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2013 14. loli olmos - chess


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2013 14. loli olmos - chess

  1. 1. Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by- eight grid.
  2. 2. General Rules of Chess The goal of the game is to capture or trap you opponent´s King, and this is called “Checkmate” White always moves first & players take alternating turns, moving one chess piece at a time Each chess piece has its own movement.A piece may capture an opponent´s piece or move to an unclaimed square. A piece is captured by landing on the appropriate square with the moving piece and removing the defending piece from play
  3. 3. How to setup the chessboard • Your right side end square should be white • White king should be in black square and vice versa
  4. 4. The Pawn • Can only move forward, from its original starting position it can move two spaces, but if it is not in its original position it can only move one space.The Pawn can only capture one square diagonally forward.
  5. 5. The Knight: • Moves from one corner to another any 2x3 set of squares (L shaped jump). It is the only piece that can jump over another chess piece
  6. 6. The Bishop: • Moves any number of squares diagonally. There are two bishops for each player, one black and one white. Black bishop can only move in black diagonals and white bishop in white
  7. 7. The Rook: • Moves any number of squares horizontally or vertically
  8. 8. The Queen • Moves any number of squares diagonally, vertically, or horizontally
  9. 9. The King: • The main chess piece, he can move one square in any direction.The side who´s King is captured first loses.
  10. 10. Time control • Chess matches may also be played with a time control, mostly by club and professional players. If a player's time runs out before the game is completed, the game is automatically lost.