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abd:Entertainment agency (English version)

  1. 1. Company presentation
  2. 2. About abd:Entertainment • 10 years of events • Russian and International • 300 unique scenarios Projects • More than 400 successful • Own technical base projects • Video studio • Photo studio Specialization abd: Entertainment specializes in the design and implementation of unique events. Company Structure Vertically integrated business, which structure has units, capable of performing complete cycle of organizing and promoting events of any level of complexity. abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  3. 3. Company Structure abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  4. 4. Creative Dept.Creative Department of abd: Entertainment has threedistinctive features:Unrestrained imaginationCompliance with customer goals and objectivesA systematic approach to project implementationWell-coordinated team of professionals always understandthe source of the ordered measures applied. Ilya Avdyunin PartnerThe main goal of creative solutions is to increase the CEOeffectiveness of the clients tasks. We are working for theresult - the effectiveness of the event, its memorability, interms of both content and form.Constant aim is continuous learning, commitment to newtechnologies and creative solutions, which allows to receivepositive feedback from everyone who participated in thecreation of projects. abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  5. 5. Creative Dept. Mass Events: Energy Mega Dance abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  6. 6. Creative Dept. Special events: Metal Expo abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  7. 7. Creative Dept. Private events: Fox Land abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  8. 8. Client Dept.Head of department - Julia Pichugina has experience in sellingand implementing event projects for over 7 years.Among the clients are companies and brands such as:ShellNLMKEmployees have extensive experience working in a section ofthe company. Julia Pichugina Head of Clients Dept.The main priorities of customer interaction:• Clarity and timeliness of tasks• Following client’s logic• Understanding the clients goals and objectives• Ability to quickly solve complex issues• Personal service – is the success of each project• Consultation on improving the impact of projects abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  9. 9. Our clients: abd:Entertainment | Презентация компании
  10. 10. Development Dept.Sergey Larin - Head of Development. Has experience in theclub industry for over 15 years. Has exceptional organizationalskills, be able to have people to come and be able to properlymanage the masses. No one organized the successful holdingclub events. Thoroughly understand the mechanics of clubs,the process of organizing the event. In December 2011, hebecame director of development in the creative agency abd: Sergey LarinEntertainment. Head of Development Dept.What are the tasks of our customers we solve :• Internal and external PR• Establishing and improving brand awareness• Increase brand loyalty• Increased sales of the product or service• Of information areas and generation of publication• Improving the communication component of the business abd:Entertainment | Презентация компании
  11. 11. Development Dept.•Direct link between the internal mechanismsof the company and the customer•Creation and support groups in socialnetworks.•Creating a leadership network•Issue advertising products•Content creation•Corporate Blog https://www.facebook.com/abd.Enterteiment https://twitter.com/#!/abd_entertain abd:Entertainment | Презентация компании
  12. 12. Logistics Dept.Long experience in organizing events in Russia and abroad hasled abd: Entertainment to start their own areas of logistics.Logistics - one of the major components of the success of theevent. Even the activities within the Moscow region requireswell-considered approach to managing transportation ofpeople and delivering the various elements in place of theevent. Olga Kamishnikova Head of logistics Dept.When it comes to other cities or countries, it is necessary tohave a clear and quick solution to emerging issues.According to the wide geography of abd: Entertainment’sevents, our employees work well with its strategic partnersand have technology to get out of any situation. abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  13. 13. Logistics Dept. U.S.A., Las Vegas abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  14. 14. Logistics Dept. France, Cannes abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  15. 15. Logistics Dept. Canada, Vancouver, «Private Russian house» abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  16. 16. Technical Dept.abd: Entertainment has its own technical base. Thisdepartment was created in early 2006. It is possible toincrease the speed and efficiency for customers, as well asincrease competitiveness in the calculation of thecommercial component of the project in terms of theirtechnical support.The company has light, sound, video and photo equipment. Alex MihlinIn addition, long-term relationships with major companies, Head of technical Dept.oriented on technical support and intra-company pricingallows abd: Entertainment to create events at any level withpreferential pricing.Also, the company has a portfolio of more than 50 projectsfrom the creation of scenery to the original designs.The main achievement of the technical department is highlyqualified management that can cope with any task. abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  17. 17. Technical Dept. More than 40 mass events abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  18. 18. Technical Dept. More than 50 special events abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  19. 19. Technical Dept. More than 100 private events abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  20. 20. Design Dept.Unite graphics solution activities is an importantcondition that distinguishes the professionally madeaction meets all the latest trends.All the elements from invitations to website designmust be organically arranged in the same style.In addition to creative and artistic ideas of the Andrew Zhurincompany, we must comply with the corporate identity Head of design Dept.of the customer.Design department allows abd: Entertainment to bringthe bright elements in any event, without going beyondthe framework defined by the customers signaturestyle abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  21. 21. Design Dept. Booklets abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  22. 22. Design Dept. Invitations abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  23. 23. Design Dept. Corporate identity abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  24. 24. Video Dept.Production of video materials for activities, as well asthe need to create films on the basis of events led abd:Entertainment to form own video studio, which nowproduces video far beyond a focused content.At the moment, the studio produces a full cycle ofvideo, including work with the video format FullHD.The company has its material base, which allows you to Grigory Mazurenko Head of video Dept.quickly and accurately perform any work associatedwith the video.Employees regularly attend major shows andconferences to find new and creative ideas and to shareexperiences.Also, the video department has considerableexperience with large federal TV channels. abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  25. 25. International Dept.Global integration processes, as well as the generalglobalization - these are the main trends, by which it isimpossible to pass.Working in global market, as well as long-termcontracts with multinational companies determine thepresence of international department. Anna ShadrinaNegotiating in a foreign language - the main part of the Head of international dept.agreement on international projects. abd:Entertainment | Company presentation
  26. 26. Thank you for watching! abd:Entertainment | Company presentation