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Solution Sheet Fiber Driver™ High Density 10G Metro Optical Transport Today’s Challenge The growing use of streaming video...
Solution Sheet Solution Components                             A                                  A                       ...
Solution Sheet   SFP+ - The Next 10G Optical Pluggable   •   Supports all DMR10G rates and protocols   •   Available trans...
Solution Sheet Fiber Driver High Density 10G Metro Transport Solution                                                     ...
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Highest Density, lowest power 10G DWDM transport, 80 channels in 11U

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Mrv fd-hd10 g-solution

  1. 1. Solution Sheet Fiber Driver™ High Density 10G Metro Optical Transport Today’s Challenge The growing use of streaming videos for services like YouTube, Facebook and Netflix combined with the increased demand in cloud services by business users causes an ever-increasing bandwidth demand on the network today. Cloud services help streamline online retailing, CRM and other business applications, online financial services and entertainment distribution. Data center connectivity supports these services and requires high bandwidth, low latency, reliability and survivability. Reducing operational costs drives the need for small form factors and low energy consumption with data center colocation companies, internet exchange centers, web service companies, cloud and content providers, and large enterprise data centers. MRV developed this solution to meet today’s need for cost effective 10G Metro Transport. Solution Overview The Fiber Driver® High Density 10Gigabit Metro Optical Transport solution raises the bar on saving space, power, and cooling costs by packing up to 80 channels of 10G transport in only 11RU of rack space. You will be able to address your critical space and power needs better without sacrificing functionality. With up to 75% in space savings and 50-90% in power saving, this solution allows you to better ramp network scalability, increase manageability, and realize costs savings while deploying or growing your data center networks. Benefits • Save space and real estate costs. Dual/Quad configuration increases bandwidth per chassis, packing 80 channels of • • 10G in 11RU with dual mode and saving 50 to 75% space. • Efficient power consumption saves power costs. 10G transport at less than 0.75 Watts per gigabit of bandwidth • • • • results in a 50% to 90% savings in power consumption. • Simplify inventory management and reduce costs. The DMR10G can replace up to 20 existing modules to simplify • • operations and save sparing costs. • Simplify management. The Fiber Driver High Density 10G Metro Optical Transport Solution also offers best-in-class • manageability, addressing any protocol including Ethernet, SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel, or Infiniband—in one unit • • • that provides full management access. As a result of the multi-purpose capabilities, the DMR 10G can be reused at • • different locations in the network for maximized equipment investment. • Pay as you grow to conserve capital costs. You can start with a single Fiber Driver chassis, and as your network • capacity demand grows, you can seamlessly add transponders to directly align investments with service needs. Fiber Driver High Density 10G Metro Optical Transport Solution 1
  2. 2. Solution Sheet Solution Components A A D B B • DMR10G line card (see below) C C C • SFP+ - the next 10G Optical Pluggable Up to 30-Channel Solution C C • 40 or 80 channel passive Mux/DeMux • Gigabit aggregation to 10G C Up to 40-Channel Solution A - 40 channel Passive Mux/Demux • DWDM accessories B - 40 Channel Patch Panel (Optional) E C - 16-Slot FD Chassis with Transpoder Modules D - 80 Channel Patch Panel (Optional) Up to 80-Channel Solution DMR10G Line Card E - 80 channel Passive Mux/Demux • Quad SFP+ Interfaces • Multi-Function Line Card • Multi-Rate Line Card - Dual converter/repeater/transponder - Gigabit Ethernet - Redundant repeater/transponder- both - 1/2/4/8 Gbps Fibre Channel - east and west - 2.5/5/10 Gbps – Infiniband - Layer-1 Multicasting (like unidirectional - All 10G rates-up to 11.3 Gbps - Ethernet and waiting for 10G-SDI) • Link Testing and SLA Assurance Tools - Traffic monitoring - Loopback - Special quad transponder mode - PRBS generation and checking - (with SM client optics) - Not shown Dual Converter/Repeater/Transponder Redundant Repeater/Transponder Port 4 Port 4 Primary Secondary Port 1 Port 1 Site 1 Site 2 Site 1 Site 2 Traffic Monitoring Layer-1 Multicasting Port 4 Sniffer Port 4 Port 1 Port 1 Site 1 Site 2 Site 1 Site 2 DMR10G Modes of Operation 2
