10. use of lists [fans] Sort fans into lists and build team community lists
  11. 11. press account [@EuroleaguePress] Press room information for press, bloggers and interested fans
  12. 12. higher frequency Today 9th June 7th June 29th May Share more Euroleague generated content, blogs, video, … and even some users generated content
  13. 13. contests
  14. 14. contests 177 comments in less than 2h Linking social media channels
  15. 15. facebook/Euroleague Or
  16. 16. tweetup for Euroleague fans tweeps Get online community offline, even the players
  17. 17. website integration Links to accounts Let everybody knows the official accounts
  18. 18. 9th June 2010 Euroleague Basketball Sergi Xaudiera On twitter @SergiXaudiera