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The game


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Nature, rules and guidelines of the game when we play with kids

Published in: Education
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The game

  1. 1. ¡ Games !Sergio Garcí
  2. 2. It´s a misery to grow and reach old age without ever seeing the beauty of thepotencial thar our body is able through the game. Sócrates
  3. 3. Game Features
  4. 4.  The continuous feeling of exploration and discovery is an intrinsic side of the game. The game is a permanent factor of activation and structuring of human relationships. The game is a factor of continued action of the psychosomatic balance. El juego es medio fundamental para la estructuración del lenguaje y el pensamiento. The game is the main way for the structuring of language and thought.
  5. 5.  The game provides a healthy escape from everyday reality. The game allows to people to learn lot of thing with strong significance. El juego reduce la sensación de gravedad frente a errores y fracasos. The game reduces the sensation of seriusness whit mistakes and failures.
  6. 6.  The game reactivate in people those possibilities and impulses that are sleeping with no suspiction of emerge. The game develops creativity, intellectual competence, emotional strengh, stability and feelings of joy and pleasure. Promotes healthy development of children who practice it.
  7. 7. The nature of game
  8. 8. The nature of game• Voluntary and free This feature indicates thatusually in the most genuineand authenthic game weplay when and wherewewant.
  9. 9. The nature of game• Fun, enjoyable and fulfilling. Play is an enjoyable activity,that give us good feelingsand memories becauseanytime is a good time tohave fun.
  10. 10. The nature of game• Spontaneous, instinctive and irrational Have you ever look at achild when is playing?Compare his behaviour withother situations. When weare playing, we forget all butnot the game.
  11. 11. The nature of game• Ambivalent While playing manythings can happen. Forexample jump and shoutvery happy or grieve for anysituation. In the game weare continually contrastingsituations.
  12. 12. The nature of game• Intentional and conscious When we play, eachplayer is forced to makedecisions. They have tointerpretate the situation andgive a personal responsethrough the game actions.
  13. 13. The nature of game• Uncertain, fluctuating and adventurous. When we start a game wedond´t know the final score.,It´s imposible to guess allthe things that will happen.For that reason the noveltyintruduce us into anadventure that will bedifferent each time we play.
  14. 14. The nature of game• Imaginative, symbolic and fictional. When we play we enterinto a world full of fictionalcharacters and actions thatdo not corresponds with reallife. In the games of youngerchildren, a pencil can be anairplane, a doll a singer anda stone a fabolous car.
  15. 15. The nature of game• Regulated Have you ever wondered “Howis possible for the players ofdifferent countries of a soccerteam to understood between inthe soccer field? ” This ispossible because the conditionof every game has rules. Rulesare understtood a a set of issuesthat indicate what are the limitswe can play under the sameconditions.
  16. 16. Las reglas
  17. 17. Rules• Rules get used to define such important aspects as security, order, sense and structure of the game.• It´s very important always to increase positive behavior when we explain the rules of the game.
  18. 18. Rules• There are two kinds of rules: the first is the one that is directed to explain the structure of the game and the second is the one that is directed to controll and mantain the behaviour of the kids. Because of this we have to emphasize positive behaviour.
  19. 19. Empasize positive behaviour• Collaborate in the game and help your fellows.• Respect your classmates in the game. They also want to have fun !• Listen to the advice of your teacher. This will help you !• Defeat is not a failure, learn to lose, this will help you in your life.
  20. 20. Guidelines
  21. 21.  Maximun participation should be provides by forming small groups of participants. Elimination should be avoided. The use of multiple formations is important to maintain the interest of the participants. The game should be clearly explain and offer a practice to check that the understand it. Game shouldn´t be forced. Activiry should be stopped befores they tired of the game. Better to stay with the desire of playing that be bored of it.
  22. 22. Sergio Garcí