  3. 3. Solution Sheet SFP+ - The Next 10G Optical Pluggable • Supports all DMR10G rates and protocols • Available transceivers • - From MM to CWDM/DWDM 40 and 80 km at • - 100 Ghz (40-channel) and 50 Ghz (80-channel) 40/80 Channel Passive Mux/DeMux • Passive forty-channel DWDM C-Band 100 GHz, • channels #21-60 multiplexer and de-multiplexer • Passive eighty-channel DWDM C-Band 50 GHz, • channels #C21-H60, multiplexer and de-multiplexer, • with integrated monitor port. Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation - EM316-10G8SW-XY Packet Multiplexer • 8xGbE muxponder - 8 GbE multiplexed to redundant • XFP-based optical links • Jumbo packet support – 9600 bytes • Low latency – for financial markets • Full performance monitoring – Ethernet and RMON • Statistics (64 bits) • Optimized transport of multiple GbE links over • redundant fiber optic links • Full peer/remote status reporting (no provisioning) DWDM Accessories Optical Multiplexing Optical Dispersion - Fixed value dispersion • Optical multiplexing and demultiplexing from 4 CWDM management 50/100 GHz from 10-200 km • to 40 (100 GHz) and 80 (50 GHz) DWDM C-band channels Optical Link Redundancy -Wide band 1270- • Optical multiplexing add/drop from single to 8 CWDM/ 1610 nm for single channel to multiplexed link • DWDM channels Optical SLA Tools - Optical spectrum analyzer Optical Amplifiers (C-Band) for 50/100GHz and accessories • Fixed and variable gain EDFA DWDM optical amplifiers • From single channel to full C-Band • RAMAN amplifiers Pay As You Grow Transponders Start with one chassis (NC316BU-16/15). As you grow, add EM316DMR10G-3R transponders and SFP-10GDWZR- XXC SFP+ up to 30/60 transponders, depending on mode of operation. Add additional chassis NC316BU-16/15. Add EM316DMR10G-3R Transponders and SFP-10GDWZR-XXC SFP+ pluggables. Optical Multiplexing Choose between a full 80-channel (RD-DMDXA80) solution or pay as you grow solution. Pay as you grow solution starts with RD-DMDXA40 (40 Channel MUX/DeMux) and a 100 GHz to 50 GHz Interleaver module. Add another RD-DMDXA40 (40-channel MUX/DeMux). Combine the C and H channels into a continuous (C+H) 80-channels at 50 GHz spacing. 3
  4. 4. Solution Sheet Fiber Driver High Density 10G Metro Transport Solution Power Efficiency Density 24 (Watt/Gb) Power Consumption (W/Gb) 20 Save 50 - 90% power Save 50 - 75% space without consumption without sacrificing functionality! sacrificing functionality! 10 MRV Solution 10 Former MRV Solution Competitor # 1 Competitor # 2 1.5 1 .75 0 7.54 9.0 9.84 10.55 TEER Rating The TEER rating is a Verizon Green System Energy Efficiency Rating on a scale from one (least efficient) to ten (most efficient). Verizon established a TEEER of 7.54 as the minimum acceptable rating for Optical Transport. While many suppliers tout ratings around 9.0, MRV improved its industry-leading rating from 9.84 to 10.55, cutting power consumption in half in the process. “MRV is dedicated to delivering innovative optical communications network infrastructure and services. The new Fiber Driver High Density 10G Transport Solution takes our commitment to customer satisfaction one step further by delivering the capabilities data center collocation and hosting companies require to scale services for their growing customer bases. The solution set allows these customers to address two of the key pain points they are currently experiencing - space in the data center and power usage - with improved functionality in the areas of density, power efficiency and ease of use as well as flexibility and inventory management. It will be a game changer in the optical communications systems market for the data center industry.” -- Zeev Draer, VP Strategic Marketing, MRV OCS MRV operates Worldwide sales and service offices across four continents. Contact us at MRV Communications Corporate Headquarters 300 Apollo Drive Chelmsford, MA 01824 All statements, technical information and recommendations related to the products herein are based upon information believed to be reliable or accurate. However, the accuracy or completeness thereof is not guaranteed, and no responsibility is assumed for any inaccuracies. Please contact MRV Communications for more information. MRV Communications and the MRV Communications logo are trademarks of MRV Communications, Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. MRV-FD-HD10GSolution-010412 3020181-001 Rev. A1 Copyright ©2011 MRV Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved.