Luc Jones Antal Russia September 2012


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Luc Jones Antal Russia September 2012

  1. 1. Antal RussiaLabour market overview in Russia Luc Jones| Partner t: +7 495 935 86 06 e:
  2. 2. Endless opportunitiesin Russia
  3. 3. Trends• The market is expanding more quickly than candidates themselves are developing – there is a shortage of experienced personnel in most areas, in particular for customer-facing positions• Sales candidates prefer to be farmers rather than hunters, yet clients want people who will generate new business for them
  4. 4. Trends• Most candidates, whilst not actively looking for a job change are ready to explore new vacancies and jump for the right opportunity• However, if changing "like-for like" (шило на мыло) then in most situations, a salary increase of 20%+ as a minimum would be expected• This is especially the case via a recruitment agency where we earn our fees for finding a perfect candidate (ie, we dont get paid to be creative)!
  5. 5. Trends• Russians tend to be brand-conscious, and risk-averse so pitch your interview style accordingly, especially if you are a new entrant to Russia• Dont expect candidates to sell themselves, especially if they have a good job already - in fact they will most likely expect YOU to sell your company and the job to THEM!• Its considered normal in Russia to quit your job, relax for a few months and then begin a job search. Unlike in Western Europe & North America, it doesnt necessarily mean that the candidate was fired, made redundant or is тунеядец!
  6. 6. Trends• Look for reasons to hire, not reasons not to hire - the perfect candidate almost never exists (and is he/she does, it doesnt mean that he/she wants to work for you)!• Simplify the recruitment process (both in terms of time & layers) - do you really have to fly the candidate for a final interview in Europe, or wait for a VP from abroad to visit Moscow?• No-one was born to work in your company - if you believe that this person can do the job, offer him/her! Dont wait for 3- 4 identical ones to appear to choose from amongst them!
  7. 7. Trends• Be realistic; agencies dont do genetic engineering (Мы не роддом); we can only work with whats available on the market• Compromise is important - dont just hire people whom you like, or whom you get on well with. Corporate culture is important but in the end people come to work to work, not тусоваться.• Work with your agency to manage the offer process - candidates will often tell us about any concerns they have, but dont like to discuss it directly with a future employer
  8. 8. • Whilst companies are seeking to avoid increasing existing employees guaranteed compensation, most regocnise the need to retain key talent within the organisation - this is often done with retention bonuses, that are often performance based• However, candidates in Russia/CIS prefer to think of the present and focus much more on what a new employer can offer them NOW!• The replacement cost of an existing employee who is departing is ALWAYS higher than what this person was previously earning - you WILL have to pay more to re-fill this position
  9. 9. In Russia we always find a solution!
  10. 10. Luc Jones| Partnert: +7 495 935 86 06e: