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Small group communication

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Small group communication

  2. 2. DEFINITION Interpersonal communication is observed Members communicate Freely Have common purpose/goals
  3. 3. PRIMARY FEATURES Group size  3-15 members (Socha, 1997)
  4. 4. >Members coordinate to do certain tasks. “ What a member do will affect the entire group.”
  5. 5. TASK Considered as the purpose of the group.
  6. 6. NORMS limits of allowable behaviors of individual members of the group. It is a guideline or rule to regulate the behavior of the goup members. SECONDARY FEATURES
  7. 7. IDENTITY Psychological and/or physical boundaries that distinguished group members from a non- group members.
  8. 8.  4 types Problem- solving talk Centers on accomplishing group task Role talk centers on the specific role each group member plays in the group. Consciousness-raising talk centers on group identification and pride and is essential to group development, morale, and identity. Encounter talk consists of interpersonal communication. TALK
  9. 9. Primary group Family, close friends TYPES OF SMALL GROUP
  10. 10. Same interest, hobbies, with common activities. SOCIAL GROUP
  11. 11. membership comprises individuals who share a common problem or life situation (Meissen, Warren, & Kendall, 1996). SELF-HELP GROUP
  12. 12. Study groups, research groups, etc. LEARNING GROUP
  13. 13. Volunteers, service groups in campus, etc. SERVICE GROUP
  14. 14. Symposium, panel discussion, etc. PUBLIC GROUP
  15. 15. Common in organizational context. Complete a common task on behalf of an organization. WORK GROUP
  16. 16. Social networking, internet friends, etc. VIRTUAL GROUP
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