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Smart art


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Smart art

  1. 1. The Notorious 2Pac B.I.G Big LBest 90’s Rappers
  2. 2. The Black Rosa Parks Panthers 2Pac Bob Marley Abraham Malcolm X Lincoln People who Martin fought for Mohandas change. PeopleLuther King, who fought for Karamchand Jr. something Ghandi important.
  3. 3. Before During AfterTest Test • Hope for• Study • Focus a good• Eat • Think grade breakfast • Wait and see
  4. 4. Ravens Patriots49ers Falcons
  5. 5. Leave schoolWake up for Go to school and go back school home
  6. 6. Find theFind area of Formula is answer for a triangle A= ½ bh the Area of a triangle
  7. 7. Go to school.Tells us to post Go to computer it on our class. Wordpress. Tells us to make a new Mr. Andrade PowerPoint and shows the class make a bunch something new. of new slides.
  8. 8. Teacher gives you a problem.Show the Tells you to find teacher the answer Tells us the Find the formula to find answer the answer
  9. 9. Grandparents Mom DadLeidy Maritza Sergio
  10. 10. Teachers Principle Super Teachers StudentsAttendant The Dean Teachers